Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remake Jason Unmasked!

So what will Jason Voorhees look like underneath his hockey mask in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake, you ask? The answer comes in the form of NECA's new 19 inch Jason action figure! Believe it or not, the figure, which is currently on store shelves, comes with a removable mask! Here's some pictures, courtesy of my pal Tony, who runs Benevolent Street ....



For much better pictures and to read Tony's full review of the figure, head over to the Fridaythe13thfilms.com blog!

Whadya think? I personally think it looks awesome and it's a nice blending of the looks of Jason in the earlier Friday films, which i'm glad is what they went for. I never really was too big of a fan of the over the top "undead" Jason look. I prefer the more deformed human look myself. Now why Paramount would allow this 'spoiler' figure to be released well before the remake, i'm not entirely sure. They've been pretty hush hush on the look of remake Jason in the past, so it's kind of surprising that they'd let this out there. I'm thinking maybe we never even see Jason without some form of mask in the remake and this look is just something NECA came up with. But I hope i'm wrong as every Friday movie needs at least a brief Jason unmasking!

Hm, that gives me an idea. Let's take a look at the many faces of unmasked Jason over the years, shall we? Thanks to YouTube's EvanDrumm for making this handy walkthrough video! A BIG thanks to you, Mr. Drumm, for saving me the time and trouble of pulling images from each and every Friday DVD!

Also, if ya wanna see what all of those Jason's look like under their masks and makeups, as in what the actors/stuntmen look like in average everday life, check out the Men Who Have Donned The Hockey Mask post I made a couple months back!


By the way, you still have some time to enter the Benevolent Street contest and win Mezco's 7 inch remake Jason figure (pictured above)! Head over there to find out how ya can! The contest ends Friday, February 13th and, between you and me, once it's over, we'll be giving away the 19 inch NECA figure as well! So stay tuned for that!

Also, if you're wondering where the Horror In Your House is for this week, that column will now be called Horror Comes Home and will be featured on Benevolent Street! It's gonna be a lot more thorough and will include every single horror DVD/Blu-ray, good or bad, big or small. So check out today's releases now! Leave comments over there and check back every Monday for the next batches.

One last Benevolent note .... I'm currently working on an exciting new column over there that will include participation from well known horror celebrities. I've been in contact recently with two stars from one of the best and most classic horror films of all time, and that column should be debuting soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! I think you'll like it!


Lisa Bee said...

Cool post. That action figure looks freaky, and really huge in those photos. Nice clip of the various faces of Jason, too.

Bearded Weirdo Reviews said...

I'm actually going to see this tonight. We don't have a midnight screening of it 'round here or anything, but (luckily) I'm friends with a guy who works at the local multiplex, so I can usually see some new releases the day before they actually come out, which is nice when you're a movie review (but it really doesn't help much when there's nothing in theaters that you really feel strongly about to want to review, ...dagnabbit). I don't have the highest hopes in the world for this (I didn't care for the director's take on TCM, personally) but, hey, I'm gettin' in free, so what the hell, right?