Friday, September 26, 2008

YouTube's Saw Video Contest

Alright, when I said I wouldn't be posting for the next couple days I guess I kinda sorta lied. I woke up from my deep slumber around 9 this morning at the insistance of my bladder and of course had to pop on the internet before I went back to sleep to see what i'd missed during my hibernation. For whatever reason I ended up on YouTube and couldn't help but take note of the little contest the makers of Saw V have up on there. The contest is fairly simple ; take clips from Saws 1-4, mash 'em up, and create a cool little tribute video to all your favorite moments. I'll let Jigsaw explain...

Now I really wanted to get back to sleep but Jigsaw (even though not Tobin Bell) was beckoning me to do some homework so I just had to. Sleep could wait. It's now almost 2:30 pm and i've finally finished my little mash up video. Check it out and let me know what ya think :


Nothing too special, a little choppy in a couple parts (blame it on the poor editing software I have), but i'm not spending any more time on this. I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I didn't at least make some kind of effort. Don't really have much experience editing videos. In fact the only experience I have was replacing Freebird with Hey There Delilah at the end of Devil's Rejects in THIS VIDEO, which garnered me more then a couple death threats. Comments like "you deserve to be pissed on" and "I hope you get raped by a pack of wild gorillas" abound. Precisely the response I wanted from such a terrible blasphemous video but no one seemed to realize it was purely made to piss 'em off. Anyway, you may have noticed the absence of Saw 2 in the mash up. It's not cause I don't like it, the dvd just wouldn't let me rip video off of it. The man's always gotta hold me down.

No word on what the prizes if any will be for the winner of this contest. Jigsaw simply states that you can in fact "win". So get on Saw 5's YouTube channel and vote for me! Or better yet, make your own video and vote for yourself. And if ya do make one, post the link in a comment to this post so I can check it out.

And go see Saw V October 24th!

Ok, now I really won't be back for a couple days. I promise.

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