Friday, July 18, 2008

Can't Shutter Up


Shutter (2008) is about a newlywed couple, Ben and Jane, who travel to Japan for Ben's latest photography assignment. Sort of a Lost in Translation gone horribly wrong. On the way they hit a strange Japanese woman who mysteriously pops up in the middle of the road. No sign of her can be found and she begins to haunt the couple, appearing in all of their photos. But there's more to this story then meets the eye. Ben previously lived in Japan and dark secrets from his past begin to unfold. Who is this mysterious woman and why is she terrorizing this happy couple? And why am I watching this movie?

I will say I have never seen the original Japanese film of which this one is a remake of. Judging by the trailers for this, it looked to be your typical cookie cutter lame American remake of a successful Japanese ghost film. And that's exactly what it was. How many times can we see this same tired old formula. The Ring. The Grudge. Pulse. It's all the same shit and i'm goddamn sick of it. Although I guess no one is forcing me to watch this crap...

Yes, Japanese girls are creepy. Yes its creepy when they pop up suddenly in the middle of the road. Yes its even creepier when they appear behind us in photos. We get it. Move along now. These films just bore me to tears. In fact i've never even been too keen on the Japanese originals. Just doesn't do it for me. I can say though that i'm a big fan of the original Eye. That movie scared the crap out of me.

Don't do bad things to Japanese girls. And don't do bad things to yourself. Stay away from this one. And can we keep Joshua Jackson out of horror films? He just rubs me the wrong way.

I uploaded the alternate ending from the unrated dvd if anyone's interested in checking it out:

A bit alarming, but I took a picture of myself shortly after watching this film. Something odd showed up, but i'm sure it's just the lighting in the garage...

O, Grandma

If you'd like to create your own Shutterized ghost photo, I also uploaded this little helpful tutorial for you. Enjoy. And have fun making your family believe your long dead great grandmother is haunting you. I know I will.


EyeloveMetal said...

I was gonna tell you you accidently uploaded a picture of yourself on here, but then I read. very funny! heh.

Anonymous said...

The original Shutter (2004) was Thai, not Japanese. And it was significantly better than the remake - far more disturbing in both tangible (more gore) and intangible (the funeral scenes and general atmosphere, etc.) ways.

The intelligence of the Thai original is further exemplified by the injection of a perfect comic relief moment at just the right time to break the tension (I'm referring to the transgender scene). You have to check out this little gem.

Overall, I'd say it's worth watching the original. Don't let crappy American remakes spoil it for you.