Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hangin With Bruce Campbell


Thought this was a funny little tale. I may be the only one...

So myself and a friend of mine originally met that dude pictured above (on the right, that's me on the left) at a local watering hole a long while back and ended up hanging out with him till the wee hours of the morning. Why? Because to us, in our drunken states of mind, he looked unmistakably like everyone's favorite horror icon, Bruce Campbell. And I guess he was a nice guy and no females would talk to us, but that's besides the point. We had him quote lines from the Evil Dead flicks (he proudly raised his arm in the air and proclaimed "THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!"), we had him record our voicemail messages (ever try to do that while ossified?), and we just had an all around great time with this guy and essentially made him feel like he was in fact the king. He had no idea who Bruce Campbell was and had never seen any of the ED movies, but he promised that he would after this encounter. Cut to about a year later...

This past Wednesday night. Same local watering hole. A little less to drink. There he was again! And this time, I finally got photographic proof! Now I will admit that although I still do see a little Bruce in his eyes everytime I gaze into 'em (is it just me?), the guy really looks nothin like him sans beer goggles. But who cares! He did at one time and that's good enough for me! The thing is, we no longer treat this guy like he's someone who looks like Bruce Campbell (even though he really doesn't). We treat him as if he IS Bruce Campbell. And he loves it. We call him Bruce. We introduce him to people as Bruce Campbell. We take pictures. We buy him drinks. We wine and dine the man like we'd wine and dine Brucey. Quite frankly, i'd even go as far as to say he's my favorite yellow teethed drunken quasi Bruce Campbell lookalike of all time. And I don't even know his name...

And that's really all there is to the story. Wish I had more, but that's the extent of the encounters. If I can't share useless little anti-climactic stories like these on here, where can I share 'em?! I guess the moral of the story is that those beer goggles are some pretty powerful things. Don't even make me tell ya about the time I took a girl home who looked to me like Megan Fox, only to wake up next to a girl who looked more like Michael J. Fox the next morning. Parkinsons and all! Ya, you're right. That never happened...

If mine and "Bruce's" ships ever pass in the night again, i'll be sure to keep you posted. Cause, ya know, i'm sure you have nothing better to do than read about my encounters with a yellow teethed drunken quasi Bruce Campbell lookalike...

For the record, he still hasn't seen any of Bruce's work and i'm kinda hoping he never does. If he realized he bore little to no resemblance to the man, i'm afraid the fun might come to an end...



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zombies Ate My Thanksgiving!


It smells like fingering in here!

Has anyone heard anything about this UK zombie show called Dead Set? Every so often i'd hear some rumblings about it (most notably when Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg wrote about it in The Guardian), but I never got curious enough to bother looking it up to find out exactly what it was. Zombies are getting more than a little old with me and I really didn't care to see anything dealing with the undead for at least a couple weeks. But after reading Joe Lynch rave about it on his blog the other day, I finally decided to delve in. And I think it just might have restored my faith in zombie culture! So thank you Lynch for leaving me no choice but to engage in illegal activities to track this sumbitch down.

Get on with it already! WHAT THE FUCK IS DEAD SET?!

It's a five episode show (ep. 1 was an hour...2-5 were a half hour) that aired on the UK's E4 network October 27th through the 31st. The genius plot? It's eviction night on the reality show Big Brother and a zombie outbreak has just begun. What would the stars of a reality show do during a zombie outbreak? Dead Set answers that very question! The Big Brother house becomes the last refuge for all survivors of the pandemic.

And I ask...



Dead Set is clever, it's funny (more than a couple classic cheeky Brit quotes), it's gory (awesome looking zombies/awesome looking effects), it's got good characters and good acting, it's got boob, it's got defecation into a garbage can, and there's an Irreversible inspired fire extinguisher bashing of a zombie head. Enough to satisfy and please even the most hardened zombie fanboy? Absolutely. There's even a little Romero-esque social commentary thrown into the mix, if that's your thing. Something about the world crumbling around us and all we care about is reality tv. The point is also made that most of society is a bunch of fucking assholes who would be a lot more productive if we could just get along and stop being...fucking assholes. I hate people. And I love reality tv. But if you're just looking for some wild gory zombie fun, you'll be set in that department too.

Just about the only problem I could see anyone having with this show is the one thing everyones been complaining about in regards to recent zombie flicks ; running zombies. Call me crazy, but I don't mind it one bit. It's the 2000's and slow boring zombies just aint cuttin it anymore! Fast zombies amp up the terror and brutality level, and i'm all for 'em. Someone had to do something to make the sub genre new and exciting again. If the realistic fact that a person who just died and came back to life wouldn't be able to run bothers you, then a movie about a person who just died coming back to life should bother you in its own right. Get over it!

It's one of the better pieces of zombie fare i've seen in the past year and i'd definetly recommend you check it out. If you only see one more zombie movie this year, make it Dead Set (it's basically a 2 plus hour long movie). Time to remake this yet, America? I wouldn't mind seeing that little David Archuleta get his jugular ripped out by an undead Ryan Seacrest. That's all im sayin...

For the UK'ers and those who own a region free dvd player (invest in one), the DVD is available from the UK division of Amazon. For all others, you're just gonna have to break the law and download a copy! If anyones seen it, leave a comment and let me know what ya thought.

No more zombies for a while. I'm serious this time...

While i'm here...

Happy Black Friday to all! If ya just don't wanna deal with the hassle of hundreds of customers fighting over the last copy of the dvd you want to pick up, Amazon's got some pretty good deals for the holiday (is Black Friday an official holiday?). Check out their horror sales. Elm Street collection for only $22.99. Can't beat that! Anyone heading out there this morning and braving the lines? I'll be making my way out around 3:30 in the morning. More out of tradition and amusement than anything else...

One last note. Cindy, a reader of Freddy In Space, was so inspired by this blog that she got together with her friend and just launched off their own horror blog, called Creepy Kitch, so give that a view. Just knowing I inspired someone else to start their own horror haven makes me a pretty happy camper! She just did a nice little write up on my blog as part of her things she's thankful for this Thanksgiving post, so thanks for the support Cindy and i'm looking forward to what your blog will have in store in the future!

Wish me luck in my Black Friday adventures!

Happy Thanksgiving!


I'm sure you've all seen it before, but Thanksgiving just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a viewing of Eli Roth's faux Grindhouse trailer entitled...Thanksgiving! There's really not much Thanksgivingy horror fodder out there, so we must be thankful for this!

If ya need more Thanksgiving horror, pop in Blood Freak (look two posts down) or Home Sweet Home (thanks Ross). Sadly, that's all you're gonna find in terms of turkey horror, so it'll have to do.

