Monday, October 13, 2008

Ever Wanna Drill Out Your Girlfriend's Eyeballs?

It's a rhetorical question. If you're a frequenter of the Halloween stores that pop up around this time of the year, you've probably seen your fair share of cheap makeup appliances that promise that you too can create the ultra badass looking effect that is pictured on the front of the packaging. But for only 5-10$, you've probably had your doubts. I know I have. So I decided to finally stop guessin and start messin and I picked up one of these things for the purpose of testing on my girlfriend, god bless her. Not only was she willing, but she was pretty excited to have some gruesome shit done to her. Then again, she usually is.


My first test took place last night and it went suprisingly well. This is Don Post's "Sightless" makeup effect, and if it came out looking remotely anything like what was pictured, i'd know I spent my five dollars in the wisest way imaginable. Let's just say I don't regret the purchase. Those pretty little eyes were about to become deep dark black hell holes.


It's Don Post, it's gotta be good, right? Don Post is the godfather of Halloween masks, by the way. I was surprised to find that the back of the box was all mispelled and, clearly, they use the same packaging for all of their appliances because the directions were very non specific and really gave you no clue as to how to apply this thing. They even warned against using it around the eye area. Where the fuck else is an over the eyes appliance gonna go?


I was a bit saddened to find upon opening the package that there was no makeup, fake blood, spirit gum or anything to help make this thing possible. I bought it online, so I wasn't able to inspect it before I did. All that you're provided is this spiffy pair of sunglasses :


With a little creativity, though, you can make it happen. But don't think you're just gonna glue this thing down to your face and have it impress and scare friends and family, because you've got some work to do. Unless this is enough to satisfy you...


First you're gonna wanna cut the appliance to rid it of any imperfections or jagged edges, like that piece you see on the nose area. The cleaner the cut, the better. Also, if there's any areas where the rubber has bent upwards from years of encasement in it's packaging, cut them off as they'll be hard to glue down if you don't.

You're supposed to use spirit gum to glue down appliances like these, but since they didn't provide it and I don't have any handy, I opted for using liquid latex to glue it down. Just lightly coat the inside with the latex and it should stay put.

Now comes the hard part. You've gotta not only blend the appliance into your guinea pigs skin tone, but you're also gonna have to cover up those edges. To do this, I again applied several layers of liquid latex to build up the skin areas enough to cover up the edges and it worked pretty well. From there, it's just grabbing some makeup and going to town, blending it all together.

With things like this, it's the little details that count so use some black paint to really make the rips in the skin pop and then use either fake blood (which any self respecting horror fan should have somewhere around the house) or lipstick (which we used) to darken and wetten the blood around the eyes, or lack thereof.

The final step is dripping some fake blood down the cheeks and you're pretty much all set! The finished product ends up looking pretty badass and suprisingly realistic for its small price tag.


And dont worry, the black in the eyes is made out of a mesh material, so you can see out of them pretty well.

For only 5 bucks, this appliance was a startling success and i'll definetly be delving more into Don Post's repertoire...even if they can't spell correctly.

You should be able to rip the appliance right off when you're all done with it with minimal pain and skin damage and you even will be able to re-use it several times over.


This would be the perfect addition to your Agent Sands' (Once Upon a Time in Mexico) costume or your no budget horror films. With the right lighting and camera angles, this thing looks pretty realistic. Bring out the budding Tom Savini in yourself! I have no artistic skills whatsoever and I made it work so I think you can too.

I'll be picking up more of these things in the near future and will post the results right here when I do! My girlfriend's got a long next few weeks of torture to endure...Then again, there's no reason the fun has to end once the calendar flips to November.

If all goes as planned, I got something pretty cool i'll be doing tommorow, so keep an eye out for that.

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Wings said...

Very cool indeed. And I am glad you know how lucky you are to have a girl like her. ;)