Monday, November 24, 2008

True Blood - Episode 12 : "You'll Be The Death Of Me" (FINALE!)


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Ah, finales. They're really a double edged sword. On one hand, you've been watching and waiting for a good couple months for them to come. On the other, it means the end of an era and at least a half a year before you get to see new episodes again. So they better be good! Thankfully, the finale of True Blood delivered, as I had expected it to. You could tell that series creator Alan Ball was again in the director's chair for this episode, which is something the series was lacking as he was only in that chair one other time, in the premiere episode. The only thing I didn't really like was the final moments, but we'll get into that in a minute.

How badass was Rene in this one! Loved how he was lurking around in the background of most of the early scenes, just waiting for his moment to pounce on Sookie. Who knew he had such a mean streak to him! I also really liked how his kinda over the top accent was explained. Don't get me wrong, I loved his accent, but it makes sense that it was a fake. Pretty cool how his internal thoughts were accent-less! Is it bad that I kinda wanted him to kill Sookie and was sad to see him get the shovel in the neck? I feel like he really didn't get a chance to shine considering the fact that right when he become a major character with some serious screen time, he was killed off. But I guess that was the only way to go about it. Rest In Peace Rene, you will be missed!

Speaking of resting in peace, is Lafayette dead!? My moneys on him still being alive and i'm hoping i'm not wrong on that bet. The show would really lose some of its charm if he were to leave. I really find it hard to believe that it was Bill that attacked him by the dumpsters. I know he told Sookie that he "fed" and it seemed like it was Lafayette that he fed on, but why would Bill kill someone Sookie was close to? So what/who the hell was it that attacked Lafayette? I'm thinking it was one of those werewolves they've been hinting at. Or maybe it was Maryanne, the chick who took Tara in? What the hell is she anyway? And how does she know Sam? So many questions were left unanswered and I think it's better off that way as there's so many interesting and different avenues for season two to go down.

The scenes with Tara in Maryanne's house had a very dreamlike feel to them and I really liked them all. I was almost wondering if she had died in the car crash and was actually in heaven. I think it's really smart that nothing about Maryanne was really revealed. Gotta keep us guessing! Kinda wondering if maybe the afro american leg seen at the end belonged to Tara's mother. It could seemingly only be her or Lafayette, and Lafayette would've been fairly decomposed after two weeks time. Maybe Maryanne is killing the people that have negatively impacted Tara? Just a thought. Although it would certaintly seem like it's somehow Lafayette.

The scene with Rene attacking Sookie and Bill and Sam coming to her rescue was absolutely fuckin awesome. Probably the best scene in the entire season. It was so crazy and over the top and I loved every second of it. I kinda wished the season had ended on that high note though. After that, the episode really had nowhere else to go. Ending on the question of Bill being alive or dead would've been a better cliffhanger, in my opinion. Sure they've done it before, but I really thought Bill was dead this time! How long must a vampire be exposed to the sun before he actually bites it?!

Hm, what else. Not sure I like the direction Jason is going in, but then again I haven't liked the direction he's been going in for quite some time now. This whole born again thing is a little silly, but it's been made pretty evident that Jason isn't the brightest bulb so I guess it makes sense for him to buy into that stuff. It's seeming like maybe Jason is gonna be become a vampire hunter in future episodes and that is one thing i'd kinda like to see happen. As for the other characters, i'm officially on the Sam bandwagon after his nude romp through the graveyard to save Sookie. And i'm happy that it was established that the chick Bill turned was supposed to be highly annoying! Will be interesting to see how she affects Bill and Sookie's relationship.

Amazing episode all around, but i've seen more exciting cliffhangers in past episodes. It just seemed like kinda an odd note to end it on, but i'm pretty sure Ball had his reasons. I will miss you until we meet again, True Blood. And I can't wait to see what you have in store for me. June can't come soon enough! Can we just please make Sookie more likable this time around?

Leave comments and discuss the finale with me! What do you think is the fate of Lafayette? Who's leg do you think that was at the end? How does Maryanne know Sam? Let's get some discussion going!


Alex said...

Ha ha, I also thought they would give us a mindfuck of a cliffhanger for the season, judging by the episode endings. Not that it wasn't good.

I'd say Lafayette is dead, unfortunately. Wouldn't it be cool if he became a vampire, ha - however the ending suggests not.

Jon said...

Dude I think Lafayette is dead... He was messing around with that politician and I think he may have over stepped his bounds.
I can't see why they'd want to kill off a really dynamic character like him but I've talked to a bunch of people and as it turns out the general public doesn't like him very much. I was surprised because I think he's one of the most interesting characters in the show.

John said...

Alex, I was thinking of Lafayette becoming a vampire too. That'd be awesome! He loves to suck, so it seems only natural

EyeloveMetal said...

You're surprised the general public doesn't like the flamboyantly gay drug dealing prostitute?! the reason we like him is BECAUSE the general public would HATE him.. I really can't figure out why they'd kill him, or taras mother off.. but then again I saw no motives for Rene to be the killer either.. Don't really know if I liked either angle, but I don't suppose it could have been anyone else either.. so in the end it worked.. and I'm sure they'll figure some way to explain why lafayette/lettie mae was murdered as well.. Definitley an enjoyable episode on the whole though..