Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guess That Movie - The Super Bloody Edition!


How well do you know your blood?! I've taken 10 screenshots from 10 random horror movies and it is up to you to figure out what movie each one is from. The catch is, the only thing pictured in each shot is a little blood from the movie! Let me show ya what I mean...

Take a look at the picture above. You should know what movie that is from without even a moments thought (The Shining). But just how skilled are you!? How many of the following less obvious movies can you name, based solely on their blood content?











The first person to leave a comment with all 10 correct answers will recieve a prize. Like a real prize. A top secret prize! One that's not made of air!


Ben Forsaken said...

Well I don't want to spoil it for the ya rest of your guests, so I will only say one.

1 = May ;)

Nik Holmes said...

1 = May
2 = 2000 Maniacs
3 = Hellraiser
4 = Scarecrows
5 = Anchorman UNCUT
6 = Suspiria
7 = New York Ripper
8 = Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter
9 = White of the Eye
10= My Bloody Valentine

Ha, okay I know that only three of these are correct, but there are actual reasons for my other answers, they aren't just random movies. Good luck and hats off to whoever can get all ten.

John said...

Anchorman uncut haha nice...ooooh Baxter

4 correct! 1 is May, 2 is 2000 Maniacs, 3 is Hellraiser and 6 is Suspiria! Now someones just gotta fill in the other 6 to win the prize!

Nik Holmes said...

Wow, 4! It was Suspiria after all!

Don't know if I can have another go, but is 7 'Martin'? It just hit me.


Never mind.

I love the fact that the colour and consistency of the blood in each shot tends to indicate the era it came from.

Coolest of blogs btw.

John said...

Can have as many go's as ya want and yes, 7 is Martin!

5 left to go!

Regarding the color/consistency...I figured that'd be a giveaway for some or at least a narrowing down of possible films it could be. Glad someone's using that to their advantage. Well actually, i'm really just glad anyone's participating at all!

kaiyn said...

Sadly, I only know the answer to one of them. Number 5 is Ginger Snaps.

John said...

Correct! 4 to go!

Nik Holmes said...

Kicking myself over Ginger Snaps, so

10 - Freddy Vs Jason

at least one of these has to be a Freddy movie...

John said...

10 is in fact Freddy vs Jason!

and yes, must always show the Freddy love

kaiyn said...

This one has been bugging me for a while, and it took me forever to remember where I'd seen it, but number 8 is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

John said...


John said...

Nobody got four or nine...

4 is Hatchet
9 is Inside

Nik Holmes said...

Well, I could make myself feel better about not getting those two as I have seen neither, but that unfortunately makes me feel something of a part time horror lover as I really should have seen them by now. Thansk for the fun anyway!