Thursday, February 19, 2009

Move Over, Fangoria!

I've been meaning to make this post for a couple weeks now, back when I picked up my first issue of what I quickly realized is far and away the best horror magazine on the market today. It's only been running for a couple years now, with only 16 issues in print (6 per year), but i'd say it already trumps the somewhat lackluster Fangoria. What am I speaking of?


HorrorHound Magazine

(pictured is issue #15, my debut issue)

Why is it better than Fangoria? For one, Fango is a ridiculous $8.99 while HorrorHound is only $6.99 ($34 for a full year). But where the magazine really shines is in its content. Fangoria has mostly several page boring articles on around five different movies each month (most of which end up being pure trash), whereas HorrorHound is more of a fun free wheeling almost blog like production. The best way I can sum it up is that Fangoria is more of a serious reporting on current movies magazine where HorrorHound is just more fun, all encompassing, and entertaining. With Fango, you know what to expect every month. Not so with the Hound. It doesn't just cover the new movies coming up, it covers action figures, it covers the history of horror VHS' (in a wonderful recurring article titled 'Video Invasion'), it has articles such as 'The 20 Most Significant Masks In Horror' (how many can you name!), and it's just plain fun! In issue #15, for example, there's a full six page article on Killer Klowns From Outer Space and all of the marketing memorabilia that has come out for the film past and present. Fangoria would never do that! They'd rather spend their six pages hyping up a shitty indie horror flick. Every issue of HorrorHound is literally jam packed with interesting stuff like this. In fact, almost each and every page has a little "Did You Know?" horror fact printed on the bottom! This issue I have in hand is a full 20 pages less than Fangoria's issue for the same month and yet i've been reading the same HorrorHound for the past several weeks. I was done with Fangoria after a couple days! Now I still love and faithfully read you Fangoria, but i'm sorry to say you're no longer my favorite horror mag. (Granted, i'd still do unspeakable things to be offered the chance to write for you). You're old and tired and you need an upgrade. And it seems like you're well aware of that fact. Fango totally revamped the look of their cover and logo this month and tweaked the format a tiny bit. Getting better, but not quite yet!

If you enjoy reading this blog, you will certaintly love reading HorrorHound. It almost is this blog in magazine form, except much better! Issue #16 is available right now, so head out there and pick it up and find out for yourself. I'm not telling you to stop giving Fangoria your money, but if you're at the store and only have enough money to buy one, make it HorrorHound!

You can also buy back issues of the mag for only $8 a piece, which reminds of one last thing I love about this magazine! It's not dated like Fangoria is. Once the month of the issue passes, Fangoria essentially becomes useless to read. Because of Hound's content, no matter how old the issue is, it's still fresh and new. To purchase any back issues, get yourself subscribed, or learn more about the mag, head over to!

So ya .... how many of the 20 most significant masks in horror can you name?!

Totally off topic, but I just did a painstakingly full on review of The Descent on Blu-ray over at Benevolent Street. Check that out if you're interested. It looks fucking amazing in high def and from what i'm told, it's available at Wal-mart right now for only $10! You'd be a fool not to pick it up!


Monkeymanbob said...

HorrorHound looks good, unfortunately in the UK we only have Fangoria and Shivers, neither of which are that great, especially for price they charge. Though to be fair Shivers website does have some good articles.
Hope someone picks a UK distribution for HH so we can give it a chance. The mags I mentioned are only available at certain stores and not widely available, prime chane for HH to grab a piece of the pie.
By the way, great review for the Descent. Are there many movies that have alternate endings for different regions? I can only think of Army of Darkness that had one for the cinema and another for its home video release.

Johnny said...

I really can't think of any others. For the most part, they're the same no matter the region. Alternate endings are usually just thrown on DVD's as a special feature. If I think of any, i'll let ya know though.

Monkeymanbob said...

I guess so. Perhaps if it was quantified into actual different cuts per region a longer list could be compiled.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I like to read Rue Morgue. And I agree, Fangoria sucks.

thebonebreaker said...

While Rue Morgue is still my favorite horror mag out there, I definitely agree with you that Horror Hound is better than Fangoria and way more fun! :-)