Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Horror Film Fact Or Fiction - Part 2

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French horror film Them (which you must check out if you haven't yet) centers around two lovers who are tormented and murdered by a group of children ages 10-15 for the simple reason that the adults would not "play with them". The film is reputedly a true story, but it's not much of one. The characters in the film are all entirely the work of fiction and, although the idea came from a true story involving an Austrian couple being murdered by three teenagers in the Czech Republic, that's where the similarities end. Almost everything other then that general idea was completely fabricated. Still, the idea of a group of bored kids resorting to murder as a means of having fun seems like a very real and frightening threat these days.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

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1977's Town That Dreaded Sundown is pretty closely based on true events which occured in the 40's. The film was inspired by the "Phantom Killer", who committed 5 murders and attacked two more in Texarkana between February and May 1946. The Phantom killed mostly when the moon was full and struck twenty somethings at lover's lanes type spots. When police began patrolling such areas, the Phantom changed his tactics and shot and killed a 36 year old man at his farmhouse and shot his wife in the face, who managed to survive. The Phantom, much like in the film, always wore a pillow case on his head and, much like the Zodiac, was never identified. Have no fear, though, the killer is either dead or incapable of killing by now and has not been active in several decades.

The Mothman Prophecies

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The Mothman is one of my favorite mythical creatures. I even have his action figure hanging up on my wall ; you could call me a Mothman enthusiast. The Mothman Prophecies is in fact based on (reported) true events, but as to whether or not the Mothman is flying around out there is entirely up to who you ask. The man sized moth creature with glowing red eyes was spotted in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area several times by several different reliable people in the mid-late 60's. On November 15th of 1966, two couples driving home late at night claim to have encountered a seven foot tall winged creature with demonic red eyes. The creature allegedly chased them at speeds of up to 100 mph. The following night, curious townsfolk combed the area for the alleged Mothman and one woman claimed to see him. Over the next month, several more insisted they saw the same creature as described. After the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December of the following year, Mothman sightings all but dried up. This has led many to claim that the Mothman appears before major disasters as a warning while others suggest he himself causes the disasters. While skeptics chalk the Mothman up as merely a sandhill crane or some type of owl, believers like myself have faith in the existence of the beast. I'm just glad I don't live in West Virginia.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

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Exorcism and demonic possesion, surely a figment of sick minds? Not exactly. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on the true story of Anneliese Michel (pictured above). Michel was believed to be possessed by demons and, from the age of 16 through 23, underwent several exorcism rituals. The psychiatric disturbances which plagued her and eventually killed her are said to be a direct result of the rituals. The two priest's involved as well as Anneliese's parents were charged with negligent homicide. While they were all found guilty, they served only minimal time. Although some claim she was simply a case of severe mental illness, others contend that Michel was in fact possessed by demonic spirits, which brought about the end of her life. If you're a doubter, here's a bit of interesting evidence to support the paranormal ; Michel predicted she would be liberated from the demons on July 1st, 1976. This is the day she died. Doo doo doo doo.

Henry : Portrait Of A Serial Killer

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Henry was based off of real life "serial killer" Henry Lee Lucas (pictured above). I put the term serial killer in quotations, because it is unknown whether or not Lucas even was a serial killer. The film is mostly based on the fantasies Lucas boasted about moreso then actual murders he commited. Some believe Lucas to be a pathological liar. He confessed to some 650 murders, nearly all of which were found to be false. While Lucas certaintly did kill his mother and one or two others, it is still not and will forever not be known whether or not any of his other confessions were based in truth. Lucas died in prison in 2001. Before his death, he recanted all his confessions and stated, "I am not a serial killer". Like in the movie, Lucas did however work with an accomplice named Otis. While the film is based on Lucas' most likely false confessions, there's no doubting that he was a sick mofo who killed at least a few people.


EyeloveMetal said...

Them was a fuckin good movie! Far superior to "The Strangers"

Anonymous said...

Here's a 90 minute recording of Anneliese Michel during exorcism

It helps if you understand German, but it's fascinating regardles

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Nice, thanks..will check that out