Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Movies I Watched In January ...

So I figured since I kinda watch a lot of movies and don't really get to even talk about half of them on here, i'd start posting a list of every movie I watched each month, at the end of each month, and give little one or two sentence thoughts on each of them. Yes, I keep track in a little booklet! For the titles with asterixes next to them, head over to the reviews section on the sidebar to your right to read my full reviews on those movies!

So here's every movie, horror and non-horror, that I saw in January!

About Schmidt - One of my favorite movies Nicholson has done in the past 20 years.

Amusement* - Clown segment good. Rest of movie bad.

Appaloosa - Awesome movie, could've done without the Zellweger.

Burn After Reading (twice) - The Coens can do no wrong.

Chapter 27 - Actors, if you're gonna lose or gain serious amounts of weight for a film, make sure it's a good one.

Deja Vu - Suprisingly somewhat enjoyable.

Eden Lake* - Best horror movie i've seen in '09 thus far.

Event Horizon - Creepy, scary, gory, i've always liked this movie.

Fantastic Flesh : The Art Of Make-up EFX* - Awesome documentary, if you're into this sort of thing.

Friday the 13th - One of the best and most important slashers out there, but not my favorite of the franchise to re-watch.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Second favorite in the franchise.

Friday the 13th Part 3 - Can't wait to see it in 3D finally (this Tuesday on DVD!).

Friday the 13th Part 4 - Favorite in the franchise.

Friday the 13th Part 5 - Some of the best kills in the franchise, despite the lack of Voorhees.

The Fountain - Pretentious, but it's got its brilliant moments.

Garden State - May well be my favorite dramedy of all time.

Gran Torino - Bizarre and at times tiresome but ultimately rewarding film.

My Best Fiend : Klaus Kinski - If you know the names Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog, you will probably find this documentary highly interesting, maddening, and touching.

My Bloody Valentine 3D* - Three dimensions of dissapointment.

My Name Is Bruce - If you've ever waited several hours on a line to meet Bruce Campbell and you have a couple friends who have done the same, gather round, drink a bunch of beer, and watch this movie as that's really the only way it can be appreciated.

Pineapple Express - Move over, Half Baked!

A Real Friend - Incredible premise, poor execution. Seeing Leatherface sitting at a desk in a classroom full of students may make the whole experience worth it, however.

Repo : The Genetic Opera - I can appreciate and respect the uniqueness and effort of the filmmakers, but I just do not like musicals one bit and I never will.

Step Brothers - Will Ferell's still got it!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('74) - One of the best horror movies ever made, hands down.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning - Brings nothing new to the table but still manages to be fun.

Transsiberian - Highly recommend you check this one out.

The Visitor - If you don't give Rourke the Oscar, give it to Richard Jenkins.

Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story - Utterly ridiculous and utterly hilarious.

The Wrestler (twice)* - A diehard insider wrestling fans dream. Give Rourke the Oscar.

So what's my favorite movie that I saw this past month? That honor would probably have to go to ...


If you've seen any of these movies, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Quanthor said...

Using "pretentious" to describe 'The Fountain' is a bit of an understatement, but to me that wasn't that films problem. It was all the quick shifts in emotion that left me disheveled and detached from the characters. The one thing this film asks for is the one thing it was completely devoid of and that's sympathy. It needed to be at least 30 minutes longer to really manifest the characters deep love for each other, but instead Aronofsky opted to show his visual skills. Solid effort though, he had the right idea but mucked it up.

I rented few movies last night and 'Transiberian' is one of them and I also rented 'In Bruges' which is one of the best dark dramedies to come out in awhile, if you haven't seen that yet please give this one a look. It's got midgets, gore and an overall great creative story.

Johnny said...

I'm not sure I could've handled 30 more minutes of The Fountain! But I see what you're saying.

I've been meaning to see In Bruges for some time now. I think you just officially sold me on seeking it out right this instant with that last sentence!

Killbillfanatic2005 said...

I loved Repo: The Genetic Opera! And it looks like you're going through all the Friday the 13th's before the new one comes out! haha Fun stuff! I did all 11 before Halloween! It was a crazy time!

Johnny said...

Yes, the girlfriend and I have been having a Friday marathon for the past couple weeks! It's been really fun to re-visit them all but it's been more fun to show them to her for the first time.

Jonni Random said...

You liked the mess that was "The Fountain" but didn't enjoy "Repo!"?!

I'll never understand why people dislike musicals...

Johnny said...

I really didn't even like The Fountain so much, just had its moments.

Musicals to me are just utterly ridiculous and I can't watch them without laughing and feeling embarassed for the cast. Sorry! They're just not for me. Didn't even like Sweeney Todd and I love Depp/Burton!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I'm not super keen on musicals either, but I did enjoy Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (how could I not like it??). In fact, my main complaint was that they kind of did away with the music after about halfway through. You should check it out if you haven't already.

Johnny said...

Poultrygeist has been in my sights for some time now and I think it's probably time I watch it!