Monday, September 29, 2008

True Blood - Episode 4 - "Escape From Dragon House"


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After Sookie finds co-worker Dawn dead, the victim of an apparent vampire attack, her brother Jason stumbles into the apartment with the intention to reconcile with Dawn, who he now sees is no longer. Due to their fight the night prior, Jason is arrested for her murder. Jason is innocent, but the townspeople don't seem to care. They just want a scapegoat. Sookie, at the begging of her grandma, decides to use her telepathic powers to find out what everyone really thinks of him and help keep her brother out of harm's way. And let's not mention the plot point that pretty much the whole episode revolves around ; while Jason is in the cop car, he downs the whole vile of V juice the gay black dude gave him in the last episode and contends with a serious case of priapism for the entire hour. That is, he can't get his dick to go down.


I'm not sure exactly why this show has taken the route of dick jokes as it all comes off incredibly silly. Jason literally develops blisters on his hands from attempting to quell his problem and yes, we are treated to more than a couple scenes of him jackin off. It's only episode 4 and we've already stooped to this, eh? I was expecting them to pull a Boogie Nights towards the end and just show the whole enchilada but thankfully they spared us such ridiculousness. Hey, at least this episode wasn't laden with sex though. Not that solo male ejaculation is any better...


The whole episode pretty much centers around this erection problem and the budding relationship between Jason and Tara and it's almost starting to feel like their the stars of the show. We get a little insight into Tara's childhood and why she's been so into Jason all these years and why she does the pretty ballsy and highly illegal thing she does for him in this one.


The stuff between Sookie and Bill is, as usual, the best stuff in the episode. I just wish they spent more time on them and less time on the other characters. Their not date to the vampire bar Fangtasia is the highlight here. By the way, in case you're thinking all the little vamp plays on words are getting a little lame, the writers of the show are well aware of it. Bill says something about how vampires are so old fashioned that plays on words are the top form of humor to them. Cool little jab at the show itself, I thought. We meet lead vampire Eric who looks like he'll be an interesting addition to the show. He certaintly beats those lame vamps we saw in episode 3. They thankfully seem to have all but disappeared.


We also get a taste of Bill's vampire powers of hypnosis, which takes place in a very cool scene towards the end. Bill is admittedly a pretty kickass character and this scene is one of the best of the entire series thus far.


Also, the questions about who Sam really is continue to be asked and hinted at. I won't give anything away other than saying that. He still seems like an expendable character, but they definetly have something big up their sleeve with him. They seem to have something big up their sleeve with this entire series, in fact. It's like we're constantly being teased about stuff but haven't gotten any real payoffs yet. I expect they will be coming soon...

I was glad to see they went in a little bit of a different direction with this episode. It certaintly was more enjoyable for me than last weeks, even if it was very silly and flawed. Still kind of on the fence about this show, but i'll definetly be back for another dose of the V-juice next week.

Episode 5, titled Sparks Fly Out, airs next Sunday on HBO.

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EyeloveMetal said...

Bill dominating the cop was badass.. agreed, best scene so far.. I'm entertained enough to keep watching it, probably at least through this season.. fuck it, what else is there to do sunday night right? Entourage while being pretty short this week, was pretty funny, lots of Johnny Drama!