Friday, October 24, 2008

CG-WHY?! Horrible CGI Moments

I originally started doing these to bring to light horrible CG moments in otherwise good films, but i'm making an exception here as this time i'm gonna take a look at an otherwise pretty bad film.


I was a big fan of the original Ring (the original American version). I thought it was a suprisingly well done revamp of a terrifying Japanese movie and I was pretty excited to see what was in store for the American-ized sequel. But about 30 minutes in, I was completely ripped from my movie seat and taken right out of the fun. That's the power that one terrible CGI scene can have on a movie. Granted, the rest of the movie was shit too, but the minute I saw this scene I knew I could've walked right out of that theatre and I wouldn't have missed anything worth not missing. I'm talking of course about the deer attack scene.

What could've been a really powerful and badass scene was rendered unintentionally hilarious by the misuse of the computer. Naomi Watts and her weird possessed little son are driving down a long stretch of road when suddenly they happen upon a friendly looking deer. I'll let the scene tell ya the rest...

Did that look totally ridiculous to anyone else or is it just me? Now here's the thing. The CGI is phenonemal. The artists responsible should be applauded as it's about as good as CGI can get. It just DOESN'T LOOK REAL! I'm reminded of Peter Jackson's King Kong. The effects are amazing. Kong is breathtaking. But he just dont look real. He looks like a video game character, and the same goes for these here deer. The only way around this is pretty simple. Don't make 'em CGI! Stop being lazy and using the technology as a crutch. You've got the budget, go the extra mile and make the animatronic deer. Technology is our friend, but it has its limitations. When you can tell what you're watching is computer generated, somethings been done wrong.

Remember that scene in The Omen where the mom and devil child are sitting in their car at the zoo and they're suddenly attacked by a rabid pack of monkeys? That looked fuckin awesome! It was so much more effective because you knew the monkeys were real. The Omen was made in 1976. The Ring Two was made in 2005. What's wrong with that picture? Who would've thought that effects would have worsened with time.

Filmmakers, please, don't use CGI unless it's minute amounts of the stuff to enhance certain effects. It's a beautiful thing, but in the wrong hands it's the #1 killer of movies. Did you know 100 movies lives were taken just this past year from the horrible affliction that is CGI? Let's work together and stamp it out.

Check out my past CG-WHY?! installment where I take a look at Land of the Dead. In a strange coincidence, both of these films starred Simon Baker. Hmmmm...


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