And be sure to head over to the Monsters HD website, where they have Day of the Dead and The Rage available for free viewing on there as part of their Thanksgiving Day Of The Dead celebration! The Rage is actually a pretty awesome little movie, so ya might wanna check that out. And if your cable provider carries Monsters HD, they're playing zombie movies all day long. Return of the Living Dead 1-3, Pet Sematary, Dead Alive, you name it!

And and! Black Friday has become as much of a part of Thanksgiving time as Thanksgiving itself, so the folks over at Bloody Disgusting cooked up their own little BF shopping list. Check it out if ya need any ideas for gifts to buy yourself come tommorow!

Feel free to leave a comment and share any Thanksgiving horror stories you may have. Ya know, like the time your grandpa lost all bowel control at the dinner table!

I wont keep you away from your food any longer. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Gifts Keep Pouring In!


You're actually getting 25 gifts today, but i'm sorry to say you cannot open them until December 1st. No peeking! Alright, alright. Here's a little sneak peek...


Glass Eye Pix has teamed up with artist Beck Underwood and a whole slew of other talented artists and filmmakers to create 25 short horror films, one per day from the 1st through the 25th, inspired by images in Underwood's 2008 Creepy Christmas Advent Calendar. Just some of the talents enlisted to create shorts include Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter,Wendigo), Mary Harron (American Psycho), and J.T Petty (The Burrowers). One Christmasy horror short per day all the way through Christmas! What more could a person ask for?!

Bookmark that above site and get in on the fun come December 1st! Just in case any of you have really bad memories, i'll be sure to remind you to head over there on that date!

And also beginning on the 1st and continuing through the 25th, i've got special treats for all of you right here at Freddy In Space! The 25 days of Christmas horrors begins next Monday! Not that I didn't already prematurely kick off that fun a week or so ago...

On one final note, be sure to get your entries in for the 'Create Your Own Christmasy Horror Flick' contest! They're due next Wednesday! Scroll down a couple posts for details.

Recommendation Of The Week : Thanksgiving-ified!

Tommorow's Thanksgiving so I think it's only natural that I recommend to you this week a Thanksgiving horror flick. What's that? There are no Thanksgiving horror flicks? Sadly, there are not. Aside from Eli Roth's faux Grindhouse trailer, there really are no horror flicks that fit perfectly alongside the turkey and stuffing that are so prevalent around this time of the year. OR ARE THERE?!



So one day this straight laced Elvis wannabe motorcycle dude, Herschell, meets up with this sexy God loving chick, Angel, whose sexy bad influence chick sister, Anne, peer pressures him into smoking some of her weed (in a scene that essentially becomes a how to seminar for smoking weed). Naturally, the dude is instantly hooked and turns into a spastic nut job addict. After all, that's what weed will do to ya, kids. He decides to get a job at a turkey farm where he then takes up the side job of being a guinea pig for the testing of experimental turkey meat, upon the offering of extra cash and some more of the weed he's now so desperately in love with. Again, naturally, the mixing of weed and bad turkey meat turns Herschell into a giant hungry turkey headed man who needs the blood of addicts in order to survive. Because, ya know, drinking the blood of drug addicts will give you a quick fix when you can't score any of your own shit. To all you youngins out there, never ever take even the tiniest hit of your friends marijuana. It truly is the gateway drug. The gateway to turning into a bloodthirsty addict with a giant gobbling turkey head!

Why Should You See It? It's the only anti drug propaganda pro Christianity film masquerading around as a giant murderous turkey horror flick ever crafted by the hands of man. Need I say more?

If you watch only one movie this Thanksgiving, make it Blood Freak! Gather the whole family round after your turkey dinner and dig in! It's got a positive message, so even your grandma will surely find some merit in it! Just keep the kids away, unless you want me them to know how the turkey that they just consumed ended up on their plates. There's a real turkey decapitation! Hey, it's kinda artistic though. I guess...

And I must say, for an anti addiction film, it sure did achieve the opposite of its aim. I'm now an addict because of it! I'm a BLOOD FREAK addict! And I need more!


For more recommendations, check out the films with asterixes next to them in the reviews section! I promise, most of them are better than this one. But I needed a Thanksgiving related horror flick and the pickins are slim. Until Roth turns that trailer into a feature length film (hope hope), this one will just have to do!

Create Your Own Christmasy Horror Flick!


It's contest time! Here's what I want ya to do...

Come up with your own original plot outline for a Christmas horror flick that you'd love to see made. A few simple sentences should do. The person who comes up with the best and most original plot idea will win a very special one of a kind prize package! Whether it be zombie reindeer from hell or overworked elves with a vendetta against Santa, I want to see some wild inventive shit that'd i'd shell out ten dollars to see at the theatre right this instant! The only rules are that it has to be a horror film and it has to have something to do with Christmas.

You have a week to complete the task, so leave a comment with your idea anytime within the next week. If you don't want anyone to jack your ideas and use them as their own, e-mail them to me at! The lucky winner will be announced (and their brilliant idea posted right here) next Wednesday, December 3rd at...whatever time I decide to finally awaken from my daily slumber.

Lets get those creative juices flowing! Nows your chance to shine!

Christmas Horror Taglines - Real Or Fake?!


How well do you know your horror taglines?

Can you tell the difference between the real ones and the ones i've made up? Only six of these eleven taglines are from real Christmas themed horror films. Try and pick out the five fakes!

He's Dreaming Of A Red Christmas!

Better Watch Out....Better Not Cry...Or You May Die!

Forget Milk And Cookies. He Wants Blood!

Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty Or Sliced!

Have Yourself A Very Scary Christmas!

At The North Pole, No One Can Hear You Scream!

He Was On The Naughty List....But He's Getting What He Wants This Christmas!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Bloodshed!

Twas The Night Before Christmas, And All Through The House, Not A Creature Was Stirring...They Were All Dead!

I Saw Mommy Getting Killed By Santa Claus!

He's Making A List. Pray You're Not On It!

Once a few guesses roll in, i'll post all of the correct answers in the comments section!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Present Time!


Last week I gave you that awesome Tales From The Crypt episode titled And All Through The House to watch, so it's only fitting that you now get to enjoy the Tales From The Darkside Christmas special! It's titled Seasons Of Belief and here's a little rundown of what it's about...

A family, comprised of a mother, a much too old father (played by Creepshow's E.G. Marshall), and a daughter and son, gather round to tell stories on Christmas Eve. But not the kinda stories that should be told on Christmas Eve. The parents weave a frightening tale about The Grither, a supposedly fictional creature who will come around if you even so much as mention his name. Well, the kids start spouting off his name and lets just say it's not Santa who will be coming to the family's home this Christmas!

Re-live the glory days of when horror tv shows didn't suck! And yes, this episode is pretty cheeseball-ish, but dont you dare say it sucks!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks to YouTube's fader089 for uploading this!

