Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween On Clearance!

You may have thought that when the clock struck midnight on November 1st, the Halloween fun was officially over. But you were sorely mistaken as the fun and excitement has only just begun! After the holiday passes, every store that sells Halloween related decorations/costumes/etc puts all of the stuff on clearance. 25% off, 50% off, 85% off, you name it. They wanna get rid of their surpluses as soon as possible and no price amount is too small for them to do so. While it may seem kinda sad to see all this cool shit relegated to half off bins, we must take advantage! For the past two days, Jen and I have been on the prowl for the best deals we could find, and here's the most exciting of what we came up with.

Frankenstein's Laboratory - TJ Maxx - $4.00

I had seen this thing at the Maxx several times going for around 15 bucks and contemplated even picking it up for that price, but I certaintly couldn't pass it up at a mere four. Suggested retail is $65, but I can hardly see it being worth anywhere in that ball park. Nevertheless, and besides the fact that the Bride looks like a heavy set midget, it's a pretty cool and detailed little set piece that actually lights up in certain areas once ya toss a couple batteries in it. I'm a sucker for anything that lights up. Sky flowers!


I've seen a Dracula one made by the same company in there in the past, so take a trip over to your local TJ Maxx for that.

Gargoyle Candle Stands - TJ Maxx - $2.00 each

The clearance price on these badass statues was listed as $4 each and I was gonna pick them up even then, but when I found out they were 50% off that listed price, I couldn't resist. I'm not sure what exactly they're made of but they're pretty fuckin heavy and as far as i'm concerned, heavy equals quality. Then again, the arms are cracked off on both so that says something in dispute of my beliefs, but it actually looks kinda cool as old statues are usually weathered and beaten up like this anyway. In fact, at first I thought they were supposed to be broken like that. But for 2 bucks, who can complain. Throw a little paint on those jagged edges and they'll look good as new. Or old.

Flying Vampire - Halloween USA - $5.00

A 5 dollar Dracula (dont worry Universal, they only refer to him as a "vampire") that promised it possessed the gift of not only fright but flight? Who wouldn't crack open their wallet for that in a Transylvanian minute? Not you? Well he's also got light up red eyes. How bout now? That's what I thought. Plus, he's undeniably pretty dang cute.


But does he truly fly? I was expecting him not to as some things are too good to be true, but you bet your ass he does! They provide a little plastic piece that you screw to the wall that has what looks like fishing line attached to it. You then throw a couple batteries into his cod piece and tether Drac's back to the line and, well, i'll let him speak for himself in this little 10 second short film...

The sound is incredibly annoying, as you can tell, and it gets a little old hat after just a few seconds of being mesmerized by Drac's aerodynamic capabilities, but i'd say my money was well spent on this one.

7 Foot Inflatable Freddy Krueger - Halloween USA - $45.00

Clearly i've saved the best for last. I saw this larger than life size inflatable of the dream master earlier on in the Halloween season and the $90 price tag was just a bit too steep for my liking, although i'll admit I briefly considered far less than socially acceptable ways to make money to pay it off. But boy would I have regretted doing so once I saw the price of this baby slashed in two. Yes, this thing is 7 feet tall and yes it looks just as badass at it does on the packaging, if not more so. Take a look for yourself...


The thing with Freddy Krueger merchandise is that often times it just plain sucks and, most times, barely resembles the burnt faced badass. There are tons and tons of masks, action figures, and decorations out there that just look nothing like him and I guess that's the curse of being a horror villain that doesn't hide behind a mask. You really can't screw up the look of say a Jason or a Michael Myers (although it happens far too often), but getting the burns and details in Krueger's face to look true to life isn't the easiest task in the world. Well they definetly got it right with this one. Once this baby is totally blown up to full size, it's a sight to behold and I think i'm too protective over it to allow it to be left outside, exposed to the elements and cruelty of the world. He's just far too pure. The only problem with it is that it's not a blow up that you can just fill up, close off, and then leaving hanging out in your room. It's self inflating and does so as soon as you plug it in and continues to pump air throughout as long as it stays plugged in. Sure that saves a lot of time, but it would also jack up the electrical bills to run and would emit a Darth Vader-like sound 24/7. I would've loved to have this thing in my room all year round, but i'm satisfied enough with just knowing that the lump of material laying next to me can become Freddy Krueger within 60 seconds of whenever I need him the most.

