Monday, January 19, 2009

Horror In Your House - Tuesday, January 20th

Fairly big week this week with a couple titles i've been dying to get my hands on ...

Click the links of the titles for trailers!

Repo! The Genetic Opera - DVD & Blu-ray (2008)


In the not so distant future (2056), an epidemic of organ failures breaks out. GeneCo, a company that offers organ transplants for a hefty price, sprouts up. If you miss your payments, they hunt you down and kill you. And sing to you. A young sheltered gal, who is on the hunt for the cure to her mysterious ailment and the answers behind her familys mysterious history, gets sucked into the grips of the company in this rock opera directed by Saw 2-4's Darren Bousman.

From what i've heard, this is a pretty kick ass movie that should look pretty spectacular on Blu, but i've just never been able to get into musicals. I didn't even like Sweeney Todd. I wanna check this one out, and i'm sure it'll be pretty cool, but it's really not my cup of tea. Check out my pal Avenger's review of the flick over at Benevolent Street.

Saw V - DVD & Blu-ray (2008)


Detective Hoffman takes over Jigsaw duties and attempts to eliminate all loose ends and kill all of those who know his secret so that he can continue donning the pig mask and carrying on Jigsaw's legacy.

I actually really liked this movie and quite enjoyed how it focused more on story than gory. I posted a full review right after I got home from seeing it at the theatre, so take a peek at that if ya wanna know my full thoughts. Looking forward to seeing how it looks on Blu and i'll probably make a post dicussing some more in depth stuff that I wanted to discuss but didn't want to spoil while it was still in the theatre once I check it out again.

Amusement - DVD & Blu-ray (2008)


Anthology flick telling the tales of three women who are linked by a disturbing childhood incident and who each individually cross paths with a crazed ex-schoolmate.

That's really all I know about this movie and quite frankly, that's all I want to know before delving into it. I found out about Amusement through an article Fangoria ran on it in their latest issue, and I cant wait to check it out. If there's one thing I love, it's a good horror anthology!

Boogeyman 3 (2008)


A college chick witnesses the "suicide" of her best friend and she gets all afraid of the Boogeyman. She tries to convince her friends that he is real, they don't believe her, and they get killed. Now she must stop the B-Man before he wipes out the entire school.

Is anyone still watching anything with the Boogeyman title on it? I'm pretty certain that the first one was awful enough to keep everyone away from follow ups. How the hell do movies like these keep getting made when there's people out there with great ideas that just can't get the funding? The studios wont give us Trick 'r Treat, but they're happy to continually unload shitty direct to video sequels of shitty movies on us. Sigh ...

Vacancy 2 : The First Cut (2009)


In this prequel to Vacancy, we take a look at another group of youngins who pay the fateful motel a visit. As i'm sure you're aware, they end up getting tortured and murdered all while being filmed.

I know i'm in the minority here, but I actually kinda enjoyed Vacancy. I know most respectable horror viewers/reviewers hated it, but I thought it was a fun little movie. That being said, I really don't think we need a Vacancy 2. One is quite enough.

Cold Prey (2006)


Five snowboarders are forced to spend the night in an abandoned lodge. Only problem is, somebody, or something, already lives there. It's large, it's hungry, it's unstoppable, and it's pissed off!

I've said it before and i'll say it again ; I can't get enough of horror movies that take place in a snowy environment. This may sound like your typical American crap, but this one's actually Norwegian and has got a lot of buzz surrounding it. It's even been called the best slasher flick of the year in '06 and the best Norwegian horror film ever made. Good enough for me!

What will I be adding to my Netflix queue? Amusement, Cold Prey, and Repo and i'll purchase Saw V on Blu-ray.

What are you guys and gals gonna be checking out this week?

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Amanda said...

I liked the first Vacancy also. I thought that it was very enjoyable and I liked the sequel which wasnt much, but it passed away some time.Ive seen worse!

Jason Takes Portland said...

Who wrote the description for Boogeyman 3? It reads like it was written by a 16 year old or a marketing exec who is trying way to hard to sound hip.

Johnny said...

Haha I write up all the descriptions with the intention of them just being lame quick little sum ups of the movies. Quite complimented by your comment!

Johnny said...

Amanda - I'm sure at some point i'll get around to seeing Vacancy 2 and I wouldn't be all that surprised if I ended up secretly enjoying it!

thebonebreaker said...

I just watched Repo! last night, and I loved it [and I wouldn't call myself a musical fan] So, definitely check that one out!

Johnny said...

On its way from Netflix!

Jon said...


Bjornabo said...

Hello. Im really enjoying reading your blog. Great stuff man.

Since i`m Norwegian I watched Cold Prey a couple years ago, and I must say that it`s great.. Hope you`ll like it to.

Just wanted to let you know that "Cold Prey 2" (Og "Fritt Vilt 2" as it is called in Norway) hits the DVD-market in about a month (At least in Norway)

Watch teaser trailer her:

Johnny said...

Looks pretty cool, thanks for the link!

I'll definetly post my thoughts on the first one once I check it out and being that I just went snowboarding today, i'm in the mood to check it out pretty soon!

Glad you're enjoying the blog and I hope to hear more from ya in the future!