Monday, November 24, 2008

True Blood - Episode 12 : "You'll Be The Death Of Me" (FINALE!)


***Pick up True Blood The Complete First Season for only $24.99 on DVDand $44.99 on Blu-ray***

Ah, finales. They're really a double edged sword. On one hand, you've been watching and waiting for a good couple months for them to come. On the other, it means the end of an era and at least a half a year before you get to see new episodes again. So they better be good! Thankfully, the finale of True Blood delivered, as I had expected it to. You could tell that series creator Alan Ball was again in the director's chair for this episode, which is something the series was lacking as he was only in that chair one other time, in the premiere episode. The only thing I didn't really like was the final moments, but we'll get into that in a minute.

How badass was Rene in this one! Loved how he was lurking around in the background of most of the early scenes, just waiting for his moment to pounce on Sookie. Who knew he had such a mean streak to him! I also really liked how his kinda over the top accent was explained. Don't get me wrong, I loved his accent, but it makes sense that it was a fake. Pretty cool how his internal thoughts were accent-less! Is it bad that I kinda wanted him to kill Sookie and was sad to see him get the shovel in the neck? I feel like he really didn't get a chance to shine considering the fact that right when he become a major character with some serious screen time, he was killed off. But I guess that was the only way to go about it. Rest In Peace Rene, you will be missed!

Speaking of resting in peace, is Lafayette dead!? My moneys on him still being alive and i'm hoping i'm not wrong on that bet. The show would really lose some of its charm if he were to leave. I really find it hard to believe that it was Bill that attacked him by the dumpsters. I know he told Sookie that he "fed" and it seemed like it was Lafayette that he fed on, but why would Bill kill someone Sookie was close to? So what/who the hell was it that attacked Lafayette? I'm thinking it was one of those werewolves they've been hinting at. Or maybe it was Maryanne, the chick who took Tara in? What the hell is she anyway? And how does she know Sam? So many questions were left unanswered and I think it's better off that way as there's so many interesting and different avenues for season two to go down.

The scenes with Tara in Maryanne's house had a very dreamlike feel to them and I really liked them all. I was almost wondering if she had died in the car crash and was actually in heaven. I think it's really smart that nothing about Maryanne was really revealed. Gotta keep us guessing! Kinda wondering if maybe the afro american leg seen at the end belonged to Tara's mother. It could seemingly only be her or Lafayette, and Lafayette would've been fairly decomposed after two weeks time. Maybe Maryanne is killing the people that have negatively impacted Tara? Just a thought. Although it would certaintly seem like it's somehow Lafayette.

The scene with Rene attacking Sookie and Bill and Sam coming to her rescue was absolutely fuckin awesome. Probably the best scene in the entire season. It was so crazy and over the top and I loved every second of it. I kinda wished the season had ended on that high note though. After that, the episode really had nowhere else to go. Ending on the question of Bill being alive or dead would've been a better cliffhanger, in my opinion. Sure they've done it before, but I really thought Bill was dead this time! How long must a vampire be exposed to the sun before he actually bites it?!

Hm, what else. Not sure I like the direction Jason is going in, but then again I haven't liked the direction he's been going in for quite some time now. This whole born again thing is a little silly, but it's been made pretty evident that Jason isn't the brightest bulb so I guess it makes sense for him to buy into that stuff. It's seeming like maybe Jason is gonna be become a vampire hunter in future episodes and that is one thing i'd kinda like to see happen. As for the other characters, i'm officially on the Sam bandwagon after his nude romp through the graveyard to save Sookie. And i'm happy that it was established that the chick Bill turned was supposed to be highly annoying! Will be interesting to see how she affects Bill and Sookie's relationship.

Amazing episode all around, but i've seen more exciting cliffhangers in past episodes. It just seemed like kinda an odd note to end it on, but i'm pretty sure Ball had his reasons. I will miss you until we meet again, True Blood. And I can't wait to see what you have in store for me. June can't come soon enough! Can we just please make Sookie more likable this time around?

Leave comments and discuss the finale with me! What do you think is the fate of Lafayette? Who's leg do you think that was at the end? How does Maryanne know Sam? Let's get some discussion going!

Horror In Your House - Tuesday, November 25th

It may look like another shitty week at first glance, but a few of these titles look pretty damn interesting if I do say so myself!

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane - Blu-ray - (2006)


Mandy Lane is an unattainable object of adolescent lust for all the boys in her high school. Invited on a weekend away to a remote ranch, shy Mandy sees it as a chance to cement some newly formed friendships. The boys see it as a chance to finally get with Mandy. As night falls, joints are rolled, kegs are drunk and pills are popped, with Mandy maintaining a polite distance from all of the debauchery. She thinks the drunken 'come-ons' will be the worst of it all, but she is horrifyingly mistaken. As events take a turn for the worse, it becomes clear that a secret admirer is harboring some terrifying ulterior motives.

I've heard a lot of positive shit about this one (it won the audience award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival) and have been dying to see it, but where's the standard dvd?! Is this only going to Blu? It is on Region 2 dvd, so I may have to pick that one up.

Two Front Teeth (2006)


It's the night before Christmas and Gabe Snow, a tabloid writer haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past, is investigating a Yule Tide conspiracy. Gabe knows that Flight 1225 was brought down one foggy Christmas Eve, by a flying creature with a "glowing nose". Now, a blood-sucking Vampire - Santa Claus - has put Gabe on his list and unleashed the demonic fury of the North Pole. An army of zombie elves, who have no interest in Toys or pointy hats or dentistry, are about to turn Gabe's white Christmas blood red. Will Gabe find the true meaning of Christmas? Can he stake a heart that's two sizes too small? What will he find under his tree?

Wow. I think this movie was made exclusively for me. Add another one to my horror Christmas movie watching list this year!

Dead Of Winter (2007)


New Years Eve, 2004 - Kevin and Tiffany head out to celebrate the New Year and a new beginning in their 7-year relationship. In the midst of the celebration the young couple decide to mark the occasion by experimenting with Crystal Meth. Unbeknownst to them, town bad boy Randy slips LSD in their drinks, setting into motion a night of life altering events which will leave one almost dead and the other forever scarred. Based on true events!

I love movies with a snowy setting, so i'm in. Yes, that's all it takes for me to watch a movie. Maybe that's why I spend so much time watching crap? Ah well, wouldn't have it any other way!

Madhouse (1981)


Beautiful do-gooder Julia and her insane, hideously deformed twin sister Mary have a hard time occupying the same room, let alone the same town, without Mary either brandishing a butcher knife or letting her giant killer dog come out to play. Their uncle, Father James, presses for reconciliation but to no avail. With their mutual birthday fast approaching, Mary escapes from the local asylum. Soon thereafter, the bodies of Julia's friends and students mount around her. But is Mary actually the killer?

