Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ya Know, I Think I Might Cut My Own Head Off With A Chainsaw Today


What's the best death by chainsaw scene ever committed to celluloid?

Is it Henrietta being chopped limb from limb by Ash in Evil Dead 2?


Is it Franklin finally getting his comeuppance in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


What about Patrick Bateman hurling his chainsaw down a flight of stairs onto a hooker in American Psycho?


No, I've got it! That one in Dead Alive! REBIRTH!!


Well, I think they've all just been a real life chainsaw suicide. Check out this news story from UK's Daily Mail...

Man 'carefully planned' his chainsaw death after losing eviction battle with developers

The last resident in a block of flats due to be demolished cut his own head off with a chainsaw to highlight the 'injustice' of being asked to move out, an inquest heard today.

Desperate David Phyall, 50, plugged the electric chainsaw into the mains and attached a timer to the socket.

He then wrapped sellotape around the machine's trigger to secure it in the 'on' position and tied the handle of the saw to a table leg to hold it steady.

Mr Phyall rested the saw on his neck and waited for the timer to go off.

The Black and Decker chainsaw sliced through his neck in an instant but kept going for a further 15 minutes.

Police and paramedics found his blood-soaked body at the flat in Bishopstoke, near Southampton, Hampshire, after his father John raised the alarm.

Detective Sergeant Mark Huxford told the hearing: 'The head was still attached by the right shoulder and his head was lying to the left.

'A large area of carpet had blood splattered all over it because of the way the Black and Decker chainsaw had been spinning around.'

My oh my. What a way to go. It seems truth really is stranger than fiction, eh? Are any filmmakers out there listening? The greatest death scene in the history of horror has just been written for you.

Just had to share this as little stories like these tend to go unseen unless they're spread around. Thanks Jon!


Cindy said...

Wow...That is a wee bit on the dramatic side.Got to give him props for ingenuity.

Jon said...

Do I get credit for sending you that story? hahahah

John said...

Read the last line fucker!

EyeloveMetal said...

no wonder jon was amped to tell us about this.. it made it to freddy in space!