Friday, July 18, 2008

More Writing in the Diary of the Dead


I never thought i'd see the day when news of a new George Romero zombie film did not excite me. I'm a huge fan of Night, Day, Dawn, hell I even liked Land. But I draw the line at Diary of the Dead. I found the movie to be terrible, almost as bad as the Day of the Dead remake.

Well, thanks to an inside scoop from website Dread Central, it has been pretty much confirmed that Romero will begin filming Diary of the Dead 2 in September. The film is set to be a continuation of the first, where the survivors make their way to an abandoned ferry and cruise to a remote island, only to discover that it's been overrun by the dead. Sounds more like a sequel to the Dawn remake...

I love ya Georgie, but Diary was absolutely terrible. Can he redeem himself with part 2 or will Diary forever remain the film where Romero finally jumped the undead shark? Only time will tell. At this point i'd love to see him make a non-zombie film.

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EyeloveMetal said...

Tried to watch Diary, but yes, it was terrible.. I think he thought that idea in Cloverfield worked well, so he should do it, but it was just bad. I didn't even make it through it, and generally I'll stick with a movie even if it sucks. On a side note, Undead Shark is classic!