Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Animals Attack!


Who doesn't love watching an animal tear apart a human being? Whether it be real footage or movie special effects, we just can't get enough! Don't even try and tell me you didn't google "Steve Irwin Death Video" not ten minutes after you found out the news! But i'm not here to talk about real animal maulings, i'm here to talk about movie animal maulings. Just as exciting, we just don't have to feel as bad about enjoying them! So here are some of my favorite animal attacks!


Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. There's really no better animal unleashed scene ever commited to film then Quint's demise in Jaws.

Deep Blue Sea

Tell me this shit didn't make ya jump out ya motherfuckin' seat the first time you saw it! Dont lie to me! Sam Jackson may be one bad ass mother fucker, but he aint no match for a huge motherfuckin shark!

Shark Attack 3 : Megalodon

One final shark attack on the list. How could I not include a movie that has the words "shark attack" right in it's title! The special effects in this film, if you can even call them that, are so amazingly bad that you just might fall in love with it. One of the best worst movies ever made. Enjoy.

The Beyond

If you have a fear of spiders, you should probably just skip watching this one altogether because it's only gonna increase that fear tenfold. This is one the most horrific scenes ever crafted. Lucio Fulci, you are (were) one sick mofo.

The Beyond

No, I didn't accidently type the same title again, this one's also from The Beyond. For a film about the gates of hell opening, there sure are a lot of animal attacks in this one! I was gonna throw Cujo on this list, but after this clip, Cujo looks a little tame. Sorry, big guy, I still love ya. Fulci, once again, you were a sick motherfucker. And we love and thank you for it.


Ok, now that I got Fulci on the mind, one last shark scene. I don't even have to set this one up, all I will say are three simple words : Zombie vs Shark. Is Fulci the king of animal attacks? I think he just might be.


Jesus Christ! Did I just see that happen! Rewind! By far the coolest scene in Rogue, a movie which is itself pretty damn cool. This might be my favorite croc attack scene ever. Scratch that. I just watched it again. It definetly is.

Black Sheep

Sheep are harmless, right? Not anymore! Thanks to the world of horror films, we can now add them to our list of feared animals. A full two minutes of murdering sheep madness for your enjoyment, and perhaps the best two minutes of murdering sheep madness ever seen. Ya think!?

Ah, that was fun. Those are just a few of my favorites. Leave a comment and let me know yours! And remember, don't fuck with wild animals! They will fuck back in a big way!

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bagman689 said...

Any of the attacks in "Man's Best Friend",Max 3000 was one bad ass mutt,lol.