Friday, October 17, 2008

Interactive Horror Trivia!

I know I personally love nothing more than to flex my horror knowing muscles and impress friends and family with all the useless facts I know about the genre. But so rarely do I get the opportunity to do so because, lets face it, the genre is generally looked down upon by most and we're not gonna be seeing a horror movie edition of Jeopardy anytime soon. So i've decided to take it upon myself to create an interactive horror trivia game for all of you! And the stakes have never been so high!

Simply click the corresponding link to the answer you think is correct. If you answer correctly, you will get to celebrate your vast depths of knowledge by slaughtering a bad guy! But if you should answer incorrectly, you will be murdered in the most brutal way imaginable! I hope you're confident about your horror smarts! If you're a spoil sport and just don't like having fun and therefore have zero patience, you can simply click the "quick answer" links under each question for a picture of the answer. Although you should be ashamed of yourself, Debbie Downer. Let the games begin! Hm, does Jigsaw have a trademark on that phrase?

I'm gonna start off with only 5 questions just to test it out. I know, you can easily look all the answers up online, but you'd only be cheating yourself and what fun would that be anyway? We're not competing for prizes here, so be honest to yourself!

1. In 2004's Dawn of the Dead remake, what was the name of the coffee shop located inside the mall?

-Hallowed Grounds
-Grind Me Up

Quick Answer

2. In the 1986 film The Hitcher, what did Jim find in his french fries at the diner?

-A Toe
-A Finger

Quick Answer

3. In Phantasm, what color is the Tall Man's blood?


Quick Answer

4. How is the infection spread in Cabin Fever?

-Through The Water
-Through Contact With An Infected Person

Quick Answer

5. In The Thing, who is the first person on the crew to be taken over by the alien?



Quick Answer

Leave comments and let me know how ya (honestly) did and what you thought of the game. If at least one person got the slightest bit of enjoyment out of it, i'll have more installments in the near future. The fate is in your hands!


Anonymous said...

Awesome quiz got 4 out of 5, question 3 got me. Although for question 5 you could argue Blair was the first infected, he had his hands in the still living remains.

John said...

Thanks for the comment! I had said that if I even got one positive comment on this game i'd do more, so looks like i'll be doing more!