Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday The 13th In High Def & My Remake Weekend Box Office Prediction!


Just got and popped in the Blu-ray disc from Netflix today (which came out this past Tuesday) and it looks completely amazing! I didn't intend on watching the whole thing being that I just watched the movie a couple weeks ago, but seeing how crisp and clean it looks, I think I actually might have to watch it again! It's obviously still got a bit of the grain that you'd expect a flick from the early 80's to have, but it's quite a noticeable difference from any version of the film that i've seen on DVD in the past. It's almost 30 years old and it looks damn good for its age! There's been some outrage expressed over the cropping of this version, but I honestly don't even notice a problem and some have even stated that this is in fact the way Cunningham intended the film to be seen and that all previous versions showed too much image. Either way, the movie looks better than ever and all Friday fans should pick it up! I'd normally post a full on run down of the disc over at Benevolent Street in my Black & Blu Lagoon column, but Tony from over there already wrote up an exhaustive review of it for Friday the 13th Films and it'd feel a little repetitive over there so i'll talk a bit about it on here as I make my way through the disc instead. I'm sure you've already read countless reviews of this release already, so i'll keep it short!

Picture quality aside, most of us have been highly anticipating this release because it is in fact UNCUT! The film has never been presented this way on DVD, here in the United States at least, and a couple of the deaths are noticeably longer and more graphic than we've seen before. Kevin Bacon's throat job and Pam Voorhees' beheading each have a couple seconds more footage added to them. In total, the uncut version only runs about 26 seconds longer than the previous releases. Nothing too special, but it's nice to finally see the film in its uncut form!

As for the special features ...

There's a commentary with director Sean Cunningham and some of the cast and crew, which should be highly informative as it's hosted by Crystal Lake Memories scribe Peter M. Bracke. I'll most likely watch the film with the commentary if I do in fact end up re-watching it today.

There are four new featurettes ; Fresh Cuts : New Tales From Friday The 13th, The Man Behind The Legacy : Sean S. Cunningham, Friday The 13th Reunion (which was filmed at Kentucky's Scare Fest convention, which Benevolent Street is a sponsor for and proud home of the forum for!), and Lost Tales From Camp Blood Part 1 (a 7 minute short Friday fan film, Part 2 is on the Part 2 DVD), and then there's two that are carried over from the Crystal Lake To Manhattan set ; Secrets Galore Behind The Gore and The Friday The 13th Chronicles. The original theatrical trailer, in HD as most of the featurettes are, is also on there. All of the special features are highly entertaining and informative (although at times repetitive) and really make this disc an absolute must have for all fans of King Voorhees. Although I will say it should mostly be picked up for the fact that it's uncut and in high definition. The special features are nothing to get too excited about and the His Name Was Jason 2 disc set offers a lot more in that department. If you want a more in depth look at those features, check out Tony's review (with pictures!) that I linked above!

As for my opening weekend box office prediction for the remake, i'm kinda basing my number on the fact that Freddy vs Jason had an opening weekend gross of $36,428,066. But how much did Freddy have a part in that number and will a solo Jason flick rake in more or less than the crossover did? I think the masses will find much more appeal in a new Friday the 13th as opposed to the crossover movie and I also feel that Jason is more appealing and box office drawing to the general public than Freddy is. Not to mention it's opening on Friday the 13th! Who, horror fan or not, is not gonna go see a new Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th?! My opening weekend box office prediction is ....


These may be trying economic times, but the numbers of late have shown that people are paying to see movies more than ever! Perhaps it's a kind of (costly) escape from the current economic conditions ....

Leave comments with your own predictions and we shall see who is close and who is way off the mark in about a week and a half!

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