Friday, October 24, 2008

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer!


I can't say as I had too much interest in the remake to My Bloody Valentine when I first heard about it. That is, until I heard it was gonna be in 3D and until I layed my eyes on this trailer. I'm not saying it's gonna be the best remake ever made, but if this doesn't look like a good fun time, I don't know what does! 3D hasn't been used in horror since the days of Friday Part 3, Jaws 3, or basically any third installment of any major horror franchise. It's never been too exciting of a technology to me personally, but it's kinda cool to see it come back. And hopefully with the technological advancements out there nowadays, it'll look better than ever. Enough of my babbling, let's get on to the trailer! O, you already skipped ahead to that after the first sentence, eh?

Credit to IGN for scoring this baby.

The remake, hitting theatres January 16th of next year (almost 30 years after the original landed in our laps), is about Tom, a man returning to his hometown 10 years after a horrific Valentine's Day massacre that took the lives of 22 people. Instead of getting a warm welcoming, Tom finds himself accused of the murders and his old high school flame seems to be the only who believes in his innocence.

Looks pretty awesome if ya ask me. I'm expecting a fun little thrill ride and if that's all I get before leaving that theatre, i'll be wholly satisfied. Besides, any opportunity where I get to bust out my Elm Street 3D spectacles is a pretty damn good one.


Looks like a winning combo to me. If I get to go home from that experience with a pair of My Bloody Valentine branded glasses, i'll be the happiest man in the world.

Saw V tonight! I'll have my thoughts up when I get home. And don't forget, AMC's Fearfest begins at 8pm tonight with John Carpenter's Halloween!

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EyeloveMetal said...

Could be cool! Idea of wearing goggles for a movie will bring me back to my childhood and the muppets movie in Disney heh.. I don't think I've seen any other movie that way..