Friday, November 21, 2008

Allow Me To Stray From Horror For A Couple Minutes

I'd say i've done a pretty good job of keeping everything on this blog in the past six months pretty much all horror related and I think I deserve a few minutes of straying time! What say you? Well, it's my blog and i'll do what I want! This is why it's good to run your own operations. No one to answer to!

I'm here to talk a little about what just might turn out to be one of the greatest movies of all time. I'm here to talk about the movie that is my Dark Knight for the year. I'm here to talk about the movie that is to me what TDK was to the millions of people who became Heath Ledger fans after he died (controversy!). I'm here to talk about THE WRESTLER.


Mickey Rourke
Darren Aronofsky

Need I say more?

I've been a huge wrestling fan for pretty much my entire life and when I first heard about The Wrestler, I figured it'd be a fun little Ready 2 Rumble style romp through the wrestling world that only diehard fans would enjoy. And then I found out Mickey Rourke and the dude who did Requiem were signed on. The bar was raised about as high as it can get raised and The Wrestler quickly became my most anticipated movie maybe of all time. The movie has recieved nothing but incredibly positive buzz from everyone who's had the pleasure of seeing it at film festivals around the world and, if I can go back to The Dark Knight for a second, i've even heard Rourke's performance in the film compared to Ledger's in that film. Now that's some serious praise!

Here's a brief plot summary about the film...

The Wrestler follows the life and times of retired pro wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson (Rourke) as he makes his way back through the independent circuit in an effort to reclaim his former glory and more importantly, as he makes his was back through his quickly falling apart shattered life.

The reason i'm posting this today is because the trailer has finally hit! Bask in its glory!

And if that's not enough Wrestler for you, check out this little clip from the film!

Nice to see an actor make a serious comeback to the front lines...without the aid of Quentin Tarantino!

The Wrestler begins a limited run on December 31st and will get its wide release (but probably not wide enough) on January 16th in the US. And I know i've got a Netherlands reader or two so for your benefit, it opens February 12th over there!

We now return back to horror...


EyeloveMetal said...

Shit.. this looks good.. but wtf dude.. bring back the horror!!! I wanna hear if Twilight was any good! hahaha

The Lightning Bug said...

This is a movie I am definatly wanting to see and I hope it comes to my area.

Also for the record I have been a Heath fan since The Knights Tale. I have an unnatural love for that mostly crap film.