Hideoulsy deformed twin sisters, butcher knives, and a giant killer dog? Again, i'm in!

Psychic Killer (1975)


Before CARRIE... before PATRICK... there was Arnold.
Jim Hutton stars as Arnold Masters, a gentle recluse wrongfully convicted of murder and confined to a snake pit mental institution. When his elderly mother dies from neglect during his incarceration, Arnold devotes his hard time to mastering the voodoo art of astral projection... and remote control revenge. Death by concrete slab... by scalding shower... by meat slicer! No court could convict him because he was never there!

Death by concrete slab, death by shower, death my meat know where i'm going with this.

Girls In Chains (1973)


In a remote country house, a malevolent form of sleaze and terror is being bred. A crazy mother encourages her two sons raving lunatic Frank and his not-all-there brother Johnny to kidnap young women and chain them up in the basement. The girls are treated like animals and then subjected to games that grow increasingly sinister and depraved. When the brothers tire of their playthings, the girls must be replaced.

Sounds like your typical exploitation goodness. On to the Netflix queue it goes.

To pick up any of these new releases, head on over to my Amazon store. Buy from there and help support Freddy In Space!

And, as usual, to check out all the horror releases for this week, venture into the Amazon.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guess The Movie!

It's time for another round of Guess The Movie, the game where you combine two random images to form the title of a popular genre favorite! But before we get to that, let's take a look at the winner and solution of the last round!


Congratulations to Nik Holmes, who figured out that the movie I was spelling out was The Descent! Dee (Snyder) cent! Check out Nik's awesome artwork over at! While he's busy racking up clients the likes of Virgin, Microsoft, and Mastercard and producing the comic Hardcore Bikini Allstars as well as running the art site Zombie Dollars, Nik still takes the time out to try and combine Dee Snider and a penny in a way that will spell out the title of a horror film. And for that, I salute him! I must mention his valiant first crack at the game, which was Demoni, the Italian title of Mario Bava's cult hit Demons. Dee money. Can't say it doesn't work!

And now for this round. It's a one word title once again...


Have at it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Allow Me To Stray From Horror For A Couple Minutes

I'd say i've done a pretty good job of keeping everything on this blog in the past six months pretty much all horror related and I think I deserve a few minutes of straying time! What say you? Well, it's my blog and i'll do what I want! This is why it's good to run your own operations. No one to answer to!

I'm here to talk a little about what just might turn out to be one of the greatest movies of all time. I'm here to talk about the movie that is my Dark Knight for the year. I'm here to talk about the movie that is to me what TDK was to the millions of people who became Heath Ledger fans after he died (controversy!). I'm here to talk about THE WRESTLER.


Mickey Rourke
Darren Aronofsky

Need I say more?

I've been a huge wrestling fan for pretty much my entire life and when I first heard about The Wrestler, I figured it'd be a fun little Ready 2 Rumble style romp through the wrestling world that only diehard fans would enjoy. And then I found out Mickey Rourke and the dude who did Requiem were signed on. The bar was raised about as high as it can get raised and The Wrestler quickly became my most anticipated movie maybe of all time. The movie has recieved nothing but incredibly positive buzz from everyone who's had the pleasure of seeing it at film festivals around the world and, if I can go back to The Dark Knight for a second, i've even heard Rourke's performance in the film compared to Ledger's in that film. Now that's some serious praise!

Here's a brief plot summary about the film...

The Wrestler follows the life and times of retired pro wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson (Rourke) as he makes his way back through the independent circuit in an effort to reclaim his former glory and more importantly, as he makes his was back through his quickly falling apart shattered life.

The reason i'm posting this today is because the trailer has finally hit! Bask in its glory!

And if that's not enough Wrestler for you, check out this little clip from the film!

Nice to see an actor make a serious comeback to the front lines...without the aid of Quentin Tarantino!

The Wrestler begins a limited run on December 31st and will get its wide release (but probably not wide enough) on January 16th in the US. And I know i've got a Netherlands reader or two so for your benefit, it opens February 12th over there!

We now return back to horror...

No Early Christmas Gift For Today....

Just kidding! I lied! Open it up!


Ooooh! This is a good one!

The people over at DIRECTV are some cool motherfuckers. Whoever's responsible for their awesome horror-ish commercials needs a serious raise. They've done that one spoofing Misery, they've done an Alien one, and most recently they've tackled Poltergeist. (Hooray for the resurrection of Heather O'Rourke!) But you've probably never even seen the coolest DIRECTV ad of them all, cause it's a foreign one. Those foreign commercials always were better than ours, weren't they? Although what that's foreign isn't better than its American counterpart? Check out this very special glimpse into Christmas in horror world featuring Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Dracula, The Mummy, Hannibal, the chick from the Ring, and...Darth Vader?!

Apparently it roughly translates to the general idea of "Some behave only at Christmas, others the whole year."

Merry Early Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ya Know, I Think I Might Cut My Own Head Off With A Chainsaw Today


What's the best death by chainsaw scene ever committed to celluloid?

Is it Henrietta being chopped limb from limb by Ash in Evil Dead 2?


Is it Franklin finally getting his comeuppance in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


What about Patrick Bateman hurling his chainsaw down a flight of stairs onto a hooker in American Psycho?


No, I've got it! That one in Dead Alive! REBIRTH!!


Well, I think they've all just been a real life chainsaw suicide. Check out this news story from UK's Daily Mail...

Man 'carefully planned' his chainsaw death after losing eviction battle with developers

The last resident in a block of flats due to be demolished cut his own head off with a chainsaw to highlight the 'injustice' of being asked to move out, an inquest heard today.

Desperate David Phyall, 50, plugged the electric chainsaw into the mains and attached a timer to the socket.

He then wrapped sellotape around the machine's trigger to secure it in the 'on' position and tied the handle of the saw to a table leg to hold it steady.

Mr Phyall rested the saw on his neck and waited for the timer to go off.

The Black and Decker chainsaw sliced through his neck in an instant but kept going for a further 15 minutes.

Police and paramedics found his blood-soaked body at the flat in Bishopstoke, near Southampton, Hampshire, after his father John raised the alarm.

Detective Sergeant Mark Huxford told the hearing: 'The head was still attached by the right shoulder and his head was lying to the left.

'A large area of carpet had blood splattered all over it because of the way the Black and Decker chainsaw had been spinning around.'

My oh my. What a way to go. It seems truth really is stranger than fiction, eh? Are any filmmakers out there listening? The greatest death scene in the history of horror has just been written for you.

Just had to share this as little stories like these tend to go unseen unless they're spread around. Thanks Jon!