I took some video of Fred coming to life and then deflating back down to the ground, but stupid ole me turned the camera to the side not realizing I couldn't flip it back in post. So tilt your head and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes! For some reason it wont embed on here, so click this link to check it out.

As if this thing needed to get any cooler, it's got lights built into the inside of it that illuminate the child predator from within!


If Freddy's not your dude, they've also got a Voorhees one out there, which isn't nearly as cool and that's not just a biased opinion.

That was the major stuff that really got my juices flowing. We also picked up a black light bulb for 50 cents (it barely emits any kind of light), 2 pints of fake blood for $4 (gotta stock up on this stuff while ya can easily get it), and a whole shitload of half off old candy. Ya know, severed gummy feet, strap on noses that drip weird barely edible juices onto your tongue, that sorta thing. I think i'll be set in the candy and cavity department clear through next Halloween.


Today we went up to FYE, where they had a buy one get one 50% off deal on pretty much their entire horror selection. On top of that, you got a free Saw 4 film cell with the purchase of two horror dvds, so of course I had to find something to get. Ended up picking up two movies i've never seen, Nightmare City and Hitch-Hike.


Nightmare City is a 1980 zombie flick from Cannibal Ferox director Umberto Lenzi that promised exploding heads, flesh ripping, and gratuitous aerobics (?), so needless to say, I was sold. Hitch-Hike is a '78 pleasant cross country trip marred by picking up the wrong hitchhiker exploitation film that stars Last House on the Left's baddie David Hess. I've been on a little Hess kick since getting to talk to him a couple days back, so I figured this would be perfect fodder for me. I haven't watched either yet but will post reviews when I do. If anyone's seen either of them, leave a comment and let me know what ya thought.

And here's the Saw 4 film cell I got free with them (numbered 62282) :


FYE also had a deal where if you bought only one horror dvd, you'd get a free copy of I believe it was The Howling 4. So check your local stores for these deals.

And hit up all the big Halloween stores in your area as well as any Wal-Marts, K-Marts, Targets and stores of the like while they still have these awesome deals going on. They'll be gone before ya know it! Also, check out some of the big Halloween companies websites as most of them have great deals on their stuff on there too. Don't miss out on all these cheap treasures and for one last time, Happy Halloween! Keep the spirit alive! It only ends if you allow it to end!


Wings said...

Wow! We always get some cheap candy after the big day, but I may have to look into getting some discounted merch, too!

Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog and am loving it. May I ask, mention that you haven't worked in a long time, but yet you seem able to buy a lot of stuff, attend horror conventions, have a hot girlfriend, etc. What's your secret? How do you have access to money for all this stuff without a job? Just curious. I hate working, and you're living my dream life.

Johnny said...

At the moment I have a job but at the time I made this post, and for almost a year after this post, it was mostly just selling stuff on Ebay, having the occasional yardsale, doing the occasional odd job (landscaping with my dad, etc) and dipping into my college funds (never went to college, so I had a lot of money there to tap into) that got me by. Without a job you really can't live too large and buy too much stuff you want as the money isn't constantly coming in no matter how much you throw up on Ebay, so that's why I finally had to take the plunge. It sucks, but having money to be able to do things and buy stuff totally makes it worth it. I lived the dream life for a while there but the bank funds ran out and it got to be a drag! I've reached a point now where i'm making some money through this blog, so that's been a nice little supplement. The ultimate goal would be to not have to work a shitty job in order to get by though. Still waiting on that to become a reality!

As for the hot girlfriend, i'm still not sure how I managed that. She never minded the fact that I had no job and no money, so god bless her!

Johnny said...

Oh and I must also mention that I have INCREDIBLY supportive parents who always helped me out when I needed money, even though they were very upset with me not having a job.