Monday, February 16, 2009

Chalk Another One Up For Foreign Horror....


Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey) was actually released in Norway in late 2006 but didn't come to the states on DVD until January 20th of this year. As has become the norm with foreign (especially European) horror, it kicks all kinds of ass that American horror can never seem to kick. Here's a little synopsis along with the trailer ....

Five teenage snowboarders are forced to spend the night in a mysteriously abandoned ski lodge. Except somebody – or something – already lives there. It is huge, savage and unstoppable…and now it’s pissed off.

It's pretty much got everything that I like to see but so rarely see in a horror movie ; good acting, likeable characters, quality (but not overdone) gore, a simple but effective backstory for a killer (who's pretty badass and relatable), and even snow! It ranks right up there with Eden Lake, which may now get bumped down to being my second favorite horror flick i've seen this year. As far as slashers go, they don't get much better than Cold Prey.

I won't bore you with anymore reviewing than that, all i'll say is ....


I was delighted to just discover that not only is there going to be a Cold Prey 2, but it's in fact already been released in Norway! It will pick up right where the first one left off and should be coming to the states on DVD pretty soon. If anyone has any information on when it will be released, please leave a comment and let me know. Also leave a comment if you've seen Cold Prey and let me know what ya thought about it!


Bjornabo said...

In my opinion, an excellent movie. Makes me proyd to be Norwegian. I watched the premiere of Cold Prey 1 in one of Norways biggest cinemas and it was quite an experience. The actors had an Q&A before the movie and they made some commentaries during the movie.

Cold Prey 2 had its Teatrical release on 2008-10-10 and it will hit the DVD-racks on DVD and Blue-ray in Norway 2009-03-04. (A Film can not be relesaed on DVD earlier that 5 months after its Cinema premiere in Norway, because of some stupid old rule that they have not removed. And they ask why movies get pirat-copied!)
But sadly for you foreign viewers the subs are only Norwegian-Swedish and Danish. And the audio track is only Norwegian.
Let`s hope for your sake that there will be an international release soon.

There are also some rumours going around in Norway that this film will get an American Remake. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

If you liked Cold Prey I will recomend you to look up "Dark Woods" (Villmark in Norwegian). Wich in my opionion is even better than Cold Prey. It was released in 2003, and I know that it is availibe at least on Amazon. Even my Norwegian version actually has English subtitles on it, so it can even be ordered directly from Norway.

If there are any other questions, just post them in the comments and i`ll try to reply (If that`s okay for you Johnny?)

Sorry for the bad English :-)

Johnny said...

Thanks so much for commenting and thanks for all the info! I was hoping a Norwegian would reply to this post, but I definetly wasn't expecting it! :)

Did you see Cold Prey 2 when it was in theatres?

I'll definetly be checking out Dark Woods, thanks for the recommedation! Any other Norwegian horror flicks you'd recommend?

Bjornabo said...

No, did not get around to see Cold Prey 2 at the cinema. My local cinama almost NEVER show any horror movie, just kidsmovies and dramas.

But i will definetly pick it up on DVD in about a month.

There are a couple other norwegian horror movies that aint to bad.

Just to mention a few:

Next Door (Naboer):
- Perhaps more a pscyhological Thriller than your avegage horror, but i liked it.

The Crossing (Andreaskorset):
- Also more a thriller type (Norway don`t produse alot of slashers), but this one aint to shabby neighther.

Manhunt (Rovdyr):
- The awfull actors really ruin this movie, but the music is great.

And the ultimate norwegian horrormovie from 1958.
Lake Of The Dead (De dødes tjern)
- This movie is the first norwegian "horror movie" ever, and it is suprisingly good.

There are 2 more movies i`d like to mention.

The first one is:
Whore (Hora):
Which is the first ever Norwegian Rape-revnege movie. It does noet have a official release date yet, but this looks promising.

And last but not least:
Dead Snow (Død Snø):
- This is a Norwegian Zombie-movie, and not any type of Zombies. Its Nazi-zombies...

In my opinion this is the coolest norwegian movie EVER.

I whould recomend you to download the 1080i HD trailer and check it out for your self.

It will be released on DVD and Blueray on 2009-05-27 and hopefully get an internation release as soon as posible.

If you don`t like all the links just remove them :-)

Johnny said...

I'm actually glad you posted all the links! I will look into all of these. The only one i've heard of is Dead Snow, but i've yet to see the trailer. I'm a big fan of the rape-revenge genre so Whore sounds the most interesting of the bunch to me.

Thanks again for commenting and schooling me on Norwegian horror! When I get around to watching any of these, i'll definetly post my thoughts on the blog!

thebonebreaker said...

Hey Johnny,

I liked Cold Prey as well, though perhaps not as much as you did [I think my expectations were too high] though I agree with you on the acting!

Here's my review:

Also, VERY COOL COMMENTS from Bjornabo!! [I will have to check out some of those myself!] ;-)
Like you, the only one that I am familiar with is Dead Snow, which looks great!

Bjornabo said...

Just thought I`d lett you know that

Cold Prey II is availible on "international" DVD the 2009-24-04.

Preorder it here (£11):

Or as a dual-pack with both movies here (£12):

No info on a R1 release yet thought.

Johnny said...

Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

Bjornabo said...

International Poster for Dead Snow:

Johnny said...

Looks pretty badass!

Jason said...

Better late than never, I just around to seeing (thank you library!) and it knocked my socks off. Its the best slasher I have seen in years and right up there with The Descent as best horror movie of the decade. I have posted my review on