Horror Roundtable Discussion - The Impact Of Fictional Violence

Gather round, gather round!

A fellow blogger and friend of mine came up with this roundtable topic and while I initially dismissed it because i'm kinda sick of talking about it, I haven't been able to get it out of my head for the past couple days. It's a topic i've got a lot to say about and it's one I really haven't addressed too in depth on here yet, so let's get into it.

Does violence in works of fiction create violence in the real world?

I'm gonna quote Scream here as my opening statement...

"Don't you blame the movies. Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!"

Isn't that the truth?

We as a society have a tendency to place the blame for every kind of wrongdoing on just about anyone but ourselves. It can't be bad parenting that makes a kid a criminal, right? It must be those horror movies the kid watched! Or it must be that music he listened to! Some people are just plain psychopaths, and that's really all there is to it. Whether they're born that way or whether they're bred that way, they ARE that way, and it's as simple as that. A normal average everyday kid isn't gonna pop in a horror movie one day and suddenly decide he wants to kill his parents because it looked so cool on the television. It just doesn't work that way. Referring back to that Scream quote, if the kid did already have that passion to kill his parents inside of him, then sure maybe he could draw inspiration from the movies he watches as to how to go about it. But how can you blame the movie for that! The kid was gonna go and do it anyway! Horror movies do not turn people into monsters.

Let's take a look at a few instances where various forms of violent entertainment were blamed for major crimes.

Comic Books Are Corrupting Our Youth!


In the 1940's, Dr. Fredric Wertham launched a full on attack on EC Comics, the publishers of the popular Tales From The Crypt comic books. He claimed that the comics were one of the leading causes of juvenile delinquency in America. Where did this idea come from? Wertham was a psychiatrist who worked with juvenile delinquents. He saw the kids he was working with read the comics, and that was all he needed. If those kids are reading Tales From The Crypt, then that must be why they're delinquents in the first place, right?! What Wertham didn't take into account was the millions of other children reading the comic books who were causing no harm to anyone. Not to mention those kids were delinquents long before they ever opened up the pages of a comic book. As a result of attacks and claims like these, public burnings of thousands of comic books took place all over the world and heavy comic censorship was put in place. Now that's some serious Nazi shit!

The Tarantino Murders!


On July 8th of this year, two Frenchmen were bound and stabbed repeatedly in the neck, head, and torso before their bodies were doused in fuel and set on fire. The British tabloids dubbed this case "The Tarantino Murders". What does this have to do with Tarantino, you ask? I'm really not sure but the only link that was established was that they were seemingly senseless acts of violence, much like the ones in Tarantino's films. To add fuel to the fire, no pun intended, a picture of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction was plastered amongst various news articles on the story. Excuse me? Did anyone get stabbed repeatedly and then get lit on fire in Pulp Fiction? I don't seem to recall such a scene. Yes, a cop does get doused in gasoline in Tarantino's first film, Reservoir Dogs, but I fail to see the connection. Senseless violence has been occuring since as long as man has been around and people have been set on fire for hundreds of years, long before Tarantino's father ever even decided to take his condom off. But I guess people just love to slap QT's name on whatever they can, right? Afterall, it sells.

Oldboy Promotes School Shootings!

Remember that horrific Virginia Tech school shooting a couple years back? Ya know who's to blame for that? No, no. It wasn't that crazy kid who pulled the trigger. It was Park Chan Wook's film Oldboy, of course! Why? Did a school get shot up in Oldboy? No, it did not. The film was blamed simply because, get this, a photo was found of the shooter, Cho Seung-Hui, holding up a hammer in a similar fashion to the way Oh Dae Su does in Oldboy. Ya, that's it.


Here's the official statement from Tartan Extreme, the films distributor, on the matter : "If you want to blame someone for the murders, blame bullies, bad parenting and poor results from the student administration. Cho says straight up in his video that he did it to scare other bullies across the country, so they would be scared straight when considering picking on someone like Cho. It sucks that in order to change something in this world tragedy is imminent."


These are just a few of the many works of fiction that have been targeted. Whether it be music, movies, comic books, or pro wrestling, they've all be blamed for some pretty terrible shit. While it's easy to see why fictional violence is the scapegoat for such atrocities, as it's a fairly easy target, placing the blame on movies rather than on the real people responsible is just about the most counterproductive thing you can do. How do we expect to ever lower crime in this world if we're not even targeting the real problems? But I guess that's not the aim here, right? Linking a crime to a popular movie sells a story. And that's really all that matters. By the way, if we're gonna blame movies, how about we also blame the news. You can see just as much violence and mayhem on the news as you can in the cinemas.

But let's assume the media is on point here and violent movies really do lead to violent people. Let's assume that movies are so powerful that they can completely make a person do a 360 degree change in personality. So wouldn't that mean we could just gather a bunch of convincted murderers in a theatre and show them wonderful and peaceful images for 2 hours? Wouldn't they then be cured of their want to murder? Sounds totally fuckin ridiculous, eh?

I've watched horror movies my whole life and i've never killed anyone. Case closed.

As usual, if anyone at all wants to get in on this discussion, make a post on your own blog or website about it. Link to me and i'll link to you. If you have no such outlet, let your thoughts be known in the comments section.

It's That Time Again...

...Time to open up another Christmas gift, care of your friends at Freddy In Space! Well there's really only one of me here, but go ahead! Open it up!


Ooh ooh! What is it what is it!


Oh. It's just a picture of the Christmas Story dvd...sob sob...

NO WAIT! PUT ON YOUR SPECTACLES AND LOOK CLOSER! It's A Christmas GORY!! A trailer for the holiday classic recut as a frightening tale of X-mas horrors! Mommy, mommy! I shot both my fuckin eyes right outta my head!!

Merry Early Christmas!

Horror History 101!


I like to think that my blog provides not just cheap thrills and mindless entertainment, but also a little bit of knowledge every so often. I've gathered tons and tons of useless information about the horror genre through my many years of being a superfan and my many years of sitting on the computer doing nothing but studying up on it, and if I don't share that knowledge, well then it truly is just kinda useless isn't it? So grab those pencils and those pads and sit up in that seat of yours! Horror History class is in session!

Today's lesson is on zombies. More importantly, the first zombies. By a show of hands, can anyone tell me what the FIRST zombie film ever made was?


'Yes, Timmy?'

'That skirt looks nice on you'

'Thank you, Timmy. But answer the question'

'Night of the Living Dead?'

'No, it is not Night of the Living Dead, Timmy. But that is a common misconception.'

If you ask most of the general population what the first zombie movie ever made is, they'll probably give you the same answer as Timmy. Well this answer is quite wrong, but it also could be argued that it's kinda right. Allow me to explain.


