Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Important Update Regarding The Vampire Diaries!!!

Just a couple posts down I wrote a bit about the new indy horror film Thicker Than Water : Vampire Diaries Part 1 that has been generating a lot of buzz and praise lately and how you can try and help the movie get a distribution deal from Lion's Gate. If you missed that post, either scroll down or simply click this link for all the info!

Well I just got an exciting new update/announcement regarding the movie thanks once again to The Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie! The film will be shown in its entirety, FOR A LIMITED TIME, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE this coming Friday (beginning at 2pm GMT) as part of the Moonworks Virtual Film Festival at this link!!

Here's the full plot from the festival site ....

Lara, a precocious Goth teenager, hates her cheerleader twin sister. One day she performs an intricate voodoo ritual involving a cow’s heart and a Barbie doll. The next morning Helen awakens with a severe nosebleed. Then she dies in her sister’s horrified arms. The family is desperately grief stricken but none moreso than Lara, who feels responsible for her sister’s death. Then Helen returns, still wearing her body bag and covered in blood.

Helen has become a vampire. The family band together and prey on human sacrifices for her. Their world crumbles into atrocity as they find that keeping a vampire in your basement can have horrific consequences. Get ready for a spin on classic vampire mythology.

And once again, the trailer ....

It's only going to be available to be seen for a very limited time so don't miss out! This is your chance to see the much talked about indy horror flick totally free! It doesn't get much better than that!


Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hey - is this the movie that ended up being a porno movie? I'm researching porn titles for a book about Dracula, and this title came up, but I haven't been able to figure out which one is the porno (there was some scandal because the director didn't tell the university, who's campus he was filming on, that it was porn). Any insight?

Johnny said...

I'm pretty sure this one is not a porno but I guess I can't be 100% sure since I haven't seen it yet! But no no, that must be a different movie. From what i've heard of this, it's a legit indie vampire flick.