Monday, December 15, 2008

Horror In Your House - Tuesday, December 16th

Only two more Tuesdays to go till Christmas! Here's a few discs ya may wanna throw on your list...

Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray


Who wants to buy me a Blu-ray player for Christmas? Although I still question whether or not older flicks like this really look that much different in Blu...

Planet Terror Blu-ray


A Grindhouse-esque movie in high def, eh? Isn't that kinda an oxy moron?

Death Proof Blu-ray


Ditto from above. Love both of these movies by the way. And don't you dare ask me to pick a favorite.

Silent Night, Gory Night Collection


This set comes with three low budget Christmas horror movies that i've never even heard of. Probably for good reason...

Christmas Season Massacre (2001)

Tommy is a loser. He wears a pirate eye-patch, a Christmas gift he was given as a child. It is a symbol of the humiliation Tommy endured in high school. Tommy was the subject of so much torment from his classmates that he became a bloodthirsty maniac! Tommy disappeared, vowing to eventually slay all of his schoolyard tormentors. Over the years, he has slaughtered all but six of them. Now, these six former schoolmates unite to end Tommy's reign of terror. Will they put Tommy six feet under? Or will Tommy win by slicing and dicing the six remaining on his victim list?

Satan Claus (1996)

On the night before Christmas, a serial killer dressed in a Santa Claus suit stalks the streets of New York looking for blood. It seems this madman is building the perfect Christmas tree and adorning it with parts of his victims. It's up to an actor, his police officer girlfriend and a vodoo woman to stop him.

Psycho Santa (2003)

Couldn't really find a plot for this one but i'm assuming it's about a dude in a Santa costume killing people?

Ice Scream : The Remix (2008)


A perverted ice cream shop owner, Ricky, boosts declining sales by renaming his shop to "Scoopettes", and marketing it as an adult ice cream store. This sleepy towns ice scream store has started serving a little more than just your typical flavors, dishing out gobs of Virgin Vanilla and Busty Buttercrunch, but wait - what's that? Eeeeek! There's an eyeball staring up from the Cherry Vanilla! The five girls, whom Ricky calls "The Scoopettes", are so hot the ice cream will never stay hard! But everyone leaves with a smile and much, much more! It becomes apparent that someone doesn't like the success that Ricky is experiencing when one of the Scoopettes is found murdered in the freezer. The killing of the girls continues one at a time and the customers find a little extra in their ice scream!

The Ice Cream Man with Clint Howard being replaced by hot naked chicks? I'm not sure if that's a downgrade or an upgrade. Either way, i'm a sucker for the ice cream with body parts in it sub genre of horror.

The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor also comes out today on both DVD and Blu-ray (as well as the whole trilogy in both formats), but who really cares about that series or Brendan Fraser at this point? Ah, who am I kidding. Who ever cared about Brendan Fraser?

What will I be tossing on my Netflix queue, you ask?

I'll take a gander at Silent Night, Gory Night for the sole purpose of maybe finding one amusing little clip to post as part of the 25 Days Of Christmas Horrors celebration. I'm pretty much balls deep into the whole killer Santa thing right now so i'll take anything that promises such a thing. And you know i'll be checking out Ice Scream...

For a listing of all the DVD's (horror & non-horror) hitting shelves today, head over to Amazon. And to purchase any of the above titles, check out my Amazon associates store. It's the same as buying from Amazon but if ya buy from that link, you'll help support Freddy In Space! And why wouldn't ya wanna do that!


Cins said...

I actually would consider watching Satan Claus just because the description sounds like a "an actor, his police officer girlfriend and a vodoo woman walked into a bar..." joke.
MUCH love for the Grindhouse movies! I wish they would release a theatrical release though!

Johnny said...

Sadly, the theatrical Grindhouse experience will never be replicated. I'm just glad I got the chance to experience it.

Brad said...

I rented Halloween (original) on BLU, and it looked very different from the regular DVD. The colors were a lot crisper, and the clarity was incredible. It was like watching it at the theater. I gotta check out NOES now since I had no idea it was out. Thanks for the heads up tbh.