Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exclusive Interview - Hatchet Director Adam Green


Adam Green started out as a diehard fan of the horror genre, making short films like the hilarious Columbus Day Weekend, wherein Jason and Michael Myers are stalking the same campground...and then end up going gay for each other. He made his feature film directing debut with the comedy Coffee & Donuts, which was made on a shoestring budget of only $400. And then, six years later, Green made his prescence known with a little horror film that could, Hatchet, which is considered by many to be one of the best horror movies in the last decade. Green was awesome enough to take a little time out of his very busy schedule to answer a couple of questions for this here blog.

Before we get to the interview, i'd like you to check out this video from the UK's Frightfest 2007, where Adam gives a little backstory on his career and tells one of the coolest success stories ever, one that will make you an instant Twisted Sister fan.

Just wanna say thank you for Hatchet. Thank you for making a horror film that's not, as the tagline says, "a remake, sequel, or based on a Japanese one", and most of all, thank you for making a movie that reminded us all why we fell in love with the genre in the first place. And oh ya, thanks for bringing practical effects back. That being said, there's been a lot of talk about Hatchet 2 and whether or not you'll even be a part of it. Any exclusive news you'd like to break on that for a tiny little horror blog?

HATCHET made too much money and has far too many fans worldwide for the powers that be to not make a sequel. I'm actually all for it as that was always my goal in creating "Victor Crowley" - to introduce a new villain that we would hopefully get to see lots and lots from. I have the story line all set, the cast and crew foaming at the mouth to return, and Anchor Bay is all ready to go... the only issue is timing. I am already contractually committed to two other bigger films who's schedules keep moving around due to all of the shit that Hollywood has gone through this year. The cast also has their own commitments. The bottom line is that Anchor Bay is saying they want this movie out in theaters for next Fall, so some decisions are going to have to be made soon as to how we make that happen. While I hope it works out that I can be the one at the helm for Hatchet 2, it just may be that there's new blood behind that camera this time around. I gotta say how great it is that everyone is willing to stall the project for this long just to try every last way to do it RIGHT rather than just saying 'fuck it, let's shoot now with someone else'... but there's only so much longer we can wait if we're going to hit that deadline. So stay tuned and let's see how the pieces fall together over the next month or so.

Do you see yourself going the Peter Jackson/Sam Raimi route of moving on to massive budget mainstream films or would you prefer to stay right where you are?

I'm just taking it as it comes. The difference with me is that I actually started in comedy and I don't really have a specific genre that I am aiming for. HATCHET was a fun slasher flick while SPIRAL was a much darker and dramatic piece. My upcoming film GOD ONLY KNOWS is a romantic comedy. I have everything in the pipeline from really disturbing to kids TV shows to sweet and funny to scary as hell. Because I am having success at doing whatever I want, I already feel pretty lucky. 9 out of 10 working Hollywood directors will tell you how all they really want to do is [insert something other than what they're known for here]. I've worked very hard to keep myself alive in multiple genres and be a jack of all trades. I'm an entrepreneur with my own production company. So as long as I'm always getting to do what I feel like doing, I'm happy and I'm in the minority. When HATCHET started to take off and people were calling me "the next _____ for horror!" I was scared shitless. I don't want that. I'm more than that. I appreciate it and I'm certainly proud as hell of what HATCHET delivered for horror fans at the genre's lowest point... but I don't want to be anything other than just Adam Green, a guy who makes the movies he wants to make. Save the horror titles and crowns for someone else as there's plenty of horror directors out there who only want that. That being said- with my upcoming projects the budgets are going up and the names I'm working with are on the A-list, so that's all very exciting to see happening. But it could change in a heartbeat and all be over tomorrow because this town can be evil... so you gotta just go day by day.

I love that quote you had ; "we are not curing cancer here, we're just making life a little more entertaining before we get cancer." I think that sums up the genre (and filmmaking as a whole) pretty well. So what horror films in recent years have entertained you?

Well, this year I enjoyed the hell out of Mike Dougherty's TRICK R TREAT (which I know the rest of the world has yet to be able to see thanks to studio politics) and Gregg Bishop's DANCE OF THE DEAD has quickly become a favorite in my house. I'm a huge fan of horror movies like SLITHER, CLOVERFIELD, GRINDHOUSE, PAN'S LABYRINTH, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN... I mean, the list goes on and on for recent movies that were simply pure enjoyment. I think when I gave that quote to Variety it was in context to somebody who was starting to take me way too seriously and something about how ridiculous people in the industry can be with their own opinions of themselves. I don't care that you're famous or that you have the # 1 movie/song/TV show in the world right now. There are men and women my age at war fighting for my protection, there's doctor's curing illnesses, people traveling to space... I don't say this as just something modest to say. I just mean, get over yourself and take your appropriate place in line before you throw one of your tantrums and start demanding "do you know who I am?"

I know you're kinda fed up with remakes and unoriginal films out there as we all are, but if you had to, as in Victor Crowley was holding a gas powered belt sander to your face had to, what horror movie would you choose to remake?

That's a tough one because there aren't many movies left to be remade, are there? I suppose if I could pick anything it would be CLASH OF THE TITANS because I feel like there's a way to take the old stop-motion practical FX and enhance them with CGI to really make that movie as epic as it can be- rather than only using CGI. Or maybe I'll remake RAIDERS or STAR WARS just to piss everyone off. Wouldn't that be great? "So, Adam- what is your next project?" Oh, I'm remaking THE GOONIES. Just watch people's hearts stop and then wait a full year to say April Fools? Hmmm... maybe I'll do that.

Thanks so much for your time. Any final thoughts? What can we expect next from you?

I just posted my 10th annual Halloween short film on Ariescope called THE TIVO and (while you're there) I also suggest checking out the ROAD TO FRIGHTFEST videos that I made with Joe Lynch for London's FrightFest this past summer. I'm about to start production on a short series for XBOX Live called FAIRY TALE POLICE starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Hatchet's Parry Shen where two cops shake down fairy tale land. I'm currently writing an animated AQUAMAN movie for D.C. Comics and I just produced Paul Solet's GRACE about a still born baby that comes back to life which is fucked up as all hell and will be out next Fall. On top of all of that there's the inevitable HATCHET 2, my romantic comedy GOD ONLY KNOWS which Chris Columbus is producing, and a brand new horror thing that no one knows anything about yet which I will be announcing within days in the trades. So keep an eye out. Or two.

Be sure to check out the website and YouTube for Green's Ariescope Pictures, where you can check out all of those Halloween short films and Road To Frightfest vids, which I highly recommend.

Thanks again to Adam Green for being such a cool dude and doing this for me. If you have not yet seen Hatchet, GO DO IT NOW! It's gonna be playing on Starz Halloween night, but I suggest you pick up the DVD so you can see it in it's full uncut glory. Better yet, invite some friends over and play the Hatchet Drinking Game!

And spread the word...Adam Green's remaking The Goonies ;)


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Great interview, seems like a very cool guy....Keep em coming!

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