Thursday, November 6, 2008

50 Essential Gore Films!


Need some recommendations for cream of the over the top crop gory horror films? How about 50 of them?! In the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine, gore coniesseur The Gore-met compiled, in a neat little bloody bouqet, his personal favorites list of the top 50 gory horror films we all need to see before we die! With magazine prices skyrocketing as of late, I figure since I took the $9 bullet already, i'd post his list right on here so you all don't have to go shell out your hard earned cash! Although, Rue Morgue is an awesome fuckin magazine and the least I wanna do is hurt their business, so buy the magazine anyway! It's chock full of tons of awesome and interesting horror shit and if you thought Fangoria was the only horror magazine out there that you need on your coffee table, you thought wrong!

So, without further adieu, The Gore-met's TOP 50 ESSENTIAL GORE FILMS! Click the links of each title to be taken to the Imdb page for more info! And no, it was not that much fun making all those links.

Blood Feast (1963)

Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)

I Drink Your Blood (1970)

A Bay of Blood (1971)

Criminally Insane (1975)

Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

The Last House on Dead End Street (1977)

Faces of Death (1978)

Beyond The Darkness (1979)

City of the Living Dead (1980)

Contamination (1980)

Night of the Demon (1980)

Maniac (1980)

Zombie Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Nightmare (1981)

Burial Ground (1981)

Basket Case (1982)

Pieces (1982)

Seeding of a Ghost (1983)

The Deadly Spawn (1983)

Day of the Dead (1985)

Phenomena (1985)

Guinea Pig : Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985)/Mermaid in a Manhole (1988)

Lucker The Necrophagous (1986)

Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

Nekromantik (1987)

The Dead Next Door (1989)

Men Behind The Sun (1988)

Faceless (1988)

Baby Blood (1990)

Intruder (1989)

Luther The Geek (1990)

Nightmare Concert (1990)

Riki-Oh : The Story of Ricky (1991)

Dead Alive (1992)

Violent Shit 2 (1992)

The Untold Story (1993)

Aftermath (1994)

Kichiku (1997)

Versus (2000)

Ichi The Killer (2001)

Plaga Zombie : Mutant Zone (2001)

High Tension (2003)

Cannibal (2005)

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

August Underground's Penance

Mother of Tears (2007)

Inside (2007)

I'm kinda saddened by the fact that i've only seen about 18 of these. And I call myself a gorehound?! Of the ones i've seen, they all seem appropriate for this list, with the exception of Mother of Tears. Such a crap film and it really wasn't all that gory anyway. Although I will admit it did have a couple cool scenes.

This list is also a pretty interesting insight into when real gory films were popular and when they had their hay days. The 70's and 80's were pretty gore heavy, while the material was toned down in the 90's and it's been kind of making a resurgence in the 2000's.

So add some of these babys to your Netflix or downloading (I don't advocate illegal activities, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!) queues and indulge yourself in all the blood and guts! There should be enough material here for you to have a good couple months of nonstop carnage! Say your thank yous to Gore-met and to Rue Morgue!

A little trivia before I depart! What movie is the above screenshot from? Respond with the correct answer below! You won't win anything but at least you'll feel all smart and up on your horror know how. And we'll all bow before your feet or something.


Anonymous said...

Ichi the Killer perhaps!?

John said...

Correct! You win, anonymous!

Johnny 666 said...

I'm shocked to say i have seen all of these films... I really need to get out more. However, I question any mans desire to put 'Lucker the necrophagus' on any list of 'essential' viewings. Probably the worst film I have seen, an infuriating watch.

Bar said...

I have seen (or own on dvd but have yet to watch) exactly 20 of these movies.

But even so, I already know for sure that some inclusions are questionable at best, while others that should have been included weren't.

Firstly, Basket Case is amusing enough, and certainly entertaining with enough beers to drink, but essential gore film? I think not! There's barely any splatter at all.

I love that Day of the Dead is included, it was always my fave Romero flick, but come on, where the fuck is Dawn?

And I don't care how mainstream it might seem, the lack of ANY friday, nightmare, halloween or hellraiser films is deplorable. At the very least, the first hellraiser should be an essential gore flick. It was the first movie (that I can think of) to include the fully skinned man effect.

Then I wanna know where the hell is Re-Animator, Hatchet, Tenebrae, and Evil Dead, just to name a few more??

Methinks the author of this list was too bust trying to prove how "cult" he his to consider the list properly. I'm sure the readers of this fine site could compile a better list.

What do you say, Johnny, take a vote?

Johnny said...

Any large list like this is bound to get some critique and not be perfect but a reader fueled Freddy In Space essential gore films list sounds pretty damn good! I'll have to think about that one....

Anonymous said...

Mother of tears wasn#t very good, but easily one of the goriest movies in recent years (excluding the more extreme underground stuff). Maybe you only watched the American version?