Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Talked To A Horror Icon Tonight! And Learned About Vampire Bats! And Watched A Shitty Movie!

Had a pretty interesting and eventful night tonight. First up, I had a little chat with the guy behind the upcoming horror site Benevolent Street, which is a site i'm gonna be writing for once it's all up. There's nothing on there yet, but he said it's beginning to take shape and should be all set fairly soon. So keep that bookmarked and i'll keep you posted when that gets up and running and I begin to write for it. Looking forward to that but i'm never gonna stop writing on here!


I also had a little chat with David Hess, the guy who played Krug in the original Last House on the Left. That's always been a favorite movie of mine and i've always loved him and everything he's done, so that was really cool. It started off by me just messaging him because I was curious about where Last House was filmed. I had always heard parts were filmed on Long Island, where I live, but apparently that's not the case. He cleared that up and then was nice enough to answer a couple questions I had for him regarding the remake of Last House. He said he hasn't seen the film nor was he asked to be a part of it in any way, but he might have played the role of the father if he had been asked. How cool would that have been! Pay at least a little homage to the original film you're profiting off of! Why even remake a movie like this anyway though? The whole appeal of it was its gritty and realistic nature. And having a pretty boy actor playing Krug just dont cut it for me.

Anyway, i've always wanted to meet Hess but never see him at any conventions so I told him he should go to one to which he again said he would, but was never invited to any he had interest in. So I told him about the always awesome Monster Mania convention that's held twice a year in New Jersey and, with his go ahead, played a little matchmaker and dropped the promoter a line telling him David was interested if he'd only be asked. So hopefully i'll be seeing him there come March! Will keep you posted on how that all goes. Really cool dude and it was a pleasure to talk to him and i'm hoping to someday get a full length interview. Check out his official website.


Later in the night I went to the last little Library seminar of the Halloween season. I was under the notion that it was gonna be a guy reading from a fictional vampire novel he wrote, but it turned out to be this pretty cool dude Bill Schutt reading from his new book Dark Banquet, which is a nonfiction book about vampire bats, leeches, ticks, and all kinds of other blood feeding creatures. It ended up being a lot cooler than what I had originally thought I was attending. Lots of interesting little facts about all those blood suckers out there. It was a pretty intimate setting as not many people attended and most of the people that were there were family and friends of the author, so I kinda felt like the odd man out. Despite this turn out, he's apparently a pretty legit author and has been interviewed by many reputable places and I think he even said he's speaking for 200 people at the Museum of Natural History or something tommorow. He was a really interesting and charismatic dude and I think I may have to pick up a copy of the book. O wait, I have no money. Maybe i'll borrow it from the library.


And finally, just got back from my friends house where we intended on watching a few horror flicks to prepare us for Halloween, but we only ended up getting to one. And what a piece of shit it was. Lucio Fulci's movies are usually, at the very least, highly entertaining. But good god, did this one suck. Sodoma's Ghost is one of his later films about evil nazi ghosts (sounds awesome, I know) and the only way I can really sum it up is to say this ; imagine a Fulci movie.....WITH ZERO GORE. Well now that's not really a Fulci movie, is it? There was pretty much no gore and without that, all due respect Mr. Fulci, but there's not much goin for ya. The Beyond or Zombie, this one was not.

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