Friday, October 17, 2008

Keep Mama Voorhees In The Friday Remake & New Saw V Clip!

Earlier today, the folks at Bloody Disgusting confirmed the troubling rumor that not only has all footage of Pamela Voorhees been cut from the upcoming remake of Friday the 13th, but all young Jason scenes have also gotten the axe.

Now keep in mind this news came from a recent test screening of the film in California so they both may make it into the final cut of the film, but if New Line isn't told by diehard Friday fans to put them back in they may not know any better. So I think it's time to bust out that pen or open up Wordpad.

Without Mrs. Voorhees and without kid Jason, there really is none of the backstory which is necessary for the film. I know it's a complete redux, but it has to be shown how Jason died and why he's doing what he's doing. For this, we need at least one scene of a younger Jason and of his mother.

So if ya care enough, write New Line a letter and let them know how ya feel. You may think lowely little old you isn't gonna bring about any change, but if they get enough letters of complaint we just may see those scenes restored. If you dont believe that the fans have any control, let Sid Haig tell ya otherwise (courtesy of a recent blog of his on FEARnet. It must be noted that these comments were not made in any relation to the topic at hand); "I want to empower you to speak up. Email the production companies, the studios, the distributors and let them know how you feel about the product they are putting out. The good stuff and the crap. Just remember to try and do it in a constructive way, or it will unfortunately fall on deaf ears."

Inspired? Here's the address :

New Line Cinema
888 7th Ave., 19th Fl.
New York, NY 10106

Get to writing, and try not to sound like a dolt.

In addition to the new Saw V clip that just hit the net yesterday, UGO has scored another. To check out the other two Saw V clips we've seen so far, click this. This new clip doesn't involve a trap of any kind, but rather shows Jigsaw and Hoffman conversing with one another.

What do you make of this? Some pretty interesting insight into some new plot twists. As far as we knew Hoffman didn't come into Jigsaws fold until the last film. However, in this clip, we see a healthy looking Jigsaw talking with him. If Jigsaw isn't all sickly, then this surely must have taken place at least before Saw 2. It looks like Hoffman's been in on the game for a lot longer then we thought. But who really knows, as they could go in any wacky direction with all of this, and probably will.

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