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Saw - Top 5 Most Badass Scenes


Whether you're a fan of the Saw films or you think the new gore a minute horror films are giving the genre a bad name(fuck yaself), you can't deny the fact that the series always manages to provide the goods. The movies aren't always great, but you can bet your ass that when you watch a Saw movie, cool shit is gonna happen. With Saw 5 looming right around the corner this Halloween season, let's take a look back at my top 5 favorite scenes in the franchise.

#5 - Twisted Like a Pretzel - Saw 3

This is one of the most gruesome scenes in the entire series and certaintly the trap that sticks out the most in my mind. This dude is up in a device that Jigsaw calls "The Rack" First his arms get twisted the wrong way, snapping all of his bones clean out of his skin, then his legs, and finally the mans entire head gets Exorcisted...and does not come back. Gotta be the most painful and slow way Jigsaw has ever dispatched a victim. The whole scene goes on for almost 10 minutes, I only uploaded a select disgusting little tidbit.

#4 - Jigsaw Gets Sawed - Saw 3

Ah, the death of Jigsaw. Not by cancer like it seemed he was destined, but by the business end of a power saw. How fitting. To make this scene even cooler was the fact that this dude didn't realize his wife's little neck brace was hooked up to Jigsaw's heart rate. When he exacted his revenge on Jigsaw, his wife's head went kapootz. Not so beautiful anymore, is she?

Still wouldn't kick her outta bed...

This scene really shocked me when I first saw it. The fact that Jigsaw had been killed off was completely unexpected and raised a lot of questions as to how the series would/could continue. A very cool scene, but ultimately resulted in the death of the franchise for me. Nice to see him killed off, sad to see him go. I really lost interest after not only Jigsaw but also Amanda were both wiped out. Saw 4 just didn't do too much for me.

#3 - Autopsy Turvy - Saw 4

The best scene in all of Saw 4. When I saw this right at the start of the film, my hopes were really high for the rest of it, but it was all down hill from here. The way this scene was filmed was incredible. It almost looks like a black and white scene, where only the blood is in color. Jigsaw's dead, he can't possibly cause any more chaos, right!? Wrong-o. Never a dull moment for the Jigger. A tape is found inside of his internal organs, which serves to continue his reign of terror. Even after death, he's still kickin' ass. Bravo. O, and we finally get to see his schween. Long time comin. No pun intended.

#2 - Open Head Insert Powerdrill - Saw 3

So Jigsaw's brain is herniating and it needs to be decompressed. How would one go about doing such a thing? Well, its a fairly simple process really. You remove a chunk of his head, drill holes in his skull, cut out a piece of said skull, and leave the brain exposed. All while he's awake. And all for our viewing pleasure. Now you can't just waltz a man like Jigsaw into the hospital, so it's all gonna have to be done in a grungy room without proper equipment and anasthesia. This scene goes on for about 5 minutes. We see and feel every agonizing second of the open head surgery and it is glorious. And you thought getting your teeth drilled was bad.

#1 - Jigsaw Rises From The Ashes - Saw

An obvious choice for coolest scene in the franchise, I know, but what can I say. This is the scene that more or less introduced us to Jigsaw and kickstarted the whole franchise. A brilliant Shyamalanian twist ending. Jigsaw has been lying "dead" right in front of our eyes for the entire film and we had no idea. This has to be the most badass introduction to a horror villian ever put on film. Really set the tone for the character. If this dude can pull this sleight of hand off, then the possibilites are endless. I still get goosebumps everytime I watch this scene...and maybe a little aroused.

That list looks about right to me. As you can tell, Saw 3 is my favorite of the series. The lack of Saw 2 on here is not cause I don't like it. There's some cool stuff in it (ie: needle're welcome for me not showing that, Trypanophobiacs) but nothing that made the cut. Saw 4 is my least favorite. They kept getting better until that one. Cannot deny the awesomeness of the Jigsaw autopsy however. While flawed (thanks Westley), i'm a big fan of the original Saw. The franchise as a whole is like I said ; not always the best movies, but damn me if they don't continue to entertain the hell out of me and keep my ass in the seat.

That about wraps that up. Leave comments and let me know your favorite Saw moments. And don't forget, Saw V hits theatres this October. O yes, there will be box office success. If you haven't seen the just released teaser trailer yet, check out my Comic Con coverage.

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Zacery Nova said...

How could you forget the moment in (I think) Saw 2?

Where Amanda slams on the door on that guy (as if I remember who!) in the bathroom as she says:

"Game over".

That bit was immense!