Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poll Time! Best Jaw Rip?!

Ever since I posted that awesome jaw rip clip from Hatchet on YouTube as part of my Top 10 Film Decapitations, i've gotten a lot of comments on there comparing that scene to the one in Mirrors. Some seem to prefer that jaw rip over Hatchets while others strongly disagree. I know where I stand, but where do you stand? Take a look at both of these badass jaw rip scenes and leave a comment with which one you prefer! And try not to let Amy Smart's ass cloud your judgement!



I'm personally way more in favor of Hatchets. The Mirrors one is just a little too effectsy and fake looking for my tastes. Doesn't help that that film sucked either!

Live or die! Make your choice!

And I promise this is the last time I mention Hatchet for at least a couple weeks!


Anonymous said...

Def Hatchet!! With honorable mention going to Zombie Strippers....that dude lived for days with a shredded jaw bone!

Cindy said...

I haven't seen either movie but judging by the clips? Hatchet, hands down is the most squick inducing.

Anonymous said...


Jason Takes Portland said...

Normally I go old school but I liked the Mirrors clip more. The build up was good. Then it was pretty bad ass to have her rip apart her own jaw plus seeing the shock of having her jaw ripped open without any warning.

nicko68 said...

I prefer the one in Mirrors. The way she (or her reflection) rips her own jaw and still looks evil while doing it, no sign of pain, it was kinda spooky. And I liked the movie.

Johnny said...

Well i'm glad someone liked Mirrors!