Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kickin' It With Krueger



Horror fans popped a collective boner when Nike announced their "horror pack." Sneakers based on Nightmare on Elm Street, Dawn of the Dead, and Friday the 13th. The only one's that really caught my eye and conveyed what they were representing, were the "Freddy Krueger's". The shoes that Freddy would rock if he had any sense of style. They were beautiful. Covered in blood and featuring Freddy's trademark red and green christmas sweater design. The Nike symbol is silver, perhaps representing the blades of Freddy's glove. Even the insides were made to look like Fred's burnt skin. I had to have them. But before they were to be released this Halloween season, Nike pulled the plug on my hopes and dreams. Due to copyright issues, the shoes were cancelled, never to be released.

However, earlier this year, the shoes began to pop up on the black market of the internet, e-bay. Apparently, trial pairs must have been sent out and some lucky folks were able to get their hands on them. Although I prefer to think that a very ambitious and super-heroic horror fan broke into the Nike factory in a Freddy mask and red and green cape and released them all from their cages for all of us to enjoy. Although if i'm any indication, horror fans are not so ambitious. My hope had been restored. Of course, I had no money and these things cost a pretty penny. That's where my loving lady friend and my birthday come into play. I just recieved my pair in the mail today and I have the sudden urge to slap on a fedora and molest children. Among other things that will not be spoken of and would not be wise to do while wearing a Freddy glove...

Be careful with buying these shoes on e-bay. There are a lot of scummers out there who are selling the shoes without even really possessing them, so make sure you find someone with good feedback and with pictures of his own. Get them now while ya can, cause chances are they will never be officially released. And you can't have mine.

Two thumbs up, Nike.


Anonymous said...

Pics or it didn't happen

Mortis said...

there are pics...not showing up on your computer?

Matthew said...

I saved these as an eBay search the day I saw them here, and still haven't gotten a hit on a size 13. Something tells me I'll get the email a day after the auction ends for a pair, at which point I'll strangle eBay.

These are just great.