Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrong Turn 2 - The Drinking Game!

After I got home from voting for Sid Haig for President (why the hell not?!), I came home to an awesome fuckin message in my inbox from the director of Wrong Turn 2 : Dead End, Joe Lynch. Now I love Lynch's work and I personally feel that WT2 joins the presitigious ranks of films like Evil Dead 2 and Road Warrior as superior sequels (and probably tops the list of best direct to video horrors of all time), so getting an e-mail out of the blue from him was a pretty exciting thing for me. In the e-mail, he said that Adam Green (director of Hatchet), sent him a link to Freddy In Space after that little interview I did with him, and that he in fact loves the blog and checks it out all the time! I was able to catch Lynch in enough time to have a little discourse with him and he told me that one of his next projects just may be filmed in our shared hometown of Long Island and that, if it is, i'm more than welcome to come to the set! Needless to say, that made my fuckin day and a change of pajamas was an immediate necessity.

So, at the risk of looking like a brown noser, I figured i'd dedicate a little post to the awesomeness of Wrong Turn 2 as my little thank you to him for inspiring me to keep doing what i'm doing and making it all feel well worth the effort. I had planned on making a drinking game for the movie at some point anyway, so what better time then now to do it. Hatchet got the drinking game treatment and now it's time to show some Lynch love! And i'm not just suckin him off here as I loved the film long before he ever contacted me, so don't get any ideas!


Call up your horror drinking buddy friends, rent the movie (why don't ya already own it?!), and try not to operate too much heavy machinery once the game's over!

Pour a nice size shot and let the games begin!


-Right off the bat, guzzle that afformentioned shot deep down into your belly to celebrate Kimberly Caldwell being sliced in two courtesy of the business end of a battle axe. It's not so often you get to see an American Idol alumn's guts flow freely out of her vagina, so savor that delicious liquor!


-Take a sip everytime skater dude Jonesy acts inappropriately or makes a douchey sexually charged comment.


-Drink every time Henry Rollins stares menacingly into the camera.

-Sip any time you think to yourself "Damn! This shit is better than the first one!" (ok maybe I am mouth servicing Lynch a tad bit..I hope it wasn't too teethy) or "Damn! Henry Rollins should be in every movie ever made!"


-Ah, go ahead, take another shot when that mutant jacks off using his spit as lube. Betcha never seen that before!


-Take a swig every time a character bites it. Two swigs if that character is a mutant. And a POWER CHUG if the mutant meets his end at the chiseled hands of Henry Rollins!


-Much like we did for Hatchet, take a nice healthy drink every so often to show your appreciation for the lack of CGI in the film.


-Mourn the loss of Rollins. When he finally crosses over to the great white light, raise your bottle/glass/can/whatever receptacle you use to hold your beverage and a take a nice long chug and think about the better times. Although I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Rollins survived all that blood loss and shows up in Wrong Turn 5. Chuck Norris who?!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a fun and safe drive home!

A big thank you again goes out to Mr. Lynch (can I call ya Joe?) for inspiring me and making Long Island proud. Check out his blog and official website to stay posted on the latest goings on in his life and career.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post...Havent seen Wrong Turn 2 yet, but i certainly will check it out now....Keep the good stuff coming!

JAMES said...

Spanish for Suck Him!!!