Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help Bring Evil Dead The Musical Back To America!


If you have any love whatsoever in your heart for Ash and the Evil Dead flicks (who in their right mind doesn't?!), I strongly encourage you to take 10 seconds out of your day by clicking the following link and leaving your e-signature on the petition contained therein...

Gimme some sugar, baby

Hordes of Evil Dead fans are dying to see the musical adaptation but there are no immediate plans for a US tour. Evil Dead The Musical did have a short Broadway run that was apparently well accepted but the show is now only playing in Canada. This petition is to let them know that there is a demand for such a tour. Help bring EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL to a city near you!

Lets face it, we're not getting a new Evil Dead flick anytime soon, so this is really the closest we're gonna get to such a thing for now. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition and help get this baby a wide release! The goal is 10,000 John Hancock's and the current number of signatures is nearing half that. Lets help reach and even exceed that goal!

I had the pleasure of seeing ED : The Musical when it played briefly in New York City and it was an absolute blast. Trust me, i'm about the furthest thing from a fan of musicals as you can get but I truly loved this show. Blood and guts were flying about, hilarious songs were sung, and....what are you waiting for?! SIGN THE PETITION!

Tell 'em Freddy In Space sent ya!

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