Friday, August 29, 2008

Saw V - The Return Of Dr. Gordon?


A new batch of stills from the upcoming Saw V have hit the net, in the form of a video on Youtube. Among the pictures is the official poster for the film (pictured above) that, since you can't make it out on the small image I had to upload to fit on here, has the words "You won't believe how it ends" on the top. Could this mean the end of the Saw series? I highly doubt it. I think it's just telling us to expect a twist ending which, if you've seen any of the films in the series, you were already prepared for a twist. But how the film ends could tie in to the last picture in the video. Check it out :

That is in fact Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) from the original Saw. Fans have been speculating and talking about the return of Gordon for years now, given the fact that we have never seen him die. While this could simply be a flashback shot, as the ones of Jigsaw surely must be, it could also mean the return of a footless Dr. Gordon to the fold. Could he come in to take over Jigsaw's work? Or is the author of this video fucking with us all. As you may recall, the picture of Gordon is merely one of the pictures Adam took in Saw. Only time will tell. Saw V will arrive in theaters October 24th.


Anonymous said...

its gordon if you look at the begining of saw 2 the eye surgery video.first ive never seen jigsaw opperate someone and he was limping (missing foot)=D

John said...

I hope you're right!