Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Death of Death

Let's face it, horror as we once knew it, whether we like it or not, is dead. And it happened long before Jason was blown off into space or the Leprechaun returned to da hood. Six feet under. A fitting place for the genre to be, I suppose. And sadly, I don't think Herbert West is gonna be busting out his neon green filled needle to revive this one.

I've decided to create this blog for the horror fan. The horror fan who's nipples perk up at the mention of 80's horror. I will be reviewing and re-visiting classic films in the genre as well as covering the new shit we all pay top dollar to see stink up the big screen nowadays. I'll also be posting the latest news and even interviews with genre favs, along with much much more fun and excitement. All things horror. I've always wanted to create a blog for such things but have always been far too fuckin lazy. Well, i've gotten off my lazy ass, although actually im still on it, which I guess is the beauty of blogging. It all started with my recent visit to everyones least favorite video chain....

I went into Blockbuster last night, the same Blockbuster I used to frequent in my youth, and the same Blockbuster I quit from after one month via dropping a notice in the drop box, but that's another story. I went in and saw that everything had been redone. A Blu-ray station, new shelving, new layout, new everything. I looked around for a good 5 minutes at the sections of rentals. Drama. Comedy. Action. Family. Where was horror? I could not find it anywhere. So I asked the lovely customer service rep where the horror section was and she directed me towards the back of the store. The action section. And there it was. Under a sub-genre of action. Horror. The bastard child of the movie gods, relegated to a tiny dank area of the action section. Not even a half of a shelf. A tiny tiny section chock full of the same 100 or so horror movies. Mostly ridiculous indie House on the Edge of the Hills With Eyes those even get a spot on Blockbusters shelves makes me scratch my head. Five copies of each movie. Now, I remember the days when you'd come into the horror section and spend an hour perusing all the wonderful titles. Those glorious sun faded vhs covers. It seems the horror section was always put right by the window, sun beating down on it. One copy of each. If you were looking for Friday the 13th Part 3, but someone had already snatched it up, too fuckin bad. You wait till next week when it's returned and you rent Part 2 for the tenth time in the interim to hold you off. Those were the days. I feel bad for today's horror loving youth who will never know those joys. Nowadays, if they can even find the horror section, they have a limited selection of awful titles to choose from. While I cannot argue that Blockbuster looked pretty damn good with its renovations, I can't help but shed a tear inside for the final nail in the coffin of my movie renting youth. Its over, it will never be back.

I fondly remember renting the Nightmare on Elm Street films time and time again, always forgetting which ones I had seen and which I hadn't. In retrospect, i'm pretty sure I had seen all of them within the first week of discovering Mr. Krueger. One of my best memories of my youth, in fact, was watching Dream Master with my mom. My brother and dad had gone off to stay in a cabin upstate for the weekend. I was left with mom. Torture for some, but not for me, at least on that night ;) We rented Dream Master, got some circus peanuts, and had a great night out of it. And I dont even like circus peanuts. I don't think. Still kind of on the fence. I will never forget it and Elm Street will always have a special place in my heart. No, watching those films on blu-ray will not satiate my hunger. Which is why I still hold on for dear life to my horror vhs collection. I don't think i'll ever give up on those suckers for that very reason. My little fountain of youth.

So, if you're into horror and are fed up with the current state of it, keep an eye on this blog. Put it in your favorites, comment, and lets get this ball rollin. We are not happy and we're not gonna put up with it anymore...

....and if Freddy ever gets sent into outer space, lets all make a suicide pact, eh?

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trixareforjen said...

Excellent Blog, you tell them! I am happy to know there are smart and unique people out there. You're the best one and you're all mine. So happy we belong. Good luck xoxo