Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Bunch Of Text With No Photos

Couple things I wanted to talk about that don't so much deserve their own posts so I figured i'd toss them all together in one big random post ....

- I'm working on switching over Freddy In Space to Jen bought the domain name for me for Valentine's and i've been tinkering with it ever since to figure out how to make the switch over (i'm a bit of a newbie), but I think i've finally worked it all out. Don't hold me to that though. If I can get it all settled, I will still be running the blog through blogger's service so it will be exactly the same, it will just be a shorter easier web address. If you type or hit the link that's already in your favorites, you will be redirected right to the .com, so there will be no problems whatsoever with not being able to find or get to the site. But like I said, nothings set in stone yet. I will make a post letting you know if I do in fact figure it all out. But hopefully the site will be a dot com real soon!

- My buddy Brad whipped up a cool little banner for Win Free Horror Shit!, so head over there and check that out and enter some contests! And also check out Brad's brand spankin new movie blog titled Reel Maniacs, which is in its infant stages but is shaping up to be quite nice. I know he spent a hell of a lot of time working on the html to get the layout to look all spiffy like that, so go appreciate it! Bookmark him too because i'm sure he's got a lot of fun and interesting stuff up his sleeve for the very near future.

- Speaking of fellow horror bloggers ... Would like to give a shoutout to Zach Buehl, an incredibly nice guy with great taste in horror movies who i've chatted back and forth with in e-mail a little bit over the past couple weeks. He just started his own horror blog Terror Firmer, which should prove to be a fun place to go given his exceptional taste. I say exceptional taste because it seems to be very similar to my own! So bookmark that one too! It's the last thing you have to bookmark, I swear.

- Mickey Rourke got robbed but i'm pretty sure he'll be nominated again next year for this acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards. And congratulations Danny Boyle! A dude who directed a zombie flick going on to win an Oscar, can't beat that! I know, I know. 28 Days isn't "technically" a zombie movie, but it's close enough. Let's also not forget that Peter Jackson, who won the best director and best picture Oscar in 2004, also directed a zombie movie....Dead Alive!

- If you head on over to the awesome horror website FEARnet, for a limited time, you can watch the unrated cut of High Tension right there on the site. If you somehow haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, don't miss out on this opportunity. Sure the ending is kinda lame but everything before it is so badass that i've been able to look past that. We don't always need twist endings! They've also got a bunch of other movies to watch including some of the 8 Films To Die For, the classic Peeping Tom, and even that Paris Hilton flick Nine Lives! They're always adding new movies on there and even had Madman available to watch last week (which is awesome because it's rare and expensive on DVD and VHS), so definetly bookmark that site and check up on them every so often. FEARnet is the site that is responsible for a lot of the buzz and promotion behind Midnight Meat Train, since Lionsgate fucked that up so bad, so they have my eternal respect and devotion.

- One last thing. For the past month or so you may have noticed i've switched up the format of my horror movie "reviews" and in fact really haven't even been doing too many reviews lately. I put reviews in quotations because it's not really a word I like the sound of. Reviews to me, as far as most blogs go, come across as very long winded and boring and I just don't like to read them and i'm sure nobody else does either. What i've been doing moreso is just giving brief thoughts on movies i've seen, suggesting you either watch or stay away from them, and that's what i'm gonna stick with doing because it's worked out pretty well. I'm not a big fan of blogs that have set formats and guidelines and structures for doing reviews. I'd rather just present my thoughts in the way I would if you and I were hanging out and I had just watched a certain movie I really liked and was telling you about it. Maybe it's just my lack of professionalism, but I think it's more fun this way and it certaintly suits me better. If I only have 20 words to say about a movie, i'll only say 20 words. If i've got 1,000 to say, i'll say 1,000. Knowwhatimean, Vern? The other thing is if you've seen a movie or have any kind of input on a movie that i've posted my thoughts on, i'd love it if you could leave comments and we could discuss the movie further in the comments section, where we don't have to worry about spoilers and can just shoot the shit. Afterall, the whole reason I created this blog was to give us horror fans a fun place to hang out, talk, and share good flicks with one another.

Bottom line is, i'm not Roger Ebert, so i'm not gonna pretend to professionally review movies. And i'm not a teacher, so i'm not gonna grade movies. I'd rather just discuss them with you guys. I'll give my thoughts, recommend or de-recommend (?) the movie, and open the floor up to you folks for discussion. Sound good? I've noticed a lot more comments on my "reviews" lately, so I think it's working out well so far. In any event, take comfort in the fact that I will never subject you to a 5,000 word review on a movie we've all already seen and discussed a million times before, like Halloween or Nightmare On Elm Street!


Wings said...

Man after my own heart!

I tend to just say what I am thinking or feeling after seeing a movie or a show or reading a book. I don't need to go "blahdy-blahdy-blah" on and on. Just give my feelings about it and move on.

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Johnny said...


Zach said...

Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate that.

I would like to say the only reason I do a set review format is so that I can look at how I reviewed something and realize how it compared to something else. Maybe I am more "professional" with my reviews, but that's how I roll. I like how you do it too and god knows I may just end up dropping the numbers and going more like your style!

Johnny said...

Hey to each their own, whatever works for you! To be honest, I like your format of reviews. It's nice to see someone respect and talk about horror movies from a filmmaking perspective as opposed to just viewing them as mindless inferior entertainment like most do. Appreciating the cinematography of a film like The Cottage? That's someone whose blog I want to continue reading! So keep on doing what you're doing!

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