Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zombies Ate My Thanksgiving!


It smells like fingering in here!

Has anyone heard anything about this UK zombie show called Dead Set? Every so often i'd hear some rumblings about it (most notably when Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg wrote about it in The Guardian), but I never got curious enough to bother looking it up to find out exactly what it was. Zombies are getting more than a little old with me and I really didn't care to see anything dealing with the undead for at least a couple weeks. But after reading Joe Lynch rave about it on his blog the other day, I finally decided to delve in. And I think it just might have restored my faith in zombie culture! So thank you Lynch for leaving me no choice but to engage in illegal activities to track this sumbitch down.

Get on with it already! WHAT THE FUCK IS DEAD SET?!

It's a five episode show (ep. 1 was an hour...2-5 were a half hour) that aired on the UK's E4 network October 27th through the 31st. The genius plot? It's eviction night on the reality show Big Brother and a zombie outbreak has just begun. What would the stars of a reality show do during a zombie outbreak? Dead Set answers that very question! The Big Brother house becomes the last refuge for all survivors of the pandemic.

And I ask...



Dead Set is clever, it's funny (more than a couple classic cheeky Brit quotes), it's gory (awesome looking zombies/awesome looking effects), it's got good characters and good acting, it's got boob, it's got defecation into a garbage can, and there's an Irreversible inspired fire extinguisher bashing of a zombie head. Enough to satisfy and please even the most hardened zombie fanboy? Absolutely. There's even a little Romero-esque social commentary thrown into the mix, if that's your thing. Something about the world crumbling around us and all we care about is reality tv. The point is also made that most of society is a bunch of fucking assholes who would be a lot more productive if we could just get along and stop being...fucking assholes. I hate people. And I love reality tv. But if you're just looking for some wild gory zombie fun, you'll be set in that department too.

Just about the only problem I could see anyone having with this show is the one thing everyones been complaining about in regards to recent zombie flicks ; running zombies. Call me crazy, but I don't mind it one bit. It's the 2000's and slow boring zombies just aint cuttin it anymore! Fast zombies amp up the terror and brutality level, and i'm all for 'em. Someone had to do something to make the sub genre new and exciting again. If the realistic fact that a person who just died and came back to life wouldn't be able to run bothers you, then a movie about a person who just died coming back to life should bother you in its own right. Get over it!

It's one of the better pieces of zombie fare i've seen in the past year and i'd definetly recommend you check it out. If you only see one more zombie movie this year, make it Dead Set (it's basically a 2 plus hour long movie). Time to remake this yet, America? I wouldn't mind seeing that little David Archuleta get his jugular ripped out by an undead Ryan Seacrest. That's all im sayin...

For the UK'ers and those who own a region free dvd player (invest in one), the DVD is available from the UK division of Amazon. For all others, you're just gonna have to break the law and download a copy! If anyones seen it, leave a comment and let me know what ya thought.

No more zombies for a while. I'm serious this time...

While i'm here...

Happy Black Friday to all! If ya just don't wanna deal with the hassle of hundreds of customers fighting over the last copy of the dvd you want to pick up, Amazon's got some pretty good deals for the holiday (is Black Friday an official holiday?). Check out their horror sales. Elm Street collection for only $22.99. Can't beat that! Anyone heading out there this morning and braving the lines? I'll be making my way out around 3:30 in the morning. More out of tradition and amusement than anything else...

One last note. Cindy, a reader of Freddy In Space, was so inspired by this blog that she got together with her friend and just launched off their own horror blog, called Creepy Kitch, so give that a view. Just knowing I inspired someone else to start their own horror haven makes me a pretty happy camper! She just did a nice little write up on my blog as part of her things she's thankful for this Thanksgiving post, so thanks for the support Cindy and i'm looking forward to what your blog will have in store in the future!

Wish me luck in my Black Friday adventures!


Nik Holmes said...

Glad you enjoyed Dead Set, I found it astounding that for all the utterly dire zombie flicks continually being put out there it was a TV show who were able to pull a winner out of the bag. Over here in the UK it was great to see all the oh so familiar aspects of our BB (the BB house, Davina the presenter, the behind the scenes control room - all were the real deal) literally torn to shreds. Hats off to Channel 4 for going along with the whole thing.
My favourite was Andy Nyman as Patrick the producer, completely unrecognisable to me as the same guy who played Gordon in 'Severance'. A complete prick, yet one who talked the most sense. He even got to go a little Rhodes at the end.

And yes, it did indeed smell of fingering in there. My own personal fave line was 'He did a shit in a bucket!'

Cins said...

I really want to check out Dead Set. I'm a big ol Zombie fan. I might be able to find it somewhere on the internet like I did with [REC].
And THANK you for the props for fast zombies! I really have no problem with them. In fact I think that it injected life into the genre when 28 Days Later came out. I have a lot of purist friends who just don't like it. Personally, I want to see more fast angry screaming zombies.
And thanks for the link up to Creepy Kitch! I'm glad you like to write up I did for you. Stac and I have been brainstorming some rather...different...articles so I hope it keeps you reading.
Good luck on Brack Friady! Hope you caome back with all your fingers!

Jason Takes Portland said...

Hey I checked out the new blog pretty cool stuff from a chick perspective, I tried to leave a comment on one of the thier posts but it did not have the Name/URL option like yours. You should tell them if they want more comments they should open these options. Thanks and happy deal hunting!

Cins said...

Jason>> Hi hi:) Its Cins from Creepy Kitch. I think I fixed that commenting issue so you can probably post now. Thanks for the heads up. Let me know if you have any other problems.

Stac said...

So uh.. Cins and I gotta see this, I think..!

Thanks for the recommend and the link pimpage, sir! Cins and I are having a blast.

Check me as another fast zombie supporter. The original Dawn of the Dead is great, but it left me more disquieted than afraid.

The remake with the runners? Terrifying. I'm asthmatic-- no way I'm out running those bastards!

Synoiz said...

Haha! I haven't seen Dead Set but I just read Simon Pegg's article about running zombies the other day, how spooky is that?
I must confess though that I don't like running zombies, it takes away the horror aspect and makes them more into crazies rather than undead, imagine if Mike Myers or Jason ran about everywhere? Where would the tension be then?