Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elvira's Top 10 Weirdest, Strangest, Most Bizarre Music Videos!

So i've been sitting here all day listening to the soothing sounds of Music Choice's Sounds of the Seasons, which just began playing Halloween tunes this past Monday. It's one of those music channels (IO channel 801) that plays music all day along with pictures of the artists and random facts going on in the background. Well, for the Halloween season, they've got interesting horror movie/true crime/Halloween facts scrolling on the bottom and Halloween related songs playing all day long. Movie themes, fun little jingles, rock classics, spooky sound effects, you name it. Did you know the electric chair was invented by a dentist? Well anyway, they've been playing an awful lot of Elvira songs and that prompted me to dig out a little gem I got from a horror convention a couple years back, but had not yet watched. I figured now was the perfect time.


MTV gave Elvira 4 straight hours on Halloween back in 1986 to broadcast her top ten spookiest videos, live from Salem, Massachusetts. This 2 disc dvd set has got all four hours and it's chock full of awesome videos, funny Elvira skits, and even old school commercials! Commercials like this one of the Prince of Darkness whoring himself out for a calculator company!

These are the kinda dvds you can only find at horror conventions. I so enjoyed this dvd that I thought why not upload the top 10 and slap it on here for all of you to enjoy! So here it is! Elvira's top 10 weirdest,strangest, most bizarre music videos! Complete with Elvira intros! I was tempted to just post the videos of these songs others have already put up on YouTube, but what's an Elvira countdown without Elvira?! The qualitys not that great on these, but it aint my fault. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

10) The Damned - Shadow of Love

9) Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark

8) Rocky Horror Picture Show - Let's Do The Time Warp

7) Love Theme From Godzilla '85 - I Was Afraid To Love You

6) Alice Cooper - He's Back (from the Jason Lives soundtrack!)

5) Blow Monkeys - Wicked Ways

4) Carter Burwell - Screams of Love (from the Psycho 3 soundtrack!)

3) Fred Schneider - Monster In My Pants

2) Lou Reed - No Money Down

1) Pia Zadora - Rock It Out

That about wraps up the countdown. Here's the Mistress Of The Dark one last time to see ya out!

One more week till Halloween!! I hope i've done my part so far to help get ya in the mood. This next week will be full of Halloween fun around here, so keep on comin back!


willy jerk-off said...

if elvira still looks that good at 60 imagine what she must have looked like when she was 18, she must`ve been one of the most incredible chicks of all time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these were supposed to be disturbing? No offence to Elvira, but man, has she been listening to (and watching) the wrong kind of music! ;)

Not even a single mention of NIN (Nine Inch Nails) stuff. Do check out the video for "Closer" - that's cited by many people as being very disturbing. But that's just a warmup. Most people haven't had the (dis)pleasure of viewing the videos for the EP Broken - it's actually a simulated snuff short-film. Highlights include forced coprophilia (a guy is basically force-fed the brown stuff), unnecessary dental extraction sans anaesthesia, castration, blowtorch-caressing, viscera removal, etc. Oh, the best-produced (and best known) part of the Broken snuff film is the video for Happiness in Slavery, where a guy basically straps himself into a machine that manipulates then rips off his genitals which his entire body is ripped to shreds and ground up to yield plant fertiliser. But this segment is nothing compared to the rest of the Broken movie.

That sort of thing just *might* be considered a *tad* more disturbing than the stuff here. :)

Johnny said...

Well I must stick up for Elvira and say that NIN were not around at the time this was made and these videos weren't so much supposed to be disturbing as they were just weird.

But i'll definetly have to check out the videos you speak of!

Deepak said...

Yes, you really should check out those NIN vids. "Closer" is just a little disturbing (for the jaded, like us. For the rabidly religious, it could be a lot disturbing). But the "Broken" movie will disturb just about anyone.

PS: It was I who wrote the anon reply - I will sign in in future.