Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sleepaway Camp's Most Creative Kills!


The Sleepaway Camp movies are known primarily for two things ; the transgendered psycopath Angela Baker and her creative and fun kill scenes. With Return To SC being released on dvd last week, now's the perfect time to take a look back at some of her greatest hits! Well actually, last week would've been the perfect time, but what can ya do. I haven't yet seen Return, so this list will only cover 1-3 and besides, I wouldn't wanna spoil any of the deaths from that film anyway. From what I gather, they're really the only things worth watching about it. So give Return a rent to feast your eyes on those and now take a look at my favorite murder scenes from the original Sleepaway Camp trilogy!

Sleepaway Camp - Taking Care Of Bees-nest!

They say to make sure you're always wearing clean underwear because ya never know when ya might meet your end. This poor guy didn't even get a chance to wipe before he died.

Sleepaway Camp - Straighten Up!

While most would reach for the machete or the steak knife, Angie opts for woman's best friend ; the curling iron. Hey, at least this chick will go to the grave with a beautiful head of straight hair! Always a silver lining. Always.

Sleepaway Camp 2 - Don't Forget To Flush!

Now that's a pretty shitty way to die. I'd be mighty pissed off if I were her! Ah, who doesn't love toilet humor. This is exactly why your parents always told ya not to leave any floaters.

Sleepaway Camp 3 - Nose Job!

Cosmetic surgery free of charge! What a saint, Angela, what a saint. Now if someone would just be so kind as to perform the same operation for that thing between her legs...

Sleepaway Camp 3 - Landscaping With A Horror Villain!

Hm, I wonder if Angela's a Dead Alive fan? I'd say so! And I didn't fuck up uploading this one, that's unfortunately where the kill cuts off.

Sleepaway Camp 3 - Raise The Flag!

I guess one could argue that Angela is the most patriotic of all the slashers.

While ya really don't get much in terms of gore with these films (at least in comparison to these days), you can't argue the fact that Angela's one original and creative tranny mofo!

So what's your favorite Sleepaway kill?!


MaryCherry said...

That lawnmower scene was straight out of Motel Hell. LoL.

They don't make them like Angela anymore.

Jason Takes Portland said...

Sleepaway Camp is one of the best and most underappreciated slasher flick of all time, despite how bad the sequels were.

One of my favorite scenes is the one where the pedophile cook gets boiling water splashed on him, and he just wont die! He lives but somehow goes mad enough not to tell anyone that Angela is the killer. I did not know hot water causes insanity!

John said...

Mary, I was just watching Motel Hell on Monsters HD last night before bed! First time i'd really seen most of it.

Jason, that is indeed a hilarious scene scene... that mofo seems to scream in agony for a good 10 minutes!

Liz said...

Even though the kills were always pretty creative, what made them top notch were Angela's one-liners while killing (or shortly after) the victim. Very few horror movies make me laugh so much. Angela might work well in a movie with Freddy and Chucky, ha ha. That could possibly be the worst movie, yet hilarious, ever. :D

AbbyNormal said...

Love the list! I wish they would release an uncut version of the first and third of the series, the kills in the third one would have been awesome if the MPAA had left them alone!

Eric Flapjack Ashley said...

Whenever I rewatch the original SC, I am always surprised at how goreless the movie really is. The concept of the murders are innovative, but it is relatively a bloodless film. I often wonder why I always default thinking that it is a super bloodfest of carnage.

I particularly liked the outhouse scene of part 2, which I think is the best in the series (ending of the original not withstanding).