Yes, George Romero's 1968 masterpiece Night of the Living Dead was the first film to show zombies as the flesh eaters we know them to be today. Romero pretty much drew up the blueprint for all of the zombies to come after him. But truth be told, it was over 3 decades earlier that the first zombie movie landed onto God's green earth.

That movie was 1932's White Zombie. Yes kids, that's where Rob got the name for his band from.


The film starred Bela Lugosi and was about a young couple, Neil and Madeleine, who come to a man named Charles' plantation to be married. Charles has other plans, as he hopes to convince Madeleine to marry him instead, so he enlists the help of Lugosi's Vooodo master Murder Legendre to temporarily turn Maddy into a zombie. The idea being that her soon to be husband Neil will think she is dead and return back to the states, and Charles will then have her revived and he will wed her. Of course, those plans don't exactly work out the way they were intended.

Thus marks the first on screen film appeareance of the zombie. Yes, the first zombie was a woman!! All of the early film zombies took the similar approach of them being mindless slave types, up until Romero turned the idea on its ass and squeezed maximum horror out of the undead by making them flesh hungry animals.

Any questions?


'Whats the etymology of the word zombie?'

'Wow good word, Jenny. We're straying a bit off topic here, but that's a wonderful question'

There are many possible origins of the term zombie. One possible origin is the word "jumbie", which is the West Indian term for 'ghost'. Another is "nzambie", the Kongo word meaning 'spirit of a dead person'. But perhaps the real origins came from the Creole word given to a person who has died and been brought back to life with no speech or free will. That word was "zonbi".


Oh, look at that. Time's up already. Your homework is to watch White Zombie for free in its entirety (in one part!) on YouTube!!

Class is dismissed.

Guess The Movie!

Combine the two images to form the title of a popular horror movie!


I must admit I kinda jacked this idea from Ross over at Anchorwoman In Peril, so go check out his blog and such! It's pretty cool and such.

And if you like horror trivia, check out my Super Fun Interactive Trivia and Super Bloody Guess That Movie Game, which still hasn't been won!

Become A Freddy In Space Follower!

Before I hit the sack...

Follow me! No, not to bed. Follow my blog. What the hell does that even mean, you ask? Go click the link that says "follow this blog" on the right sidebar allll the way to the bottom under "about me", and see what happens! If you have an account on Blogger, not only will you be showing your Freddy In Space support, but you will be able to keep updated on new posts and what not without even having to trek all the way over to here. Easy peasy. Once you click that link, you'll even see your pretty little picture become a permanent fixture on this here blog! Oh, the honor!

That's all I wanted to say. Goodnight...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They Love Their Grandchildren....WELL DONE!!

Rabid Grannies (1988)

The film kicks off with a bunch of relatives arriving at the home of the soon to be rabid grannies. It's their yearly birthday party and that means it's the time of the year that all the bloodsucking leech relatives come out to grovel and attempt to win them over in a desperate bid to recieve some serious inheritance once they finally kick the bucket. But when a mysterious gift is opened that was sent from a Satan worshipping nephew, the innocent little grannies are transformed into....RABID BLOODTHIRSTY ZOMBIE DEMON GRANNIES! Inheritance is just about the last thing in store for these motherfuckers!

Should you see it? Look at the title of the film. If that sounds interesting to you, you might find at least some merit in it. If not, stay far far away.

Rabid Grannies is your typical Troma fare. It's actually a Belgian film that was not made by Troma, but distributed by them. Let me rephrase that first sentence. It's your typical Troma fare...once it actually gets moving. The first half hour of the movie is incredibly boring and nothing whatsoever happens. There's no blood. There's no guts. And you may even wanna turn it all off. I know I did. There's so much expository bullshit that films like this realllllly just do not need. It's supposed to be nothing more than a fun bloody good time! So why am I not having fun! And why's there no blood! Here's my recommendation for ya if you intend on watching this movie ; skip right ahead till about 32 minutes into it and then watch from there. All you need to know is a bunch of relatives have come to the house and the grannies have just recieved this strange box that's about to kickstart all the fun. Now press play. And get drunk. And invite friends over. And then keep fast forwarding until the next kill scene comes on.

The problem is, even when it does get going, it's really not all that fun. Apart from the scenes where the rabid grannies are actually on screen, which is surprisingly not so often, it's pretty abysmal. Like I said, there's just way too much boring filler and I found myself doing other things while watching it because it just could not hold my attention. A lot of these movies that rely on gore and guts over story and acting become boring because they just dont have enough of the red stuff in 'em. If you're gonna make a movie like that, you might as well go all out. Go the Dead Alive/Zombie Strippers route and just go for it! Don't hold back. Ya gotta be aware of the kind of movie you're making. I see soooo soooo many films suffer from this problem. You're not making Shawshank 2. Have fun with it! Get crazy! Throw the blood around by the gallon! If there's 20 minutes of boredom in between each kill scene, I'M NOT HAVING FUN!

Ultimately, despite a few scenes of fun, there just aint enough rabid granny in Rabid Grannies to make me ever want to see it again or recommend it to anyone. What could've been a really wild over the top ride turned out to be a total dud. And there's no excuse for a movie about crazed grandmothers consuming their relatives being a dud, is there?

I did however like one of the last lines of the film, spoken by a little boy, so i'll leave you with that. And I quote, "Now I know God doesn't exist...because if he did, he could have stopped all this." Well said, little boy. Well said.

Hey, Wait A Second!

I was just watching Bride of Re-Animator on Monsters HD (god bless that channel), and I was looking at Dr. Hill's pristine looking severed head and I couldn't help but think back to the final scenes of the first Re-Animator. Didn't that zombie dude put a vice grip on Hill's head to the point that it completely crumbled and turned into jelly donut mush!? And didn't he then throw that pile of mush at a wall?! I had to go back and make sure I wasn't imagining things. And I most definetly was not. See for yourself!

And here's the Hill head in Bride...


Does something look wrong with that picture to you!? Now granted, this is a wild over the top horror flick and the fact that a severed head is living on it's own much less flying around with bat wings attached to it pretty much establishes that realism isn't the aim of the film, but I still can't help but feel like we as an audience were fucked with here! We clearly saw Hill head die in Re-Animator. The filmmakers of Bride needed him back for the sequel, so they just pretended it never happened! That's not fair! It'd be like having Jigsaw pop up all healthy and alive at the end of Saw 6! In a further insult to the audience, when the doc gets a look at Hill's head, he notes that theres a tiny skull fracture in it! O ya? That's it, huh?! The damn thing was squished like a tomato! I guess the point i'm trying to make is don't kill off a character if you're gonna regret it later! And if you do kill that character off, don't bring 'em back once you do regret it! Be that character a bodyless head or not! Amen!

