Monday, February 9, 2009

Premio What-o?

A fellow blogger and pal of mine, Ross Horsley from Anchorwoman In Peril, was kind enough to award me a prestigious Premio Dardo award for excellence in blogging earlier today. After some research, I found out that the Premio Dardo's are basically a chain letter style blogging award that one blogger gives to another and then the blogger who recieved the award gives Dardo's to five other blogs that he/she enjoys reading. In smarter and more complex terms, "The Dardo Award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web." But essentially, they're a fun way for us to get on each others good sides and help each other out by spreading links around.

Here's what he had to say about yours truly ....

"Seriously, just how prolific is Johnny Boots?! I think the guy writes in his sleep. Not that I’m complaining because he really knows his horror and always has plenty of interesting stuff to say."

Thank you for the kind words, Ross! I'd give you a Dardo if I was allowed to! I don't think i'm allowed to give one to the person who gave me one, am I?

So without further adieu, here are the five blogs I am giving PD to. That's PD. I've already linked to most of these blogs more than a few times in the past, but once more couldn't hurt. If any of you would like to post this on your blog (linking to me of course) and then hand over awards to another five bloggers, be my guest. Also, be sure to e-mail the bloggers you choose and tell them you chose them because not everyone reads your blog 20 times a day and will be able to find out through reading it on there.

In no particular order ....

Creepy Kitch - Two females takes on horror. Makes for some very interesting stuff. It doesn't hurt that their blog was created because they liked my blog so much! More updates though, ladies!

Transmissions & Confessions from a Mad World - This is the blog of Joe Lynch, the director of Wrong Turn 2 (and star of His Name Was Jason!). He talks about new movies he has seen as well as gives general updates on his life. This year he has been fulfilling his promise of taking and posting a single photo from his day every day that essentially best sums up his day. It's highly entertaining, not to mention Lynch and Wrong Turn 2 rock!

Scab's Friday The 13th Blog - Linked to this guy just a few days ago but I can't leave him off of here given it's one of the few blogs I actually visit on a daily basis. It's my one stop blog for all my Friday The 13th needs. Cool little DVD/VHS update videos too. Anyone who still buys VHS deserves an award from me!

Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie - Jason (or Bonebreaker, as I know him) mostly specializes in movie reviews. He's turned me on to more than a couple movies and he's a hell of a nice guy to boot. One of those bloggers whose opinions on films I trust.

Live For Films - And you thought I was prolific. This dude, Phil Edwards, literally does live for films. I visit daily and it's pretty much the only blog I go to for the latest movie news. There's rarely a new trailer, photo, or story that he misses.

F For Fake - Matthew Flute's own takes on Criterion DVD cover art. Most of his stuff is ten times better than the real covers out there. Hire this man, Hollywood!

Oh, woops, was that six? My bad. Don't take my Premio Dardo away from me for breaking the rules!

Also want to link and apologize to "Smirking Revenge" from the blog Getting My Geek On. She tagged me a couple weeks ago in a "meme" where I was supposed to make a post about 20 men I admire and I kinda promised i'd do it but I never got around to it. My apologies and I promise (really this time!) that I will take part in the next one if I am in fact invited to take part in the next one!


Cins said...

Aww thanks Johnny! You're sweet for giving us some props.:)

More updates WILL come. I just need to kick Stac's toosh a bit more.;)

thebonebreaker said...


Thank you for the Award and thank you for the kind words as well! :-)

I am not really big on the whole "chainletter" pass-along-to-five-others type thing, though I do like to periodically acknowledge other's blogs as well [like I did in my Bone Breaker Awards]
Like you, I like to let others know of other enjoyable blogs that are out there - for instance:

If you are a fan of the more obscure horror films, be sure to check out Midnight Confessions at
I received this very same award from him, just the other day - there is a fellow in his comments that has researched these Dardos Awards - apparently they stand for "prize darts" - he jokingly believes these are based on a conspiracy behind the dart manufactures - a viral marketing scam - HA! Funny Stuff!

Well, thanks again for the acknowledgement, and I will be sure to check out the other bloggers that you have listed.

Johnny said...

Hah I was wondering what Premio Dardo meant!

I'm a follower of Midnight Confessions by the way :)

Smirking Revenge said...

No worries Johnny. I am happy that anyone reads my blogs at all. *grin*

Live for films said...

Ah shucks there fella. Thanks for the PD. Much appreciated.

I do have a life outside of film...honest! :)

Johnny said...

Sure ya do! :)

Matthew Flute said...

Wow, thanks Johnny.

F For Fake is sort of on hiatus right now. I find criterion grindhouse covers a hell of a lot more fun to do, so I'm concentrating on them more. You can see them at

By the way, love your blog.

Johnny said...

Thanks! I will definetly check out the new site and i'll add a link to it on the sidebar.