Monday, December 22, 2008

Film Club Reviews Are In!

This months pick was Stuart Gordon's Stuck. Let's get right into my review and then you can check out a couple other reviews and viewpoints care of my fellow film clubbers!


Mena Suvari stars as Brandi Boski, an old age home nurse who has just gotten a much needed promotion. On the other end of the life spectrum is Tom, played by Stephen Rea. Tom was layed off from his job some time ago and has just been evicted from his apartment due to his inability to pay rent. Now essentially homeless, Tom is walking around one night when his and Brandi's lives run head on into one another. Brandi, drunk, drugged up, and talking on her cell phone, drives her car straight into Tom, who literally gets STUCK in her car's windsheild! You've heard of a hit and run, right? Well, Brandi opts for the complete opposite. She hits and brings home! Not wanting to go to prison for a really really long time thanks to her drunk driving escapades, Brandi decides to drive the car, with Tom stuck in it, back to her house and park it in her garage! She promises that she will get Tom help but when he begins to realize she's gonna leave him there to die, he starts to fight back!

Where the hell do they come up with this stuff?! Well, believe it or not, Stuck is actually based on a true story. On October 26, 2001, Chante Jawan Mallard struck a 37 year old homeless man, Gregory Biggs, with her car. He got stuck in the windshield and Mallard drove him back to her home and let him die in her garage, without ever contacting the authorities! Much like in the film, Mallard and a male friend of hers attempted to set fire to the body and car in an attempt to disguise the evidence! You can't make this stuff up! So just in case you're watching the movie and thinking to yourself that no one could really be as dumb as Suvari's character, just know it really happened!

But back to the movie...

Stuck is one of those movies that I immediately knew I was gonna like within five minutes of it starting (wherin an old man shits himself). In fact, i'll go as far as to say I knew I was gonna like it before I even popped it in. The story looked incredibly unique and interesting and Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon was in the director's chair, so I figured it had to be at least halfway decent. I'll admit that Gordon's churned out some crap lately, but i'm happy to say that Stuck is my favorite movie he's done in quite some time. It's consistently entertaining and, like I said, totally unique. It's not a remake, it's not a sequel, and it's not a stolen or rehashed idea. It's completely original and one of a kind and that's something that must be appreciated.

One of my favorite things about the movie was the characters themselves. They were all very interesting and relatable and even likable when they probably shouldn't have been. I've always been a big fan of Stephen Rea (The Crying Game) and the early scenes where he was homeless and alone wandering around the city were some of the best of the whole film. I could've watched an hour and a half of just that and been entertained! For the Mena Suvari fans, she once again gets topless. But she's in the movie, so that's pretty much a given. Yes, even after hitting a man with her car she still manages to show her goods! God bless her! I loved the dynamic between Rea's and Suvari's characters. Suvari is a young girl in the prime of her life while Rea is an older gentleman who is at his worst point in life. Watching those two lives crash into one another is pretty interesting.

The best way I can sum up the movie is to say that it's just plain fun. It gets a little silly and unbelievable at times, but so what. It's an original idea that may sound like it'd get old and boring after an hour or so, but manages to stay fresh and interesting. Just when you think it can't get any better or wilder, it does! It's like Misery taken to the next level! It's one of those movies you just don't want to end, and i've learned to appreciate such movies. Stuck is a darkly comical journey that should probably be watched for its entertainment value and nothing more.

Let's take a look at what the other film clubbers this month thought, shall we?

They Were Warned

Totally agree with Brad's viewpoint that the crash scene was one of the best moments of the whole movie. Incredibly well done and thank god, as that's essentially the scene that the whole movie is counting on.

Creepy Kitch

I also agree with Cindy's comments regarding the direction of the film ... "It just couldn't make up its mind on what it wanted to be. Drama? Horror? Thriller? Dark Comedy? Social Commentary? It wanted to be all these things but never really put a firm foot into any of them for me to even consider putting it into those categories." I felt the same way throughout the movie, although it didn't bother me all that much. Still not sure what i'd classify it as...

Thanks to both of you for participating! If anyone else has seen the movie, leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Next month's film club flick will be announced soon! Any suggestions?

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