Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On The 24th Day Of Christmas...

Freddy In Space gave to me...

One of the best worst movies ever made ... 1964's Santa Claus Conquers The Martians ... in its entirety!!


That's right! Because SCCTM has recently slipped into the public domain, it is completely legal for it to be broadcast anytime, anywhere! And thanks to YouTube member freeclassics, you can watch the whole thing right this instant! Yipee!

If you haven't yet seen or even heard of this cult classic, here's a little description of what it's about. And yes, I know it's not really a horror movie. But it's Santa being captured by aliens! What's more horrific than that!

The movie is about the people of Mars who are worried that their children are watching too much Earth television, namely a program which features an interview with Santa Claus in his workshop. The martian leader instructs the worried parents that they must allow their children to have fun and the freedom to do as they please. He decides that Mars needs a Santa figure for their planet, since this is obviously what the children desire. So what do they do? Head to earth, kidnap Santa, and bring him back to Mars! And they also take two Earth children with 'em!

If you've got an hour and 20 minutes to spare and haven't seen this must see movie, I think now would be the perfect time!

If you don't have the time and would just like to get a small sample of the movie for now, I also uploaded this very special three minute clip for you, featuring the kidnapping of Santa Claus!

Or better yet, watch the whole film condensed into 10 minutes thanks to the folks at Mystery Science Theatre 3000!

Is that enough options for ya?!

Merry Christmas Eve!

By the way, I got Paco Plazo's (REC) A Christmas Tale from Netflix today and finally got to watch it with English subtitles and it's an awesome fuckin movie. So much better when you can actually understand and follow the great dialogue! I recommend everyone go seek it out. I think you will like. Consider it my recommendation for the week since i'm not gonna have any time to post a proper full post recommendation this week. In fact, from now on, I think the recommendations are gonna be posted whenever I come across a movie that I want you all to see, rather than a structured weekly thing. If there's one thing I hate, it's structure! So lets do away with it!

And don't forget! You still have one day to get your entries in for the Benevolent Street Black Christmas DVD giveaway contest! Simply e-mail your name and address to me at with 'Black Christmas Contest' in the header! Be sure to get your e-mail in by midnight tommorow! Winners will be announced the day after Christmas! Good luck!


Soiled Sinema said...

Thanks for the link. I will have to sit down and watch this sometime.

Johnny said...

Cool, let me know what ya think! I just started following your blog and I wouldn't mind too much if ya did the same for mine!