I can't help but be reminded of Texas Chainsaw 3 and how Ken Foree clearly got chopped up with a chainsaw and then returned 10 minutes later with a small flesh wound on his cranium. I guess these are just a few of horror's many unsolved mysteries, eh Robert Stack?


I can rest easy now that I got that off my chest...

Poll Time! Best Jaw Rip?!

Ever since I posted that awesome jaw rip clip from Hatchet on YouTube as part of my Top 10 Film Decapitations, i've gotten a lot of comments on there comparing that scene to the one in Mirrors. Some seem to prefer that jaw rip over Hatchets while others strongly disagree. I know where I stand, but where do you stand? Take a look at both of these badass jaw rip scenes and leave a comment with which one you prefer! And try not to let Amy Smart's ass cloud your judgement!



I'm personally way more in favor of Hatchets. The Mirrors one is just a little too effectsy and fake looking for my tastes. Doesn't help that that film sucked either!

Live or die! Make your choice!

And I promise this is the last time I mention Hatchet for at least a couple weeks!

Your Early Christmas Gift For The Day



Good job. What's inside?


OOh!!! It's Adam Green's Fairy Tale Police! That's what you've always wanted!! Wait...What's Adam Green's Fairy Tale Police?

X-Box enlisted the help of a few big name horror directors to create short comedy films that will be available FREE OF CHARGE starting December 17th on X-Box Live. While you're gonna have to wait till then to unwrap those awesome Christmas gifts, the trailers for each short can be viewed right now! Here's a little peek at Fairy Tale Police, where two cops keep order in a land full of storybook villains, magical monsters, and other cartoonish characters! Hey, someone's gotta do it!

Adam Green's (Hatchet) Fairy Tale Police

Ah, what the hell. It's Christmas time and i'm in the spirit of giving! Here's all of the trailers! Merry (early) Christmas!

James Wan's (Saw) Doggie Heaven

Lucky Mckee's (May) Blue Like You

James Gunn's (Slither) Humanzee

David Slade's (30 Days of Night) Meat Dog

Andrew Douglas' (Amityville remake) The Miracle of Phil

Turn that X-Box on come December 17th and enjoy what these masters of horror have summoned up for you! And keep on comin back to Freddy In Space for more awesome Christmas gifts!

Recommendation Of The Week

For the past couple weeks i've recommended a few newer foreign films, but I wanna go in a different direction this week. I'm a diehard fan of 70s-80s American slasher flicks, and there's just so many lost little gems in that sub genre that are just begging for someone to talk about them. That brings me to.....

Unhinged (1982)

Unhinged tells the very familiar tale of three young ladies on their way to a jazz (yes, jazz) festival. They hit a big log in the middle of the road, careen into a tree, and wake up in the comfort of a strange familys home. You all know by now how that works out. Right, James Caan?

Don't ya just love how old school horror trailers would spoil every single death in the movie!

Now let me get this established right off the bat. I'm not recommeding this movie cause it's the most amazing slasher out there or anything. Cause it's really not. It's slow moving, it's EXTREMELY poorly acted, and it's just plain boring at times. But it's not without its merits. I feel that it's just such a lost footnote in the horror world and it needs a little bit more recognition. Someone has to keep it alive and i've decided to be that someone! If nothing more, it's at least worth one viewing. It requires some patience, but theres a couple great scenes and it's just all around worth giving a view. Besides, it's less than 80 minutes long, so it's not a huge commitment. That being said!

I first heard about Unhinged when I saw it pop up in my local Best Buy many years back. It had some bold claims on the cover and one pretty much could not turn such claims down. Least I couldn't. Lets see. It reads ; "Outsold Poltergeist before it was banned!" and "Graphic violence and full nudity caused the English Parliament to ban Unhinged in 1985. Fans were grieved as virtually every copy was pulled from shelves world wide." Now that sounded appealing to me! I got the sense that in 1985 England, owning a copy of Unhinged on vhs was like owning a book in Fahrenheit 451. The movie would immediately be seized and burned on spot and you'd be locked up in some kind of internment camp for possessing such violent and powerful material. So ya see, I had to see the movie and I had to see it right then. Thus is the story of how Unhinged came into my life.

Now here's the thing. Once I got around to watching the movie, I realized it was actually far less violent and gory than pretty much any of my favorite slasher flicks from the time period. What gives?! It's quite the tame movie, even by the standards of the early 80's. Most of the kills happen off screen and really the only thing I could think of that got it the ban is the fact that there's a couple young lady bush shots. So while it dissapointed in that regard, it didn't dissapoint entirely. In fact I firmly believe that the banning of this film and the subsequent promoting of that banning for the latest dvd release is actually hurting people's enjoyment of it. If you look up any review of this movie, the reviewer inevitably gets very angry about halfway through it and completely dismisses the movie because it just aint as gory as he hoped and dreamed it would be. But Unhinged never intended on being an over the top gore fest. It was clearly intended to be a more Psycho-esque throwback to the days of when horror was not all about the blood and guts. So it's really not fair that it's being billed as a banned movie, because that gives it unfair and unrealistic expectations to be lived up to. So don't watch it for the gore, of which there isn't much, just watch it with no expectations going in.

Maybe it's just the fact that my first experience watching Unhinged was totally alone under the influence of a green substance, but there's just something about this movie that's really creepy and unsettling. It just plain freaks me out! I'm not sure if its the slow pacing or the strange editing or the...creepy twist ending. Yes, folks, Unhinged has a pretty serious twist ending that pre-dates the awesome twist ending of another horror film that if I were to mention right now would spoil the twist of this one. Suffice to say, it's worth plowing through some of the boredom to get to it. The idea has been kinda overdone in years post this movie, but it had to have been pretty dang original in '82! That's all i'll say! And hallelujah for the unhappy movie ending!

Give it a shot. Maybe get high beforehand. You just might find the merits in it that I did. Maybe I just take such comfort in the fact that it's such an odd little gem that it will never be given a big budget and the remake treatment. I love it for that alone!

Why Should You See It? Cool synth music! A cooler twist ending! Death by scythe! Unhappy ending! Full frontal teen nudity! Horrible acting! What more could you ask for in a horror flick?!

I love this shot....

I also recommend you watch :
Story Of Ricky
Near Dark
Castle Freak
The Gate
Three Extremes - Cut
Halloween 3 : Season Of The Witch
The Neighbor No. 13
The Backwoods

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freddy In Space Film Club!

I'm by no means the first horror blogger to come up with the idea of a monthly film club, but it's something i've wanted to give a shot since I started this thing and now that a couple people actually read it i've decided to finally take the initiative. So here's how it's gonna work...

