Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas...

Freddy In Space gave to me...

The wildy bizarre Silent Night Deadly Night 5 : The Toy Maker trailer, starring...


Yep, that's right! Rooney plays Joe Petto (get it?!), an evil toy shop owner who makes toys that will kill people come Christmas morning. Kinda like Halloween 3 for the Christmas season!

On to the trailer!

How the hell did an established Hollywood star like Mickey Rooney end up in the fifth installment of a cult classic horror franchise?!

The only explanation I can come up with is that Rooney is more of a whore for Christmas than even I. If you take a gander at his filmography, you will see that Mick has appeared in an exhaustive list of Christmas flicks including ; The Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, Home For Christmas, The Happy Elf, A Christmas Too Many, Wreck The Halls, and even that awesome Full House Christmas special where he played the angry novelty shop owner without a family who tormented Uncle Jesse! Perhaps he's just down for any holiday film role he is offered! It also should be noted that his real last name is Yule, which suggests that maybe he was born and bred to be a Christmas icon!

But get this! Furthering delving revealed to me that Rooney has a bit of a history with the Silent Night franchise...

When the original Silent Night was initially released, he wrote a letter of protest stating that the "scum" who made it should be "run out of town" for having sullied the sacredness of Christmas. 7 years later, he appeared in Silent Night Deadly Night 5!! What gives, Mickey?!

DID YOU KNOW!? Mickey Rooney is in the Guinness Book Of Records as the actor with the longest career on both stage and screen!

DID YOU ALSO KNOW!? Rooney's not the only already established legend who appeared in a late sequel in a horror franchise. Michael Caine appeared in Jaws 4 : The Revenge in '87!

ONE LAST NOTE! If ya head over to sndn2's YouTube channel, you can watch Silent Night Deadly Night 5 in its entirety for absolutely free right this instant!


Quanthor said...

I would to have loved to hear that conversation between the producers and Mikey Rooney in getting him to be apart of the movie.

"Uhhh...Mickey, we know you're kind of synonymous with the traditional Christmas spirit and have been critical about the conception of this movie franchise......buuuuuuut, whaddya say to playing a drunken abusive father who has fallen on hard times in the fifth installment of this homicidal series?"

Quanthor said...

Oh yeah!

I received your freaking awesome Christmas prize package in the mail today!

Believe it or not, I actually have not seen any of them, Black Christmas keeps eluding me, I even went out looking for it this year and came up empty I don't have to waste my's MINE!

BTW, I'm throwing on Santa's Slay here momentarily...I just can't wait any longer lol

Johnny said...

Let me know what ya think!

And i'm very glad you haven't seen any of those flicks! I was worried you had seen or even owned them all!

Wings said...

That one is no longer available. :(