Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll Time! Knock My Block Off!

Who's got the better right hook?

Is it this cuddly little Killer Klown From Outer Space?

Or is it the big bad Jason Voorhees?

They've both proven they can take a head clean off with one well placed swift shot, but who does it with more style and pizzazz?!

I love the Killer Klowns more than the next guy, but i'm gonna have to side with Voorhees on this one. Sorry guys!


Nik Holmes said...

Well, Voorhees is my boy but in this instance I'm going with the Killer Klown. He shows good technique with a well placed upper cut whereas Jason goes for the old wild swing Bitchslap approach. High score to both parties for landing the skulls in nearby garbage containers though.

Sauceman said...

Its big Jay hands down....lil hate crime goin the buildup is epic...Voorhees, always Voorhees

Quanthor said...

Easily Jason, the whole lead up to that decapitation was great, with the guy unleashing the power of his fists trying to out box him to death and it didn't really phase Jason in the slightest, so then Jason grabs him and with one blow sends his head flying off the building, rolling perfectly into the dumpster...*slam* door closes.

Jason Takes Portland said...

Jason wins with style points!