Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poll Time! Best Shot Off Face Scene?!

I know you horror fans just hate to have to sit back in your comfy computer chairs and watch two dudes get their faces shot off from point blank range, but somebodys gotta be brave and do it!

Watch these two scenes of such carnage and leave a comment letting the world know which facial destruction scene you prefer!

Is it gore maestro Lucio Fulci's explosive finale from The New York Ripper?

Or is it Viggo inflicting some street justice on a bad guy in David Cronenberg's A History Of Violence?

I guess the question is ; do you like to see your facial gunshot damage up close and personal or do you prefer to only see the grisly after effects!? Make your choice!

All due respect to Fulci, i'm gonna have to go with History on this one. And i'll go one further by making the bold claim that Cronenberg's latest work (HOV, Eastern Promises) is superior and more enjoyable than any of his earlier works, at least to me. Chew on that!


Sauceman said...

New york ripper

Quanthor said...

Wow, I forgot how bad the dubbing is for Fulci's films. I'm now having flashbacks of that little boy from House By the Cemetery which was obviously done by a full grown man attempting to sound like a child.

I'm gonna have to go with HOV, and while was tempted to chew on his latter films being gag reflex kicked in.

I enjoy them, but he almost seems out of his element, he should leave the gangster films to Scorsese, he does a much better job of depicting the characters.

I think Cronenberg might be my favorite horror/sci-fi director, he's certainly been the most consistent filmmaker out of all the legends in the genre. I don't recall him laying any major eggs.

Knightriders & Bruiser? WTF Romero?

John said...

See I love how Cronenberg's bringing horror-ish elements into his newer dramatic films. I feel like he's become a more complete rounded filmmaker...maybe it's just me...

Nik Holmes said...

Well, I certainly know which one took me most by surprise upon first view, and for that reason Cronenberg wins out. However Fulci had just put me through a wringer of sliced nipples, broken bottles to the crotch, razorblades to eyeballs and Donald Duck impressions whereas Cronenberg was deliberately trying to show the sudden irrational way violence can suddenly erupt and tear the world apart around you.

And have to agree, Cronenbergs latest output is of quite a high standard. He really seems to be dovetailing the plot driven elements of early work with the character pieces such as 'Spider' and 'Dead Ringers' to give us something fantastic.