Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giamatti Speaks On Bubba Nosferatu


Aint It Cool News just scored some very interesting news and information about Bubba Nosferatu : Curse of the She Vampires, the upcoming Bubba Ho-Tep prequel that was mentioned after the end credits of that masterpiece. I say interesting because it's not exactly good news. The info comes from an interview done with Paul Giamatti, who has already been cast as Coloner Parker, Elvis' real life manager.


First off, in perhaps the most depressing news of the year, Bruce Campbell is not returning to play Elvis. "Every effort was made by us, he just didn’t want to do it and he was cool about it. He just didn’t want to do it, which is a bummer, because part of the reason I love that movie is him… a big part of it. He’s fantastic and I’ve always loved him. I’m a big fan of his, but he didn’t want to do it, which is totally cool." Well then just don't make the movie, I say. A sequel to Ho-Tep without Campbell in the lead role is just a pointless thing to do. Like Giamatti said, he's a huge part of what made that movie so awesome, in fact he's the main thing that made that movie so awesome. How can you even think of making a sequel without him?! It's almost like making a new Batman and having someone new play The Joker. O wait, they're probably doing that too. So who could possibly be filling his shoes? Giamatti says, " we have got Ron Perlman (Hellboy) interested in playing Elvis." Now I love Ron Perlman, don't get me wrong. But Ron Perlman playing Elvis? Is this an April Fool's joke?!? Perlman is pretty much the furthest thing from Elvis I could possibly imagine.


He also went on to talk a little bit about the plot of the movie, which we only knew up till now was about Elvis shooting a film in Louisiana and running into a coven of she-vampires....

"I don’t want to give too much of it away! So yeah I’ll be playing Col. Parker, who… You know part of the great thing about this is not only are these wonderful genre movies, but he’s actually taking a weird, interesting take on the whole Elvis myth and kind of investigating the whole Elvis myth in a really interesting way, so it’s got a lot of stuff about Col. Parker being responsible for a lot of what happened to Elvis and kind of literally making him a vampire in some ways, you know? A kind of a blood sucker… It plays on a lot of things, this movie, in a great way and it’s got Sitting Bull in it and there’s a peyote trip in it that is amazing and it’s just a big leap beyond the other movie. It’s ten times more insane and bizarre and it’s great and hilarious, too. It’s funnier than the other one is even. It still ends up being this great character study of this Elvis guy."

You can check out the full interview right here.

Giamatti seems geniunely (very) interested about the film and he's got pretty high hopes for it so I think it's still got a lot of potential, but please, Mr. Campbell, COME BACK! I'm of the mind that Bubba Ho-Tep is one of the greatest films of all time and i'd almost love to see Brucey back for another one more than i'd like to see a new Evil Dead movie. Well, maybe not. But still.

Leave some comments and let me know who you think would be the best choice to play Elvis now that Campbell's officially out of the picture. And take a trip over to the official Bubba Ho-Tep website to stay posted on the latest news and to play the hit game Stab The Scarab, where you...stab scarabs!

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EyeloveMetal said...

The answer is NOBODY can replace bruce as Elvis! cmon now! THOUGH. Giamatti is the man! so I would like to see it anyhow.. who knows, maybe the replacement can win us over..