Each month i'm gonna pick a movie to watch and anyone who wants to watch along with me is more than welcome to. This is not an exclusive club here with limited members. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part. Every month i'll choose a movie that i've never seen before and at the end of that month, i'll post my review. If you have a horror blog, website, or any place you can think of that can be linked to, post a review of the movie on there after you watch it (within the next month) along with a link back to my blog and then email me your link. When I post my review, i'll return the favor and link to all of you at the end of it. It's that simple. If you have no outlet to post a review, just watch the movie and wait till I post mine. You can then post yours in the comments section. These can be full on long reviews or just short little summations of what you thought. There's really no set rules here. We all watch the same movie, we all review it, we link to one another, and we all live happily ever after. Phew. Any questions?

So without further adieu, the first movie in the film club will be...


Stuck stars Mena Suvari as a nursing assistant who drives head on into a homeless man, played by Stephen Rea, on her way home one night. The man becomes literally STUCK in the windshield of her car and, not wanting to jeopardize a possible job promotion, she decides not to alert the authorities! Instead, she drives the car on home and parks it in her garage, where a brutal battle for survival rages between the two.

Check the trailer!

Looks and sounds interesting enough, right? Believe it or not, it actually is based on a true story! Can't make this stuff up! Stuck is directed by Stuart Gordon of Re-Animator and From Beyond fame, and i've been dying to see it ever since it came to dvd a month or so ago. I'm a big fan of both Gordon and Rea and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!

So let's watch it together!

Now if you've already posted a review of this movie on your particular blog, go ahead and email it to me now! Also, if you're gonna take part in this months film club, please leave a comment and let me know you'll be participating! You've got a whole month and all kinds of cheap and even free ways to check out the movie, so you've got no valid excuses not to!

You have till December 19th!

Is It Too Early To Start Talking Christmas Horror?


Christmas is only about a month away, so I figure now's a good a time as any to start to get in on the fun. All the stores are doing it, why can't I? I'm listening to Air Supply sing Winter Wonderland on Sounds of the Seasons right now and god damnit i'm getting into the mood already and I can't hold back! Wait, why am I listening to Air Supply? Ah, fuck it! Let's get into the Christmas spirit, shall we!

If there's anything I love more than a horror flick, it's a horror flick set around Christmas time. Forget Brad and Angelina. Forget Madonna and that guy who directs those movies that are always the same. Christmas and horror are the ultimate match made in heavenly hell! Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night, Jack Frost (the one with the angry snowman on the cover not the one where Batman turns into a snowman), Santa's Slay, you name it. Ok, maybe not that last one. I haven't seen it yet but the idea of a has been pro wrestler portraying an evil Santa Claus from hell isn't that appealing to me. Actually, what the hell am I talking about? That pretty much sounds like the greatest film ever made. I think i'll finally indulge in that one this year. Speaking of has been wrestlers in Christmas movies, Santa With Muscles was pretty fuckin epic. But let's get back to the topic at hand. I'm a complete and utter glutton for Christmas movies and when a killer Santa (or a killer of any kind for that matter) is thrown into the mix, I just cannot seem to resist.

And that brings me to one of my favorite things to watch around this time of the year. It's not a movie, it's an awesome episode of Tales From The Crypt titled "And All Through The House". It's actually the second episode of the Crypt to ever air (original air date was June 10th of '89) and that makes it all the more special. Not to mention it was written by the dude (Fred Dekker) who wrote House and wrote and directed The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps and was directed by Robert "Cast Away, Back to the Future 1-3, Forrest Gump" Zemeckis. Now that's what I call some serious credentials.


The story centered around a woman who kills her husband to collect on his insurance policy on Christmas Eve. Unbeknownst to her, a deranged psycopath broke free from the mental hospital just hours prior and is killing everyone he can get his hands on, all while dressed as jolly Old Saint Nick. The two killers paths cross and all kinds of bloody Christmasy fun ensues.

This post would be totally pointless without the ability to click a simple sideways triangle and watch the entire episode right now in the comfort of your undies, so here ya go! Merry early Christmas! Don't say I never got ya anything!

Part 1

Part 2

That episode is actually a remake, as the "All Through The House" story was also filmed prior in the original 1972 Tales From The Crypt movie and starred Joan Collins. I was able to track down this 10 minute clip of it so check that out too if ya get the chance!

To generate some discussion here, leave a comment telling your personal favorite Christmas themed horror film! There will be lots more Christmas horror fun to come in the near future and i've got a lot of little gifts like this one in store for you all!

From The Vault - Debut Film Roles Of Today's Horror Icons - Episode 3

On the last episode of From The Vault, we took a look at Tobin Bell's first on screen appearance as a waiter in Tootsie. This time we're gonna strap ourselves into our time machines once more and head back to 1989, for the debut film role of fellow Saw star and new Jigsaw, Costas "Hoffman" Mandylor!


You probably never even heard the name Costas Mandylor until the Saw films rolled around, but he's actually had a pretty storied Hollywood past and the Australian born actor has been in some major films and television shows that you've probably seen. To give a little pre-acting background, Mandylor played professional soccer for both Greece and Australia, before he suffered stress fractures to his shins. In 1987, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and it took just two years before he landed his first major role. That role was alongside Willem Dafoe and Edward James Olmos in the 1989 Holocaust biopic Triumph of the Spirit.


The fresh faced Mandylor portayed the real life character of enslaved Jew Avram Arouch, brother to lead character Salamo Arouch (Dafoe), who got shipped off to Auschwitz and seperated from his just married wife during the Holocaust of World War 2. Rather impressively for a big screen debut, Mandylor has a heck of a lot of screen time during the early parts of the film and he's a pretty pivotal and important character throughout and he turns in one hell of a performance.

Check out the then 24 year old Aussie in action!

In an incredibly intense scene about an hour into the film, Avram refuses to work in the ovens pulling gold teeth from those who were gassed to death and he is shot dead right on the spot. The death scene takes place entirely off screen, but its impact is felt for the remainder of the film and marks a huge turning point for Dafoe's character.

From there, Mandylor went on to have a role in 1991's The Doors as well as roles in the television shows Tales From The Crypt, The Outer Limits, Picket Fences (he starred in every episode), and most recently 7th Heaven, which i'm somewhat ashamed to admit I remember him from. Most interesting of all, Mandylor was featured as one of People Magazine's prestigious 50 Most Beautiful People In The World of 1991!

From most beautiful to the star of one of the most violent and bloody franchises in horror, Costas Mandylor's career path is certaintly an interesting one and I for one am glad to have such a talented actor in the horror world! I definetly have more of an appreciation for him now that i'm aware of his acting roots.

Check out Episodes ONE and TWO to find out where Tony "Candyman" Todd and Tobin "Jigsaw" Bell got their starts!