Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your Unrated Dvd's?


The biggest marketing ploy (read : scam) these days with dvd's, horror specifically, is the unrated/uncut stamp on the cover of the case. The promises of an unrated cut that was too violent to be shown in theaters are stamped on nearly every major horror film that has been released onto dvd in the past couple years. In fact, i'm pretty sure you're more likely to see an unrated stamp on your favorite horror dvd then you are to see a lower back stamp on your local high school slut. Talk about an epidemic. Ultimately, it's a huge scam to get you to purchase a movie you've already seen and really have no reason to buy, but damnit if it doesn't work. If there's even 10 seconds of footage added into the film, it will recieve the presitigious unrated proclamation. Many fans still dont seem to realize that unrated really means nothing and ultimately feel hosed each and every time they make the purchase/realization. But in any event, just how well do you know your unrated dvd cases? I've chosen 13 of the stamps from various horror films released in the last several years and I want you to try and figure out which films they come from. Check out the comments section for all the answers! Lets begin!














Good Luck!


Mortis said...

1.High Tension
2.Saw 4
3.Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning
4.Wolf Creek
5.The Ruins
6.Devil's Rejects
7.American Psycho
8.Dawn of the Dead (remake)
9.Halloween (remake)
10.The Descent
11.Hills Have Eyes (remake)

Eric Flapjack Ashley said...

I think of the ones pictures, the unrated cut of HIGH TENSION is the most different just because the theatrical did cut out some very impressive gore shots. THE DESCENT I loved, but it was really just a cut with the original long-form and bleaker ending, and the most pointless was the WOLF CREEK version with a couple really unneeded deleted scenes thrown in - one of which really adds a stupid main character distraction and takes away from the tension towards the end.