Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tom Savini's Greatest Hits


Tom Savini is, needless to say, a god among the horror community. Savini is responsible for the effects in some of the greatest and most classic horror films out there. And he's the best at what he does. Long before the days of CGI, Tom brought us kills and gore that were more realistic then the crap we see done over 20 years later with modern technology. When you watched a movie with Savini's effects, you knew you were gonna see things that would blow you away and best of all, you knew they were all really happening right in front of your eyes. While Tom Savini is currently focusing on acting over effects, his contributions to the horror genre will forever be admired, respected, and keep us wondering just how the fuck he pulled it all off. While his work is certaintly prolific and good enough to warrant a top 10 or even a top 20 list, I figured i'd pick the cream of the crop ; my top 5 favorite Tom Savini effects!

#5 - Day of the Dead - Capt. Rhodes Ripped In Two

First off I wanna say thank you Tom Savini for killing Capt. Rhodes in such a brutal way. I hated that motherfucker and waited a good two hours to see this happen and I was not dissapointed. A perfect example of Savini's greatness. His work does not look like a special effect, like we see so often in horror movies. He's a true magician ; making us believe what we see on screen is real.

#4 - Maniac - Savini Kills Himself

We've seen Savini blow the heads up of many people, but in Maniac, he turns the shotgun on himself. And it looks amazing. One of my favorite head explosions in all of horror. The whole thing is shot in slo-mo and is absolutely seamless. Hate to see your head blown to high hell, Tom, but I can't stop watching this one.

#3 - Day of the Dead - Zombies Get A Little Head

The second appearance of Day of the Dead on this list, and it's for good reason. Most fans and i'm pretty sure even Savini himself consider Day to be his masterpiece of horror. The effects throughout the film are top notch and i'm pretty sure I could make a top 10 off this film alone. This is one of the more brutal zombie tear aparts i've seen.

#2 - Friday the 13th : Final Chapter - Jason Gets Killed...Again

Savini, who did the effects in the original Friday, returned for Part 4 so that he could kill off his own creation, Jason Voorhees. And while Jason certaintly had been killed before and would, as we now know, be killed many times after, Savini pulled off the best Jason kill of all. A lesser man would simply have the machete embedded in Jason's skull. Savini showed us every gruesome moment of Jason sliding down the blade of the machete. Bravo.

#1 - The Burning - Rafting Gone Wild

In my opinion, Savini's greatest work bar none. Five teens slaughtered in the most brutal of ways in a matter of 30 seconds. This may be one of the best gore scenes in all of cinema. Savini employed a similar technique to the one he used in the original Friday the 13th ; establish the weapon as being real by having it miss and take a few chunks out of the wood, then cut to the fake weapon maiming it's victims. We know it aint real but damnit if it doesn't look like it.

Thank you Tom Savini for all you have done. I will now cease the figurative blow job I have been giving for the past several moments. Leave a comment and share your favorite Tom Savini effect!


EyeloveMetal said...

#3 is fuckin amazing!

the irritating little tick said...

not only is tom savini god, he is also the supreme ruler of the universe !!!, and his films are unsurpassed in their magnificence.

Benny Hilfiger said...

...I haven't seen a horrorfilm in 5 years. My main interest is European cinema (Rohmer, Godard, Antonioni) from the 70's. And now this f*cking site got me relishing the 'jason's head slides down a hachet' like i'm 16 years old again.. Prime material, i'm going to watch and watch you...

Rudy - The Netherlands