Monday, January 12, 2009

Mickey Rourke Wins Best Actor Golden Globe!

(and looks like a total badass rockstar in doing so)

Gran Torino tops the box office!

What a weekend! It's Oscar season and i'm excited and talking non horror for a bit!

I have not seen The Wrestler yet (I am hoping to never be able to say that again by the time this week concludes) but I can't tell you how happy I am for Mickey Rourke for nabbing the Globe. I really don't even need to see the movie to know it's amazing (the trailer alone nearly had me in tears) nor do I need to see Rourke's performance to know that his is the comeback story of the century (but let's not forget that Rourke had been on the rise a few years back, which a lot of people seem to not recall). I cannot wait to see this movie any longer but at the same time I almost want to not see it because I don't wanna lose that feeling of knowing there's an awesome movie out there for me to see that I haven't seen yet! Does that make any sense? But I will not hold off any longer, i'll be checking it out come hell or high water sometime this week. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Throw Slumdog and Ben Button on that list of must see films too while i'm at it ...

I did however get around to seeing Gran Torino this weekend and i'm very thankful for that. It's an odd little movie with some poor acting (from the Hmong leads) that kinda takes some time to get into the groove of (and even gets kinda old hat at times) but let me tell ya, once it's all said and done, it's a hell of a rewarding experience and a hell of a good film. I had the pleasure of seeing it in a theatre chock full of nothing but senior citizens (Jen and I were the youngest there by about 40 years), and that was a really awesome experience for a film like this. I may be a youngin but I can certaintly relate to the anger over the shittiness of the youth of America these days that the film had at its core. Being Clint's last acting role (or so he says) it's really bittersweet and a complete must see. At 78 years old, the man has still got it!

I was watching an interview with him on AMC free on demand the other night and he was talking about how as you get older, you're supposed to advance in life (and career) and become better and better and more productive with each growing year, as opposed to withering away, retiring, and sitting on a porch drinking beer once old age catches up to ya (which is coincidentally exactly what Walt Kowalski is doing for much of the Torino run time). The idea being that you shouldn't spend your whole life bettering yourself then just let it all go and fall apart. Can I use that as an excuse for not doing anything with my life yet? I don't wanna peak too soon? Or something? No? Well i'm happy to say that Clint has gotten better with age and is, arguably, churning out his best work ever as both director and actor at the age of 78. Now that's something to be impressed with! It looks like he's certaintly gonna go out on top of his game, although I really don't like to think about him 'going out' anytime soon ....

Gran Torino just opened wide this past weekend and raked in over 29 million, making it number one at the box office. Go see it! And yes, I cried.

Oh, ya, right. This is a horror blog. Hmmmm. Did anyone see The Unborn this weekend? I'm of the mind that creepy kids stopped being interesting around about the time Bruce Willis' ghost paid Haley Joel a visit, so I didn't dare waste my money on this PG-13 shit fest (assumption!). Especially when there's so many big name Oscar contender films out there I need to be saving my money for. But that doesn't mean I won't be hanging the poster for it on my wall!


Kidding, Jen!

From what i've heard, it's a cookie cutter cliche ridden piece of crap, which is to be expected. If you saw it, leave a comment with your thoughts. Same goes for Torino and The Wrestler.

And speaking of saving money for better flicks ...

My Bloody Valentine 3D this Friday! Anyone else as excited as I am? I figure even if the film itself is a let down, it'll be fun to strap on some 3D glasses and should make for a good time at the theatre. Unless of course, it reallllly sucks, but I don't see that happening.

One last note, just got my first issue of Fangoria in the mail! Jen got me a subscription for Christmas and the first of ten has finally arrived. This marks the first time in my life that i've ever been a Fangoria subscriber and the first time in a while i've even had an issue in my home. $9 an issue, fuck that! The new one's got Voorhees on the cover and has a whole ten page article on the movie as well as some stuff on MBV3D. Can't wait to sit on the toilet and read away!

If you can handle reading some more, I just started a new regular column over at Benevolent Street called 'The Black & Blu Lagoon' where I review horror Blu-rays (picture quality, special features and such) and let you know whether you should shell out your hard earned cash for the discs. Just did a comprehensive and exhaustive (and exhausting!) review of the Hostel Part 2 Blu, so check that out if you're interested.


Quanthor said...

I can't decide what I want to see more...

3D boobies or 3D gore?

Either way, it's a definite win and I'm getting pretty anxious to see it this weekend.

Johnny said...

It's a win-win!

Eyelovemetal said...

Slumdog was excellent, watched it last night.. The Wrestlers very soon as it just finished downloading this morning.. But I also got two boots reccomended movies from netflix right now Burn after Reading, and Transsiberian, both in blu. so they might beat out The Wrestler..

Johnny said...

Awesome, pretty sure you will like them both!

coffee said...

agreed... that poster is hot