Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Many Masks Of Michael Myers


Much like Jason Voorhees in his respective films, Michael Myers has continually changed throughout the years and he looks just a little bit different in each of the 8 installments. (He wasn't in Halloween 3 but that film still rocked and I plan on telling you why in the very near future). Sure, he's always wearing the white mask and blue overalls, but the size, cut, and design of the mask as well as his hairstyle are continually a tad bit different and while sometimes he looks real badass, he's also come off looking like a jerkoff.

By the way, i'm sure everyone by now knows this but for the sake of possibly shocking one more reader, the white mask Myers sports throughout the franchise is actually a William Shatner Star Trek mask painted white. Carpenter & Co. wanted to find the cheapest mask they could find from the store and that's the one they stumbled upon. So next time you watch a Halloween film, have it in your head that that's William Shatner stalking and kllling the teens. That may even be scarier than anything else...




Vintage Myers. This remains one of the coolest looks he's ever had. Everything from the hair down to the cut of the mask is perfect.

Halloween 2


This one stuck true to the original design. I've actually heard that this is in fact the same mask from the original, which was stored away in a shoe box. So can't go wrong there.

Halloween 4 : The Return of Michael Myers


And this is where we start to go downhill. The mask is way too white and, after going Myers-less in Halloween 3, his big return in 4 was mired by how lame he looked. He looked more like Howard Stern's Eric The Midget than Michael Myers. I realize not many will get the reference, so here's a visual aid :


Halloween 5 : The Revenge of Michael Myers


This one might even be worse then 4. The cut of the mask is absolutely ridiculous. The nice short cut mask of the originals has been replaced with one with a long neck piece which looks silly. It's like throwing away your short ankle socks and slapping on those really long white ones with red stripes all the dorky kids wear.

Halloween 6 : The Curse of Michael Myers


Something about the ears in this one. He looks way too happy for ole Mike. This is the one that began the crazier hair, so I do appreciate that as it was something the mask really needed. Certaintly a marked improvement over the previous two.

Halloween H20


Ah, much better. A return to the original style. I liked the more open eye holes they did for this mask, as it plays up the more human side of Myers this entry went for.

Halloween : Resurrection


And we start to go back downhill again. Michael's hair got a little too crazy and frizzy in this one. The wild hair style is something that suits Myers well but I think they went overboard here. It looks like he just stuck his knife in an electrical socket.

Rob Zombie's Halloween


Finally, someone gets it right. The dirty tattered mask and messy hair are exactly what Myers needed to look like the badass mofo he originally was meant to be. Why did it take so long for someone to make the mask look this way?

In conclusion, the original and remake (Zombie did one thing right!) masks are my favorites in the franchise and 4 and 5 were so bad they almost ruined the entire movies for me. Everything in between was workable.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Michael Myers mask is!


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pavlovs said...

Awesome, the first will always be the best.

Did you know that the Willliam Shatner mask was not the first choice?There is a list of some rejected masks here:



Happy Halloween

ACollinsVampire said...

I agree with you on the masks. H20 actually had four different masks in it, but the changes are so subtle, most people miss it.

John Crawley said...

The Halloween 5 mask was horrible. It bore no resemblence whatsoever to the original mask. I cant figure out what the filmmakers were thinking? The last thing you change in a hit franchise is the look of the character! It's too bad because Halloween 5 was a very suspenseful and fun movie. If only the original mask were in it, the movie would have really kick some major buttski.

Mike Simpson said...

The H20 mask changed about 3 times throughout the course of this movie. Here we go again with another big movie that couldn't even get the small details right. How hard is it just to make a mask that looks judt like the original? Is it really that hard to find a good FX guy?

John said...

I hear ya, Mike. You'd think the first thing anyone making a Halloween film would make sure to perfect is the look of Myers. What probably happened was a lot of the filmmakers were just trying to cash in on the franchise, rather than making it from a loving place, so they really didn't care how he looked. Damn shame

Anonymous said...

You lost me at "Halloween 3...rocked."

John said...

Halloween 3 does rock! Don't care what anyone says. If it had been released under the title 'Season of the Witch', nothing to do with the Halloween franchise, everyone would've loved it to this day.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

Great blog! I think the original mask tops them all, followed by II and then the remake. Personally, II tends to be my favorite because the mask seems to reflect his mood - which I love. But yeah, 5 is HORRIBLE! He looks like the Joker without the lipstick. Horrible.

Wings said...

I agree with your choices, I think. 1 is the best, H20 is great and the only good thing about Zombie's rape of the films is the mask.

AllHallowSteve said...

So good to see someone not only notice but analyze why the Myers mask is so crucial to the look and feel of the film.

When Halloween 4 hit theaters I was so excited to see it as it was "The RETURN of Michael Myers!" Even the poster had the mask looking right... and then... "That's not what Michael Myers looks like..."

Great post!
"Mask Snob"

myers fan forever till i die said...

fuk rob zombie all about the original micheal myers starting 1,2,3,4,5,6,h20 and resurection fuk rob zombies movies it is to crazy and wierd like the part of his mom i miss the old movies

Anonymous said...

Wow, Michael myers is the best serial killer ever. Now the mask were cooko as they changed. The originals will always be the best. But not my favorite. My favorite is halloween resserextion. The movie sucked terribly tho. Halloween 4 mask was to pale but scarier than the originals. 5 was nothing like myers but creepier than 1-3. 6 was alright, he just smiled to much in it. H2o masked changed interly to much . The remake masks were awesome. But redsurection gave a scare to it

Anonymous said...

Halloween 1 mask- Original so awesome
Halloween 2 mask- was a bit rounder cuz of the actor but good
Halloween 3- nothin to do with it
Halloween 4- To pale no texture
Halloween 6- Myers does not smile
Halloween h20- 3 different mask, so quite confusing
Halloween Ress. Even tho it had make up on it, it was scary and straight bad as*
Remakes- Scarier and awesome ( only the mask. Not the movie) but prefer original mask and definitely resurrection

Anonymous said...

Totally agree and I'm anonymous aswell��
My favorite is halloween mask is 2 tho. He was scarier in they one. Basically the ogigonals r the best, maybe resserection to. Every other mask sucked.

Davidino said...

You all suck major Meyer Peen! HALLOWEEN 4 AND 5 LOVED IT, I DIDN'T CARE about the masks, I liked the story, and Jaime Llyod was a bad ass lil momma! DOnt ever forget!

MikeInFla said...

I'm late to this party but I think I can clear some things up. I too was appalled at the H4 mask. It was lame. Don Post made many of the masks, including the original Shatner mask (and yes, it was the same mask in 2 but had nicotine stains on it from sitting under Debra Hill's bed for a few years). By the time 4 rolled around I heard Shatner wanted royalties for his likeness so they made a new mask (and likeness royalties were not in effect during the first 2 films, that came about from Back To The Future 2 where Crispin Glover sued over someone else depicting George McFly in his likeness). So to keep The SHAT from hitting the fan they made new, lame masks for each release.